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Temple Hills Movers - iMoving

Temple Hills Movers


When you start to look at all of the details around a move, you’re likely trying to ensure that you can take care of everything affordably and without too much stress. How are you able to do things in a manner that makes sense? Are there options that can help you to determine your next steps and feel confident that you’ve got the tools you need to stay on top of everything?


iMoving is here to help you find the Temple Hills movers that you need in order to stay ahead of packing and moving in a manner that is quick and helpful. We’re a moving facilitator – we connect with movers all over the country and provide estimates and information to customers that want to hire them.


The fact is, we do a lot of the hard work for you because we take the time to research and connect with the best moving companies in Temple Hills. We don’t partner with companies that we don’t trust – so when you get estimates and book a company through iMoving.com, you can rest assured that you’re hiring the best in the business.


Our company oversees every part of your move as well, so you’re going to be covered from the minute you book them until the last box is moved in and unpacked. We are here to answer questions and to ensure that your movers take care of the job in a professional, efficient, and helpful manner.


Moving Services in Temple Hills, MD


  • Local Moves: Moving to a different apartment or buying your first home in the same area that you live in right now? Local movers make those transitions affordable and easy.


  • Long-Distance Moves: Long-distance moves take a lot of organization, and it can take multiple days to get your items to where they need to go. Long-distance movers do everything possible to make that process go a little more smoothly.


  • Commercial Relocation Services: Business moves are a big deal, and take lots of time and expertise to ensure that things get moved carefully and properly. Business movers have the knowledge and expertise to make that happen.


  • Storage Options: Looking to rent any sort of storage space? Many moving companies in Temple Hills also have storage rentals available.


  • Other Moving Services: Packing and unpacking, white-glove services for large and fragile items, and a variety of other moving services may be available for an additional cost.


Helpful Tips for Packing and Moving


Get friends and family to help you with moving


Need a hand with packing up everything? Now is the time to recruit your family and friends. This is especially true if you’re moving away – more often than not, they’re going to want to spend some time with you before you leave, invite them over to help out! Make sure you thank them with some food, though.


If you’re moving locally, get a baby sitter or a pet sitter


If you’re not moving far, hire a pet sitter and/or babysitter for your pets and kids. It will help you to feel more relaxed, and no one will get lost or end up underfoot at a bad time. It will increase your costs a little bit, but it’s worth it if it reduces everyone’s stress.


Electronics should be packed in original boxes if possible


Do you have the original boxes for your TV or other electronics? Pack them in those boxes. That way, it’s not only unmistakable what the object is, but you also know that everything is going to be able to fit without any problem.


Pack hanging clothes in garbage bags


Don’t want to waste a lot of time packing away the clothing in your closet. Use a garbage bag! Put a hole it in it, stick several hangers (with clothing on them) through the hole, and then tie the bottom of the bag around the bottom of your clothing. It makes the job quick, easy, and painless for everyone.


Have a complete to-do list ready to go


Put together a big to-do list with absolutely everything that you need. That way, you don’t forget anything and you can feel fairly confident that you have some solid options for taking care of the problems at hand.


What to Know When Moving to Temple Hills, MD


Located in the heart of Prince George’s County, MD, this small city is one of the best places to live if you want to find affordable homes in the Baltimore-Washington Metro area. With home prices about 20% below the average price of what you see throughout the entire state, it’s really easy to get a decent-sized home in a safe neighborhood that is less than $300k.


Due to its proximity to both Baltimore and Washington DC, and the fact that there is a lot of public transportation available that can get you to either within a reasonable amount of time – there are a lot of opportunities for people that move to Temple Hills. Jobs are plentiful, whether you’re looking to commute into DC or Baltimore, and there is a number that is within the city limits of Temple Hills itself.


This small city is growing every year, and with that, the school district is one of the most improved in Prince George’s County. And, as a result, there are more small businesses cropping up in the downtown area, and the entire Temple Hills region is experiencing an economic and social renaissance. Many entrepreneurs are seeking out the area because of the affordable rentals that they can find throughout the city.


