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Last Updated: 06/23/2024

Millcreek is known for its active and fit community. If you are feeling more like a couch potato with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, iMoving is here to help get you out and on your way to a peaceful relocation.

iMoving: Millcreek Moving Pros

The Best Movers in millcreek Working with iMoving

We fully understand that you have zero time for ridiculous amounts of research and time consuming home visits. That's why our marketplace of over 1000 movers is here to serve you. iMoving offers fully customizable relocation plans. Whether you need help packing, storage for months, or just a helping hand, iMoving has you covered.

We review every single online review as well as safety and accident records on every mover we add to our platform. You can rest assured that when you book a relocation service on iMoving every single angle of the plan has been reviewed by our talented team. We’ve got you covered.

For over 30 years we have been helping families relocate across the country. We aren't just moving items from place to place.

We are moving people and their entire lives to new, greater things. We are revolutionizing the moving experience.

Just Booked: Recent Millcreek Moves

iMoving is the go-to choice for Millcreek moving. Here are some recent moves to prove it:

Our Top Millcreek Movers

As of June 2024

iMoving selects movers based on their professionalism, customer satisfaction, and moving expertise.

Here are our top picks for Millcreek moving:

Millcreek Moving Services Are a Click Away

Every move is different. Whether it’s a home, office, or just a few items of heavy furniture, iMoving provides a whole menu of must-have services for moving in and out of Millcreek:

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Residential Moving

Apartments, condos, houses - whatever you live in, we can get it moved. Use iMoving to book residential movers.

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Commercial Moving

From startups to major players, we've handled them all. Use iMoving to compare and book the best commercial movers in Millcreek.

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Long-Distance Moving

There are a lot of long distance movers in Millcreek, and iMoving makes it easy to shop, compare, and book the best.

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Local Moving

A move across Millcreek may be short, but you'll still need the best local movers on the market. Use iMoving to find them.

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Packing and Unpacking

We make sure our packing pros know what they're doing. Book with iMoving and they'll bring the bubble wrap.

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If you need a little extra time to finish your move, iMoving has you covered with the best storage in Millcreek.

Millcreek Moving Tips

Whether you’re heading to Millcreek or just doing some daydreaming, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these moving day hacks to keep things easy and efficient.


Millcreek may have decent weather sometimes, but we always recommend a mid-month, mid-week move, in any season but the summer. Take a word of advice from the iMoving pros: Avoid a June, July, or August move if possible. It’s the most expensive time to move, and it’s usually WAY too hot for hauling boxes.

If you’re looking for premium movers, we’ve got them. iMoving has a huge network of moving specialists who can handle anything from your motorcycle to your Monet. Use our marketplace and search for premium moving specialists to get that extra TLC.

If a moving company is expecting you to pay for your entire move up front, run. This is a common tactic for sketchy movers, and if you pay up front, there's no guarantee they'll even deliver your stuff.

On the other hand, paying a down payment before the big day is relatively common. Expect to pay a few hundred bucks, or 5-10% of the price of your move. Also, use iMoving to make sure you aren't dealing with scammers.

Some movers provide storage units, but not all of them. It’s always a good idea to shop around for a moving company that can provide all the services you’ll need. Fortunately, iMoving’s marketplace lets you see what’s on the menu with each mover, including secure storage options.

In the moving industry, there are three types of estimates: binding, non-binding, and non-binding, not-too-exceed. When you get a binding estimate, it means you’re getting a flat rate. The amount on your quote is the amount you’ll pay. Binding estimates are a good sign you’re dealing with a reputable mover.

Non-binding estimates can be adjusted before, during and after a move, but non-binding, not-to-exceed estimates can only be adjusted downwards from your initial price.