Planning your move

  • Cost to Move from Chicago to Tampa

    Moving costs average between $1,100 - $7,300 to move from Chicago to Tampa. That’s a very broad range because it reflects the variables involved in a long-distance move.


    Many factors affect the costs of your move, like the amount of stuff you’re taking with you, the type of move, and the time of the year. One great online tool to get a better estimate for your move is a moving cost calculator. A calculator will take into account the size of your household, the distance of the move, and more.


    Along with those estimated moving costs, however, may come unexpected fees that can disrupt finances and your move. Take the surprise out of your relocation experience with our moving cost guide, chocked full of valuable information.


  • How To Find Local Movers Near Me?
  • How To Choose Same Day Movers Near Me
  • How To Choose Single Item Movers Near Me?

    If you're moving just one or two large items, you'll want to choose the right movers based on their availability, pricing, and experience.


    Whether it's getting rid of a couch, moving some office furniture to a new location, or moving some stuff around in storage, the need for single item moves is a common occurrence. But, coupled with that is the challenge of finding single-item local movers that can do the job quickly, efficiently, and affordably.


    While there is tons of information online about finding and choosing local full-service movers, there's not as much available when it comes to finding single-item local movers. And that's what we're here to help with.


  • Things To Know Before Hiring Long-Distance Movers Near Me

    To ensure a professional moving experience, it will be necessary to know a few things before hiring movers, such as their licensing, insurance, and years of experience. Additionally, other information about their services, equipment, and fees should be considered beforehand so that you can make the best decision.


    Hiring local movers for long-haul relocations isn't something that should be done without careful consideration. Failure to do due diligence in this area can result in lost or damaged belongings, hidden fees, and stressful experiences. To help you make an informed decision, consider the following things to keep in mind before signing any contract for hiring long-distance movers in your area.


    Planning and Preparation


  • What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies Near You

    The best interstate moving companies near you will provide the services, price and availability that you require. But not every moving company that fits those essentials will be the right interstate mover for you, which is why it's essential to research key factors to find the best one for your moving needs.


    Moving across state lines with interstate moving companies can be a complex process with many logistics to organize. One of the most time-consuming logistics isn't the actual moving process but finding the best moving companies near you that are qualified, insured, and within your budget.


    If you are planning an interstate move in the future, consider the following advice to find the best interstate movers near you who can get the job done right and make the moving process as stress-free as possible.


  • Things to Know Before Hire House Movers Near Me

    Planning a move can take several months, so as soon as you know when you're relocating, start the search for a moving company. Some of the questions you will need the answers to include whether the moving companies carry insurance, how long their company has been operating, and whether they can handle your move.


    You should also find out if the movers can take you to where you're moving. If you're moving across town or within the state, most local movers will be able to drive there. However, if you're going to another state, a local company may not have the credentials to move you. Going out of state requires finding interstate movers to move your household.


    Questions to Ask While Looking for Movers


  • Benefits to Hire Short Distance Movers Near Me

    Hiring short-distance movers in your area has many benefits that can help save you time and money. By getting moving assistance to get across town or across the street, you can ensure that your belongings are well taken care of and that you won't have to worry about them being damaged during the move.


    Using local movers is a great way to reduce the stress of moving. Local companies are typically familiar with the area and can provide you with helpful tips to make your move go as smoothly as possible. If you are planning a move a short distance from your home or office, check out what hiring local moving companies can do to make the process easy and hassle-free.


    1. Local moving companies are more affordable


  • How To Choose The Best Movers Near Me

    Choosing the best movers in your area involves verifying essential information for each moving company such as licensing, reputation, and moving services provided. By understanding your moving needs, you can narrow down your options and choose the best moving company for your residential or commercial move.


    Whether hiring long-haul or local movers, it is always a good idea to research several different moving companies. Doing so will ensure that you get the best price, quality of service, and have a generally positive experience with your move. To ensure you are making the right decisions, check out our detailed guide on sifting through 'best movers near me' search results and choosing the right one for the job.


