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Have you been getting ready to move to a new place? Maybe you finally bought your first home or you’re moving in with someone that you care about? Have you gotten that job you always dreamed of, complete with relocation? Or maybe you’re just downsizing for retirement?


No matter why you’re moving, you deserve to have some assistance from the best local moving company you can find, right? That’s why iMoving is here to help you out. We’re a moving facilitation company, which means we connect you directly with our moving company partners so that you can schedule and set up the details around your move.


Our partner movers are essential to our business. These moving companies have been put through a complete vetting process, where we check out their backgrounds, credentials, and everything else that may be relevant to their skills and expertise as a local or long-distance moving company. By working with these partners and with our customers, we can ensure that you’re always getting the best when it comes to service.


Have you tried our website? All you need to do to get quotes from multiple moving companies is to have your current location, where you’re moving to, and what other services you may be looking for. Input everything into our site and you’ll get several moving quotes from multiple partners. Then, you choose the Buffalo moving company that meets your needs the best. It’s as simple as that!


Moving Services in Buffalo, New York


  • Local Moves. Moving down the hall, down the street, or downtown is easy when you have help from local movers.


  • Long Distance Moves. Moving more than 50 or 100 miles (the distance depends on the company) will upgrade your move to a long-distance move, which usually has different criteria and will cost more based on what you’re moving and how far you’re going.


  • Business Relocation. If you’re relocating your business, you’ll be seeking out services that specialize in commercial moves. The movers will be trained to deal with the electronics and the other large items that you may be taking between locations.


  • Packing and Unpacking Services. No time to pack, or dealing with an injury or disability? For additional costs, moving companies can send movers ahead of time to help you pack, and your movers can unpack when you arrive.


  • Storage Options. If you’re worried about not having enough room or dealing with a delay on move-in day, then you want to be sure that you find a mover that can help you to store your items until move-in day comes.


Tips for a Smooth Moving Experience


  • Don’t put items from multiple rooms in one box: The best rule of thumb is one box, one room. You don’t want to throw things from the kitchen, living room, and bedroom into one box! If you start a box in one room, you want to be sure that you finish it. That way, you don’t lose items or mix up everything that you need in one box.


  • Be thoughtful and deliberate when labeling boxes: Whether you decide to put together an entire list of what is found in your box, or your color code, or you just write down what room a particular bag is supposed to go to, you want to be sure that you take the time to label things. It’ll make unpacking a whole lot easier when you’re done.


  • Instead of packing paper, use blankets or other (clean) laundry to protect fragile items: It can get really pricey to try and get enough packing paper or bubble wrap to protect everything. So, instead, take a little time and use some of the fluffy clothing that you’ll be packing anyway to protect things.


  • Pack an “Unpack This First” bin: You’re going to need a few things in order to make sure that your first night is comfortable. Toiletries, extra clothing, cleaning supplies, chargers, and more should all be packed in your “unpack this first” bin so that you don’t need to frantically search for it.


  • Be aware of your food: Many people make the mistake of continuing to buy a typical week of groceries, even up until they move. Moving food is a waste of space – you’re much better off trying to eat what you have first, and then get little things you may need (like milk and bread) when you need it. Then, you’ll have less food that you’re going to have to pack and try to haul with you.


Things to Think About When Moving to Buffalo


As with many of the cities in and around New York State, you’ll find that the area in and around Buffalo is very multicultural, with people of all backgrounds making a living there. As a result, Buffalo has some of the most eclectic options for food that you’ll be able to find in any part of the country. There are hole-in-the-wall gems, amazing foreign cuisine, and traditional American bar and grills (complete with – you guessed it – Buffalo wings) all over the place. Food trucks are also pretty popular.


Known as the “City of Good Neighbors”, Buffalo has that small town feel in a city context. Much of the city is separated into smaller neighborhoods, and each neighborhood is different than the next due to the aforementioned cultural diversity. There is a relatively high population of Polish people in the city, and Dyngus Day, which is celebrated around Easter Sunday, is one of the most well-known festivals. Buffalo is the unofficial capital of Dyngus Day for Polish-Americans, who proclaim that everyone is Polish on this celebratory day.


If you’re someone that likes to bike to work or school, you’ll find that it’s quite easy to do in Buffalo. There’s a whole community of cyclists in the area, so you can get connected with them and get into biking more often. It’s a good idea to ride a bike when you can because, even though it’s not as difficult to deal with traffic as it is in DC and other larger areas, it can still get pretty bad on the Thruway during rush hour.


Overall, Buffalo is a lovely place to live and work. There are a number of government jobs throughout the area (over 25,000 employees between Federal and State), but Kaleida Health (the local health system) and the University and educational systems also have a variety of jobs available for people looking to move to the area.