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Movers in Cleveland

Movers in Cleveland, OH


We’ve all heard the stories of folks who are all packed up and ready to move, only to find that the moving company shows up late, or damages your items, or charges unexpected fees.


All that makes moving much more stressful than it needs to be, and you certainly don’t deserve that. So be sure to pick local Cleveland movers with iMoving the next time you need to relocate. iMoving is a referral service that connects vetted and well-reviewed movers to you. With our help, you’ll have the best local and long-distance Cleveland, OH moving companies lined up to choose from.


The movers in our network are all handpicked and held to high iMoving standards such as their professionalism, respect for your time and belongings, and their honest pricing. If they are graded poorly on those standards they are removed, so you can be sure that the Cleveland movers that you can choose from are all the best of the best.


In addition, you can arrange to pay the Cleveland mover you choose through the iMoving portal. Once the price is set, it cannot be changed, and movers are not paid until a week after the delivery is completed to give you time to inspect your belongings and ensure that you have total control over the moving process.


Moving Services in Cleveland Ohio


  • Local moving services: These movers are the ones you will hire for a short move within the same city or state, and most of them charge by the hour.
  • Commercial moves: If a business location or office needs to be moved to a new location, commercial movers are the ones who understand how to move office equipment and coordinate the manpower efforts needed.
  • Full moving services: If you aren’t the organizing and planning type, then these movers in our network will do the work from beginning to end, from the packing to the transportation to the unpacking. While it is expensive, it also is the most professional of all the options.
  • Packing services: Whether you want just few special pieces packed up or all of your belongings carefully wrapped and boxed, full or partial packing services will pack and prepare your belongings to be moved and shipped in a fast and efficient way.


Tips for a Stress-Free Move


  • Write down your inventory and number or label your boxes, then be sure to check and double check that all of your items are in the appropriate box to ensure that you haven’t left anything behind.
  • Color code your items and boxes by labeling them in different colors and then place a colored sticker on the doors of your new house to make sure the movers know where to put things. For example, use the color red to designate that certain boxes go in the master bedroom.
  • Plan ahead by pre-packing things that you don’t need for daily life, like artwork or extra out of season clothes. Even if you simply store them in an out of the way location or simply pack them up in boxes, it will give you less to do on moving day.
  • Be ready to clean up. After the move, ensure that you give the house one final clean up to remove any debris or dirt that was a result of moving.


What to Know When Moving to Cleveland Ohio


Cleveland boasts over 35 public beaches as well as picnic areas, kayak rentals, and areas that are great for fishing. So, if you are someone who loves the water, then you’ll find plenty of places to swim and enjoy other water sports. In addition, the city is home to various sports teams for football, baseball, and basketball.


It’s also complete with a rich history, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and great restaurants, unique coffee shops, and even the Cleveland Brew Bus that will take you through several breweries that the city has to offer and taste the local beers. You won’t be out of things to eat and drink in Cleveland!


Cleveland also has local Aquariums, a museum of Art, an Air and Space Museum, the renowned West Side Market and so much more to make any day an adventure.