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Transparency is something that everyone has come to expect in today’s world. Many people want it when it comes to food, health, and politics, but not too many expect it when it comes to their moving services.


Here at iMoving, we’re giving people the transparency they deserve during the moving process. Whether you’re planning a move within the Cincinnati area or are making a cross-country move to Cincinnati from another part of the country, the Cincinnati movers we work with can help you out.


We make sure that each local or long-distance Cincinnati local moving company in our network is reliable, and we screen every company to ensure that they are professional, fully licensed and qualified, and are held accountable by both our team and the communities they work with for.


You shouldn’t have to face any surprises on moving day, and that includes prices, reviews, and the inventory that is to be moved. shows you all of these things for each moving company in Cincinnati, OH that you’re interested in.


In addition to providing you with the names of the best Cincinnati movers as well as free quotes, you can also use our iMoving pay portal. Once the price is settled with your chosen moving company, it is fixed and cannot be changed unless you change your inventory. In addition, you have an entire week to ensure that the move is successful and your items are safe before being charged.


Moving services in Cincinnati Ohio


  • Loading and unloading services: Despite what some people say, having all your muscles in the mind is okay. When it comes to moving, you’ll be able to focus on the organizational aspect and have the movers be the ones to do all the heavy lifting.
  • Specialty items: If you have a large piano, an oversized couch, or artwork that requires special handling, that’s where specialty item moving services come in. Many of the Cincinnati movers that iMoving partners with have the equipment and expertise to safely handle these types of items. Just be sure to mention them when getting quotes.
  • Vehicle transportation: If you’re planning a long-distance or cross-country move, consider having the moving company transport your car to your new destination. Movers that are qualified long-distance carriers will often be able to provide this service and it saves a lot of wear and tear on your car.
  • Packing services: Sometimes called “white glove service”, this is an additional service where professionals from the moving company actually pack up your items for transport. Full-packing or partial packing, for heirloom china, for example, is usually available.


Tips for a Smooth Move


Whether you have professional Cincinnati moving services do the packing or just a group of friends over, there are some common courtesies to extend in order to ensure the experience is a good one.


  • Set out water and snacks: Regardless of the weather, moving is often hard work and having some water and food available both during and after the loading/unloading is done will be helpful for everyone.
  • Be as organized as you can: Having items already pre-boxed or otherwise prepared for moving, as well as having a plan for bigger items, can save a lot of time. If you can get all the smaller items done and fixed up, then the movers can focus on bigger items.
  • Take your helpers out: If friends are helping you organize your move, be sure to have a reward for their services after everything is done. Take them out for pizza, watch a ballgame, or go for a drink once all the hard work is done.


Things to Know About Cincinnati, Ohio


If you like art, you’ll enjoy the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Opera, and the Contemporary Arts Center along with many more testaments to art and music. Cincinnati has its own signature food items too. Don’t miss the famous chili and soft-serve ice cream that everyone talks about!


In addition, the city has plenty of good schools that involve their students in both their studies as well as the outside world. If you want your kids to learn and also absorb some of the local Cincinnati community spirits, then you can’t go wrong with choosing a school district in the city.


Politeness is also de rigueur in the city, so get used to minding your manners and saying ‘come again’ as well as being greeted by strangers on the street.