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Moving to Illinois


Illinois is the 6th most populous state in the U.S, so not surprisingly there are big cities. Chicago, of course, is tops but don’t forget about Springfield, Joliet and Peoria. The state is 390 miles long and 210 miles wide, so there’s a lot of ground to cover. Unless you’re moving to Chestnut in Logan County, which is the geographic center of the state, getting from one end to the other could take as much as four hours.


You’re in good company


If you’re moving to Illinois you’re in great company, Abraham Lincoln no less. He moved there with his family and ultimately became an elected representative for the state before becoming President. 

Whether moving to Illinois is your next career move or maybe you’re moving to a different area of the state, it doesn’t have to be the hard work it was for the Lincolns way back in 1830. 


Finding the right mover


But finding the right mover to help you isn’t easy. If you get onto the internet and search for movers in Illinois, the algorithms will give you the top ten movers in Chicago which might be great if you’re moving to or from Chicago, but as we know there’s more to Illinois than Chicago.


A new approach


At iMoving, we thought of a different way to do things. We are a referral service that facilitates moves - local, intrastate or long-distance. We are not a moving broker or an actual moving company, but we do make it easy to find and hire quality movers, get price estimates and find lots of information on moving.

It is simple. You tell us the zip codes of your move, and the approximate size of house and we will refer you to an appropriate selection of Illinois moving companies. You will get up to six quotations and then you choose the one in your budget that offers the best service.


Many different moving service companies


There are lots of different movers in Illinois. There are ones who will come and do the packing for you, ones who do the driving for you (with their own vans of course), and ones who will do everything. 

We make it simple and easy for you to get the right type of movers for your needs and because we facilitate such a lot of business we will help drive the price down as well. 


iMoving is everywhere


Well, not physically but we do have hundreds of movers in every state, and they are all properly licensed and insured. So when you look for movers near me, we are going to provide you with up to 6 quotations from recognized businesses that can help you, plus you won’t have to go through the same story 6 times with 6 different movers.