    Step One - Research Movers


  • Things to Know Before You Hire Gun Safe Movers

    If you have rifles and pistols that you keep in a gun safe, you will want to hire professional moving company to transport it. Moving such a safe isn't a DIY job because it is very heavy and can cause damage to the safe and property when you move it.


    Although most long-distance and local movers will have the knowledge and equipment necessary to be able to move the safe, there are several things you’ll need to know contacting movers to get price quotes.


    What Should Movers Know About Your Gun Safe?


  • What to Know Before Hiring Hot Tub Movers - iMoving

    When moving into a new home, most people want to take the items they enjoy with them, such as a hot tub. While many people leave hot tubs at their old house because they are difficult to move, moving companies can move them for you.


    Of course, you’ll need to ask the long-distance or local movers you’re considering if they have experience, what additional costs will be involved and if the hot tub will be covered by the moving insurance, but there are things that you should know before you contact movers.


    What is the Cost of Moving a Hot Tub?


  • Things to Know Before Hiring Pool Table Movers Near Me

    A pool table is a heavy piece of furniture that needs special care when relocating. The easiest way to move one is to disassemble and reassemble it at its new location. Pool table owners should know the make, model, and age of tables. They should also know how many pieces of slate it has and how far the movers will need to take it.


    The slate in pool tables is what makes them heavy. Pool table manufacturers use slate because it doesn't warp as wood tables used to do. Local movers will also need to know if the table has pockets or a ball return system. Take the time to learn about your pool table before calling to find pool table movers near you.


    Where to Find Information on Pool Tables


  • Key Things To Know About Shed Movers Near Me

    Moving anywhere with anything always requires planning and organization to ensure a hassle-free experience. The same is true when you’re searching for 'shed movers near me'. You'll want to make sure that the company you hire is reputable, that they have the right equipment to move your shed, and that their price is fair.


    Much like using local movers to handle moving furniture and other household possessions, shed movers in your area are all different and require careful consideration before choosing which one is right for your job. Knowing what to look for in a reputable shed moving service in your area can ensure that your move goes off without a hitch.


    Check out the following key things to know that will help you pick the best candidates from a Google 'shed movers near me' search.


  • Four Key Facts to Know Before Your Move to Florida

    Completing a move to Florida requires planning and execution. Whether you are moving locally or cross country, you must be aware of the process of hiring movers and relocating your belongings.


    Relocating can be an expensive process, and first-time movers often struggle to find the best company to handle their move. By creating a moving checklist using our guide, you can ensure your upcoming move to Florida is a resounding success.


    Below are four key factors to know before you start planning your move to Florida.


  • Checklist to Follow Before Moving to Florida - iMoving

    Moving to Florida will require intensive planning and organization to ensure that nothing gets forgotten before, during, or after the moving process. From hiring movers to transferring utilities, there are many things to complete to make your move as smooth as possible.


    You should start your Florida moving process by creating a moving checklist. This list will ensure that you complete the specific moving tasks needed to make your move a success and give you a chance to plan out the details of your move before making any decisions. To help you make sure nothing is forgotten, consider the following for a comprehensive moving plan.


    Organizing Dates


  • Things to Know Before Moving to Florida from California

    Before moving from California to Florida, it's crucial to be prepared for key factors that will help make your move successful. In addition to essential moving tasks such as packing, you'll also need to perform other duties related to the move to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


    Using California movers to complete a cross-country move often requires more than getting a few quotes and picking a moving date. For a move to be successful, there are several important tasks you should have on your moving checklist so you aren't delayed before, during, or after the moving process.


    Create a moving checklist


  • Moving to California: Complete Checklist

    Moving anywhere is stressful, whether you are moving yourself to another apartment in the same city, or moving a big family to a different state.


    Relocating across the country to California or moving from a nearby state in the West Coast, is not without challenges. There are so many tasks to complete, and you must hire reputable local movers to ensure the move goes smoothly.


    Below is a checklist to assist you with the relocation process. The moving checklist for moving to California includes every step involved in moving homes or apartments.


  • Key Responsibilities To Know When You Move Cross-Country

    Anyone preparing to move cross-country must take care of key responsibilities in addition to the actual moving process. There are many details to attend to before and after your move, from canceling utilities to forwarding mail and changing your driver's license.