The area is incredibly diverse, with dozens of languages spoken and people of every ethnicity and race living in the region. This allows for children to have a number of unique and diverse experiences. There are always things to do in and around the area, and the sheer number of restaurants and other culturally-based businesses makes Temple Hills a great place for people of any age or background to reside.

5 Reasons to Book Your Move Online | iMoving

Moving has certainly changed since you last packed up your home and made the big move to a new area. Thanks to the Internet, online moving has become the next big thing—and easier than ever. 


Whether your move is local or over a longer distance, booking your move online is easy and takes care of a number of issues that were difficult to deal with before with conventional moves. 


1. Compare the competition.


Just like picking a restaurant with the best bacon cheeseburger within a five-mile radius, when you book your move online, you can compare the moving companies, read reviews, garner quotes, and keep track of all of the info in one place. 


2. Expect the best deal.


Online planning means you won’t be forking over money for unexpected costs. Booking a mover online also allows you to make a payment that is protected so you can’t run over-budget even if you tried. 


3. Use their easy-to-use tools.


Online tools can help you estimate the size of the materials you are hoping to move and the cost that will be associated with the estimations you’ll pack. 


4. Everything is in one place.


Before, you may have had to confirm and obtain information from a wide variety of sources. You may have needed licenses, insurance, and wanted to know how much experience certain movers had, but when you book your move online, all of the details are conveniently located together. 


5. You are not alone.


Deling with a mover with something goes wrong can be a real burden. When booking online you have better control of your move, someone to help you solve problems with the mover and even find replacements if needed.

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5 Reasons to Book Your Move Online - iMoving

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  • How to File a Complaint Against a Moving Company
    How To

    Moving homes is a very stressful process, even if you are moving within the same city. More than 30 million Americans move every year! Some move to a different neighborhood, while others go cross country in search of a new life.


    Almost all these moves are completed properly. Some families go DIY, renting a moving truck and packing up their possessions. Others hire movers through services like ours at iMoving.com.


    Most moving companies offer impeccable service at affordable prices. But some moving companies to take the liberty of crossing lines that should not be crossed. Whether a mover increases the price at the last moment, fails to provide services included within the contractor engages in some other inappropriate behavior, families may be wondering about their options.


    Filing a complaint against a moving company is often the best way to get justice. We will go into detail about the possible issues that individuals can experience with movers, along with your options after the fact.


    Best Way to File a Complaint Against Moving Company:


    Possible Problems With a Moving Company

    Many individuals and families think they may have done something wrong to have a bad moving experience. But the truth is that with so many companies offering moving services, vetting can be difficult.

    It is why using services such as iMoving.com is so helpful. Services like ours already do a lot of vetting before listing the moving options in a city. Only verified, insured movers with the best conduct are on our list.

    If you happened to hire a mover with a poor reputation, you may have experienced one or more of the following issues:

    • Moving workers were rude, unprofessional or engaged in harassment.
    • Employees arrived very late on moving day.
    • Took extra days or weeks to transport your possessions, despite providing a guaranteed delivery date.
    • Did minor or serious damage to your possessions during the move.
    • Failed to deliver all your belongings. Unable to give you a straight answer on where those boxes or possessions are located.
    • Gave you a final bill that was a lot higher than what you were quoted at the time of your possessions being packed and loaded.
    • Misrepresented or failed to provide some service that was included in the moving contract you signed.

    Individuals or families who have experienced any of these issues with a moving company should take action. When movers are allowed to get away with such behavior, it hurts you and any future customers who may go to that mover for assistance.


    Peaceful Resolution

    The best way to resolve any issue is through dialogue. Most moving companies are very reasonable and would be willing to help you sort through an issue.

    If you booked the movers through iMoving.com or a similar service, you should contact that service provider first for assistance. But if you hired them independently, call the moving company directly and explain your issue.

    It is always best to speak in a calm way. Even if you are angry or upset, being aggressive over the phone will not get you anywhere. Calmly explained what happened, why you are upset and how you feel the moving company can make the situation right.

    Most professional movers will happily assist you in finding a resolution. They do not want an angry customer. But there will be a few movers who dismiss your claims or act as if it is not a big deal. In such a situation, you may have to escalate the matter to get justice.


