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Do you have an upcoming move? Have you thought about who you’re going to hire to take care of things? If you’ve been looking for a Medford moving company and you’re overwhelmed by your choices, you may be at the point where you’re trying to sort out what it is that is best for your purposes.


iMoving wants to give you a hand with that. We’re a moving facilitation company – that is, we are the company that helps you to figure out your best options for the move that you’re trying to plan. We have connected with a variety of moving companies in Medford in order to help you find which one is going to do the best job for your needs and services.


How do we do it? By doing the hard work for you. We do background checks, learn about the moving company’s reputation, and make sure that we’re able to confidently provide quotes from these Medford movers for you. We believe that you deserve the best service, and when you work with local or long-distance movers in the iMoving network, you can feel good about whoever you choose.


All you need to do to start is use our quote tools. Give us the relevant information and we’ll provide you with quotes from the movers that meet your criteria the best. Then, you can pick which one meets your needs the best and schedule them – right through the iMoving site! We’ve done everything possible to make the whole process simple.


Moving Services in Medford, MA


  • Packing and Unpacking: Are you looking for ways to get the assistance that you need with packing, but family and friends aren’t available or nearby? Many Medford movers will take care of packing and unpacking for you for a reasonable additional cost.


  • Local and Long-Distance Moves: Obviously, movers are going to be able to take care of your moving services. iMoving offers quotes for both local and long-distance Medford movers, providing you with the ability to get everything done no matter how far away you’re moving.


  • Business and Commercial Needs: Businesses have special needs with moving, like dealing with confidential info and moving large amounts of electronics. You can connect with movers that specialize in business moves here, too.


  • Storage Options: Need to rent a storage area for long-term or short-term? Movers often offer storage services as an additional service, and their fees are relatively reasonable and based on the size of the unit and the length of the lease.


  • Other Moving-Adjacent Services: Other moving services may include fragile moving options, purchasing the packing supplies or moving kits you may need, and specialized loading and unloading.


The Best in Moving Tips from Our iMoving Team


Always Pack an Overnight Bag


Whether you’re just moving across town or you’re moving miles and miles away, you want to be sure that you have a couple of clean sets of clothes and your toiletries available. You are going to be worn out when you arrive, so having a bag with the essentials will help you to take a load off when you’re done for the evening.


Enlist Family and Friends to Help You Pack


Do you need some help with packing? Get your family and friends to assist you – be sure that you offer them some sort of dinner (pizza is a pretty solid go-to), snacks, and drinks. It’ll take a load off and you can spend time with people you love while getting ready to move.


Schedule Your Move in a Manner that Helps Your Budget


Do you have a budget that you’re trying to stay within the parameters of? If so, then you want to schedule your move for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in the middle of the month. This is usually the slowest time for Medford movers, and you’ll find it much more affordable to take care of everything.


Use Up as Much Food as You Can Before Leaving


You don’t want to go to the grocery store in the last week at your old place. Try to eat up all of the different things that you have around your house so that you’re packing a few things from your pantry as you can. It’ll make things easier and you may end up saving some cash in the long run.


Always Pack and Unpack Breakable Items Over Something Soft and Padded


If you have breakable items that you’re packing up, be sure to pack them over your bed, couch, or another padded area. That way, if you happen to slip and drop something, it’ll land safely.


Medford, MA and What You Need to Know About It


Historical Medford, MA was founded in 1630 and is known for being the 4th oldest English Settlement in the Colonies. With a well-documented history, this lovely little city has 2 different historical districts that are of interest to historians around the world. Many of the homes built in this area are from that far back, and homeowners can get historical markers that indicate when their homes were built.


The cost of living is similar to what you’d find in the city of Boston, but many people prefer to move to Medford because of its small-town feel and because the taxes are lower than what you’re going to have to deal with in the city. There’s a lot less traffic here, as well.


Another reason people love Medford is because of how close they feel to nature here. With 24 different public parks, covering 118 acres of land, people can get outside and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. The parks have pools, baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, and more.


Medford has some of the best schools in the entire state of Massachusetts, and the entire community puts a lot of time and effort into offering the best programs for the kids that live in and around the area. Not only that, but you can enjoy the best of every season when you’re living in Medford – from warm, comfortable summer to cold, snowy winters, they have it all.