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Salt Lake City Movers


Searching for and finding a Salt Lake City moving company for your upcoming move can be stressful and tiring, but iMoving makes it easier than ever to find a trustworthy mover. With our large network of movers in your area, we make it simple to find the type of service and company that fits your needs.


Start by telling the moving cost calculator here on the details of your move. You’ll get instant access to companies that have been able to assist you in getting to your new residence.


Rest easy knowing your belongings are in the hands of the right company when you book a mover within the iMoving network. We personally screen and select each moving company. Every mover:


  • Has at least 2 years of moving experience
  • Is licensed and insured
  • Is interviewed by the iMoving team
  • Is held responsible and eliminated from our network if they violate our standards


Having a mover on your side that is professional and reliable eases much of the stress that moving can create. A few benefits of using our vetted network include:


  • Transparency: Reviews and ratings are from real people. The pricing of quotes and every price change are clearly identified.


  • Save time: Researching and calling moving companies is time-intensive and still doesn’t guarantee you’ll find the right one.


  • Avoid less than honest companies: Many companies make huge promises with no intention of delivering what they promised. This includes overcharging and poor service.


The thought of moving to Salt Lake City is exciting, but the thought of searching through various local or long-distance moving companies in Salt Lake City just doesn’t get the blood pumping. Save yourself the trouble. At iMoving, we are happy to do the heavy lifting for you.


Moving Services in Salt Lake City, UT


  • Full Packing: It’s possible that you can organize your move, but packing may be out of the question because of time or mobility issues. Professional movers will pack your home systematically, ensuring items are organized, safe and protected.


  • Storage: Many companies offer short and long term solutions if you need a safe place to house your belongings. You can rent containers, rooms or lockers and pricing depends on the amount of space you need.


  • Long-Distance and Local Moving: Local moves typically cost less because the move tends to be shorter distances than that of long-distance moves. Besides distance traveled, both types of moves require the packing, loading and transporting of your possessions. Companies assisting with your move should be licensed and insured which all of our iMoving partners are.


  • Special Handling: Use this service for belongings that are fragile and large that you think need special attention for the move. Your items will be transported using a specific style of packing and moving for delicate items. It also alerts movers to be even more cautious with them.


Use These Moving Tips for a Successful Salt Lake City Move


  1. Buy a variety of sizes


When collecting or buying boxes, make sure you get a range of sizes. Think hard about what you need to pack because most people think they need a ton of large or XL boxes when they actually need small and medium ones. Remember, things are usually easier to transport in smaller boxes, so get lots of small boxes, a good amount of medium and a few wardrobe boxes too.


  1. You need more than boxes to move


People usually remember to buy boxes. The problem is boxes are the only thing they remember to buy. Don’t let this happen to you. Other supplies like tape, sharpies, labels and bubble wrap are necessary too. Buy more than enough tape and a tape gun to assemble boxes easier. Before you go shopping, make a list.


  1. Paper is good for packing


Using newspaper to wrap delicate items is not the best idea because the ink will smear and stain the valuable items it touches. You can use proper packing paper, or try brown paper bags. Both help you avoid washing every piece of glassware and dish before putting them away.


  1. Prep your furniture


If furniture can be easily disassembled by you, you should have it done before moving day. For everything else, have a list ready for the movers so they know what needs to be broken down. Also, remove any heavy and breakable items from the furniture so they are easier to lift and disassemble.


  1. Sort the details out ahead of time


A successful move is all about paying attention to details. A move will go much more smoothly if you have a few details pinned down. Knowing where movers are able to park the truck, the best exits and entrances of the building and any moving hour or parking limitations is going to make the day go much better.


Good Things to Know When Moving to Salt Lake City, UT


Fry sauce is actually awesome


Some Dude’s Fry Sauce has a special place in the hearts of SLC locals. This condiment made of tomatoes, garlic, chilies, and secret ingredients is used on barbecue foods like hotdogs, burgers and French fries. You may just love it so much that you put it on everything. Everyone would understand.


Everyone has a strong opinion about the best coffee


Need a coffee fix? SLC has plenty of places to choose from and loyalists ready to show you the “right” spot to go to. Coffee Garden, Coffee Noir, and Salt Lake Roasting Co are heavy favorites, but for late-night caffeine, try Nostalgia Café.


SLC residents celebrate different independence in July


Of course July 4th is celebrated, but there’s also something here called Pioneer Day. This day takes place on July 24th and commemorates the 1847 arrival of Mormon settlers. Expect most places to be closed because it is a state holiday. For non-Mormons, this day is known as Pie and Beer Day – there’s no need to tell you the way it’s celebrated, right?


An unusual, yet relaxing garden


Home to engraved stones and sculptures that highlight biblical verses and themes, Gilgal Sculpture Garden is tucked away in a quiet park. It’s ok if you feel like it’s a strange place, most people do because of the Egyptian sphinx and the LDS Church founder’s face, Joseph Smith, that are also present.


A football rivalry you don’t want to get in the middle of


The rivalry between the University of Utah and Brigham Young crosses the lines of age, race, and gender and can tear families apart. The passionate responses between these teams and fans are very real and are most apparent during the “Holy War” annual football game.


From start to finish, iMoving lets you plan and manage your move from your computer or right from your phone. Get started fast by using our cost calculator and telling us about your upcoming SLC move. You’ll see the best local moving companies in Salt Lake City and get the info needed to select the best company for whatever you may need.