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Preparing for a big move? Are you at the point where you’re ready to find and schedule long distance moving companies that can take care of the different services and options that you may need? At iMoving, we make the process of comparing and choosing your Baltimore movers easier than ever with our updated system and commitment to helping you get the best rates and best services possible.


We’ve worked to put together a website that allows you to search for and compare moving companies in Baltimore, MD so that you know what you’re looking at. All you need to do is head to our website and put in the info surrounding your move – where you currently are, where you are headed, what services you need, etc. Then, you will get quotes from your best matches and you will be able to choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.


The Baltimore movers that we offer quotes for are some of the best in the business. We’ve done research into all of them, and each one is properly licensed and has the qualifications and certifications necessary to do their work and do it well. They also are guaranteed to have their proper insurance and bonding so that, if something happened during your move, it would be covered properly. Check out iMoving and see what you need for your next move today.


Moving Services in Baltimore, MD


  • Commercial Moving – Businesses require different services in relation to moving and relocating, and these services can provide that to you.
  • Full Packing – Worried you can’t get packing done? Partial and full packing services are available from many of our local moving companies.
  • Local Moving: Even if you aren’t moving far, you still need help from professionals that can do it quickly and correctly.
  • Long Distance Moving: Every step of your long-distance move, from packing to organizing shipping, transporting the long distances, and unpacking at your new place, is going to be covered by a long-distance moving company.
  • Special Handling: Do you have items that are fragile or priceless? Maybe you have large items with specific moving instructions? Either way, white-glove services may be a service you need.
  • Storage: Moving into a smaller space or dealing with a delay between moving out and moving in? A number of moving companies also offer storage services.


Top Tips for Your Move


  • Do you have your new home address? If so, then you want to start changing addresses for mail, bills, and subscriptions as soon as possible so that you don’t miss anything.
  • If you live nearby, be sure that the bathroom and kitchen are clean and ready to go. You may also want to do a small grocery trip to ensure that your home is ready for you to move in.
  • It’s cheaper to move in the middle of the month than at the beginning or the end – so, if you can wait until the middle of the month, go for it!
  • Put hanging clothes inside of trash bags in order to make packing and unpacking easier.
  • Keep hardware (screws, bolts, etc.) from disassembled furniture into labeled plastic bags. It’ll make reassembly a bit easier.
  • Label everything and do some color coding too. It’ll make unpacking less chaotic.


What to Keep in Mind When Moving to Baltimore


If you’re moving to Baltimore, get ready to see Old Bay seasoning – and a lot of it. Baltimore natives (and many Maryland residents) put it on pretty much everything. This includes their famous Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs – you can get them in bulk at pretty fair prices, too.


Baltimore is split into 200 different neighborhoods, which makes it interesting to try and find where you feel you will fit. It can also be difficult to figure out where the city ends and the county (suburbs) begins, so do your research to see where you’re moving in or around the city.


Knowing and understanding the Light Rail system is a big deal, and it can make your commute a little less stressful in the long run. It’ll get you pretty much anywhere you need to go in and around the city, and it’s pretty affordable to boot, so keep that in mind when you’re working out your commute.