    Writing a Review

    Companies depend more on reviews than ever before. It is so easy to find information about how companies operate, with sites such as Yelp and Yellow Pages providing customer reviews and ratings for businesses.

    You can even leave a review directly on Google, as most people use a search engine to find nearby movers. Explain what happened without rambling and leave a star rating that you feel is indicative of your overall experience.

    There are many instances where a company will start taking a customer’s complaints seriously after they leave an online review. Do not be surprised if you get an email or a response to your review, with the company asking you to get in touch.

    But there are bad apples in every industry. Some movers may respond with a dismissive statement, attempting to discredit what you said. If you experience such a response, there are a few agencies where you can file a complaint.


    Filing with the FMCSA

    If you found out your mover was unlicensed, overcharged you over 110% of a non-binding estimate, damaged or stolen items, or engaged in some inappropriate behavior, you can take your case to the FMCSA.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, makes it very easy to file a complaint. You can do it online by providing relevant information about yourself and the transaction with the mover.

    Two things can happen after you complain to the FMCSA. One is that your complaint is logged in the public record against that company. It shows up when other customers or businesses search for that company.

    It is also possible the FMCSA will start an investigation and take action against the company. In such a situation, they may contact you to get more information.


    Submit a Complaint to the American Moving & Storage Association

    The American Moving & Storage Association offers a “Request for Arbitration” form that you can use to file a complaint against a moving company. They handle cases of overcharging and items that were damaged or stolen.

    But the arbitration process does cost money, which is often taken out of any damages that you may receive from the moving company.


    Complain to the Better Business Bureau

    The Better Business Bureau is still a very powerful agency when it comes to accrediting businesses. They have an online complaint section that you can use to file a complaint against a mover.

    It is useful to use the BBB complaint process if the mover you hired is accredited. If they are not, the BBB cannot do much for you.

    But if the business is accredited, file a complaint and the BBB will forward it to the mover. They have two weeks to respond. When the two weeks are up, you will be told of the company’s response.

    Based on what they say, the BBB will take additional steps to resolve the matter. Most cases are resolved within 30 days. It is possible the mover will offer you compensation, as they do not want their accreditation taken away or their BBB rating lowered.


    Taking the Case to Small Claims Court

    We hope that you have not come as far without a resolution. But it is possible. If all else fails and you believe the matter is serious enough, you can go to small claims court.


    Hire an attorney, explain the situation, and you can take the case to court. It is especially relevant for significant overcharging or cases where expensive items were damaged or stolen.


    In the future, it is best to use a service such as iMoving.com to hire verified and reputable movers. It greatly reduces the possibility of you experiencing serious issues during the moving process.


    Even the best movers can make mistakes. But movers with a good reputation are the ones that take steps to make up for mishaps. When you hire a reputable mover through iMoving.com, you will know that any issue you experience will be handled swiftly and with the respect you deserve.

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  • Avoid Moving Scams By Knowing Just What to Expect
    Before Your Move

    That Element of Control: Avoid Moving Scams By Knowing Just What to Expect


    Finding a reputable moving company means you’re looking for individuals and businesses that have your best interest at heart. No one wants to be taken advantage of, especially when prized and personal possessions are at stake. 


    When you’re able to minimize hassle and trust those who are helping you get to where you need to go, moving can feel stress-free. 


    1. Know the inside scoop. You’re not a professional mover, so when it comes to trusting those who are helping you out, you need to know what to expect. Do your research.


    The best way to safeguard your family and your valuables from “hostage-like” situations is to hire movers who have positive reviews and a number of “thumbs-ups” ratings.  


    2. Avoid paying large down payments, be suspicious of rates that seem especially low, and don’t shake hands on a deal if an individual won’t provide you an estimate on-site. 


    3. Be suspicious if the movers won’t take credit card.


    4. Make sure the moving trucks are marked and branded. Those companies that can’t afford marking their vehicles may not be in business for the long haul.


    5. Can you meet them in-person? When you’re looking to find out just what kind of movers you’ll be working with, meeting in-person can be the best way to size them up. Plus, in-home estimators can be more accurate than those who take estimations over the phone. 



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