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Movers in Georgia

Movers in Georgia

Whether you are moving within the state of Georgia or moving in or out of the Peach State you want to make sure your move goes smoothly; with as few hassles and headaches as possible. At iMoving we have done all the work of compiling a network of reliable, trustworthy movers for you, to make moving a less stressful endeavor.


We thoroughly background check every moving company in our network to make sure your valuables are treated with caution, dignity, and respect during your move. You can use our handy inventory check-lists to itemize your move and even know the cost of moving each individual item before moving day.


At iMoving, we believe that both customers and movers should be able to expect and receive courteous and respectful treatment. We make sure that the Georgia moving companies that we partner with are all professional, courteous and respectful movers.


Our partner Georgia movers are skilled, trained and dedicated to their trade. Each and every one of the great moving companies we work with has been reliably favorably reviewed by previous customers. These companies know that a job well done speaks for itself.


We’re here to help you move with confidence, and only work with highly rated, customer approved movers. Choose between BBB approved local and long-distance movers to find the GA moving company that best fits your family’s household and belongings. We’ll also help you find the most cost-effective solution for extra expenses like boxes, trucks, and packing materials; so, sign up and get moving!


Moving Services in Atlanta, Georgia


Improve your move with one of our carefully selected moving companies in Atlanta, GA. From packing to delivery, we’ve got the best leads lined up for you.


  • Full Packing Options: Many of our movers offer full packing services, saving you time, money on materials, and the frustration of packing your whole house yourself.
  • Storage: Need to store some items before or after your move? Most moving companies have climate/pest-controlled storage units available.
  • Local and Long Distance Moving: Every state has its own laws and requirements about licensing and hauling locally and long-haul. Long-distance moving companies we work with are all qualified to move one state over or across the country.
  • Commercial Moving: Commercial moves require experience and training to handle complicated business relocations. Ensure your business assets’ safety with trained moving professionals.
  • Special Handling: Choose from Atlanta movers in our network that are trained in packing and delivering oddly shaped items, large furniture pieces, and irreplaceable family heirlooms.


Move Like a Pro with these Tips


Moving is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. Here are a few tips to help make your move go smoother. Just another way iMoving makes your move easier, more affordable and less stressful in the state of Georgia.


  • Utilize household items to stay organized when unpacking. Keep your dishes chip free by folding them up in clean t-shirts. Use zippered snack bags to hold any screws or bolts from furniture and tape it to the back.
  • Pack an overnight bag and a clear plastic tote full of items you’ll need the first 24 hours at your new home. Keep these in your car trunk if you are using a moving company, or at the very back end of the moving truck, if you rent one.
  • Buying perishable groceries no later than 2 weeks before your move avoids unnecessary food waste.


Explore Georgia - the Peach State


Georgia embraces the most noble of American ideals, just like the motto implies. When you choose to live in the Empire State of the South, you’re getting a whole state full of neighbors. Get to your new neighborhood easier, more efficient and with a lot less worry by starting with iMoving.

There’s so much to experience in Georgia, like the Chattahoochee National Forest and the Talladega Motor Speedway, or Jekyll Island, for the adventurous. The High Museum of Art and Zoo Atlanta are great family day trip destinations, while Savannah, the first city in the state is a bastion of historical sites and lovely architecture.

From bustling cities to the Atlantic coastal beaches, Georgia is simply bursting with exciting places to explore. Whether you want a delicious cup of coffee, or learn about the founder of the Girl Scouts, Georgia will be on your mind.