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Movers in Ohio

Movers in Ohio


iMoving has helped thousands of people connect with the best moving companies. If you are planning to move to Ohio in the coming months, we can connect you with the best Ohio movers.


The most common complaint you hear from people about the moving experience is dealing with unprofessional companies. So many individuals and families get stuck with a moving company that is rude, inefficient and ends up overcharging them at the last minute.


iMoving was created to put an end to such issues. We take our job as a referral company very seriously. Our team has put countless hours into creating the perfect system for vetting moving companies in Ohio. We painstakingly analyze each mover before they are deemed worthy of being added to our network.


We only link you to local or long-distance Ohio moving companies that are licensed, insured, have at least two years of experience, offer competitive rates and have a stellar reputation with previous customers. If we get complaints about a company on our list, they are assessed and removed if necessary.


Instead of rolling the dice with a moving company you know nothing about, allow us to connect you to the best Ohio movers for your circumstances. Whether you are moving locally or from across the country, we will help you find the ideal mover.


We even allow you to process your payment through the iMoving portal, which provides you with the necessary protection during any moving transaction.


Moving Services in Ohio


Every individual, couple or family is facing a different situation regarding their upcoming move. Some are moving to Ohio from a nearby state, while others are making the journey from across the country.


The size of your current household also goes a long way towards determining the type of services you need. We will always match you with the best Ohio movers that offer the services you request.


Here are some of the services that movers within our network typically offer:


Local and Long Distance - When you request a moving referral, we ask for your origin and destination zip codes. Such information helps us find a mover who can handle the distance of your move, as some companies only offer local moving services.


Short-Term Storage - If you have not finalized a permanent living arrangement in Ohio, you can ask a moving company to hold your items at a storage facility in the city where you are moving. When you have found a permanent home or apartment, your items will be sent to your new address.


Full Packing – For those who are short on time, or aren’t physically able to do all the packing on their own, many moving companies offer full packing services.


Useful Tips for Moving to Ohio


Individuals and families who are planning to pack their possessions themselves should get a head start on packing the non-essentials. Around three or four weeks before your moving date, begin packing items that you do not use every day.


Do not forget to notify your landlord about your upcoming move. Even if your lease is coming to an end, it is good practice to inform the landlord that you will not be renewing.

Close out utility accounts that you are not planning on transferring to your new address. An account transfer is only possible if the same company operates in Ohio.


And be sure to plan out your grocery shopping for the final couple weeks at your current address. You do not want to spend a lot of money on food items that you cannot take with you.


Things to Know When Moving to Ohio


A Midwestern state in America, Ohio is home to around 12 million people. The biggest cities in Ohio are Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and Akron.


As it is in a humid continental zone, Ohio has a very temperate climate. The winters can get very cold, while the summers are mild to warm. If you are a fan of all four seasons, you will be very pleased with the Ohio climate!


Ohio is home to many of the largest companies in the United States. Businesses such as Kroger, Macy’s, P & G, and Goodyear are based out of the state. If you are moving to Ohio for work, you will find plenty of opportunities to advance your career in the state.