    While long-haul moves are complex endeavors that entail a lot of work, with the help of cross-country moving companies, it's possible to make your move as smooth and seamless as possible so that you can take care of the following responsibilities.


    How to Organize Cross-Country Moving Responsibilities


  • Hire The Best Movers From California To Texas

    To hire movers that will relocate you and your belongings from California to Texas, you'll need to browse through moving companies and compare their services. This can be done in several ways, including through reputable third-party sites, asking for referrals from friends or family, or contacting the companies directly.


    Every year people move from California to Texas. This relocation process can be hassle-free using local movers near you in California, assuming you know where and how to find the best moving services. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about moving from California to Texas, including where to find movers, costs to consider, and the best time to make the transition.


    How To Hire Movers?


  • 5 Easy Tips For Moving With Kids Across Country

    Moving across the country with kids doesn't have to be difficult. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make the move as smooth and stress-free as possible for your entire family.


    Hiring cross-country moving companies along with using these five easy tips will make moving across the country with your kids a breeze. Remember that your children will likely be just as anxious and stressed as you are about the move, so be patient and understanding with them throughout the process.


    1. Create a Countdown Calendar


  • Best Way To Moving With Pets Cross Country - iMoving

    Moving with pets from one side of the country to another can often be harder than moving with kids. But with planning and preparation, it can be done without too much stress on you or your pet.


    Pets are often considered to be part of the family. So whether it's a cat, dog, bird, or other lovable creature companions, many people want to take their furry friend with them when they move with cross-country moving companies.


    While the logistics of moving with a pet can be more challenging to organize, it is certainly not impossible. Consider the following advice if you are planning a cross-country move and want to take your pet with you.


  • The Cheapest Ways to Move a 1 Bedroom Apartment Cross-Country - iMoving

    Surprisingly, the cheapest ways to move your one-bedroom across the country may include using professional movers. You might think that the cheapest way to move any amount of possessions from one side of the country to the other would be renting a truck and doing all the work yourself. But when it comes to DIY moves, small moves often don’t translate to smaller rental trucks and less cost.


    There are ways to use the expertise of professional cross-country movers while saving money as well. Below is a guide that explains the cheapest ways to move cross-country in the United States.


    Hiring Movers for Lower Rates


  • The 10 Best Places For Millennials To Move To In 2022

    Millennials are among the largest generations in history, and they are taking over many major industries lately. They are preparing to start families and quickly take over the population in the business and real estate sectors.


    Since millennials are becoming stable and prepared to add living on their own to their responsibilities, which cities are the best for them?


    Whether they are new college grads or many years into the labor force, young professionals are usually willing to relocate to another place for a new experience and career opportunities.


  • How to Downsize for a Move

    Living in a big house is fine for some families, but others find the cost and stress of maintenance burdensome. This is even true after your children have grown up and moved out. If your current home makes you feel overwhelmed, moving to a smaller home can be a perfect move mentally and financially.


    However, decluttering and downsizing can be tiring jobs. Since there are lots of reasons to downsize, we made a guide to assist you to figure out ways to reduce the excesses in your home efficiently and live in a well-organized space or move on a budget.


    Don’t allow the length of the list to intimidate you. Whether you are decluttering or downsizing to a smaller space, you can make good use of smaller items. I’ve done it over and over again, and it is kind of fun. The following tips will assist you to downsize and declutter exactly like a professional.


  • How To Take Home Inventory List For Your Move

    Although you’ve packed your entire belongings carefully and have made sure you don’t leave anything behind, there is still the chance that things can get missing during transit from your former house and the new home.


    If you plan to hire movers, it is even highly essential that you inspect that everything has been delivered before you sign-off the bill of lading the moving company gave you.


    To avoid making the move complicated, it is better to bring some orderliness and organization into the tough moving preparations. One way to get this done is by creating a household inventory list. Having a comprehensive household inventory list will make a significant difference in your whole moving process.


  • Moving From California To Georgia: Benefit, Costs & Tips | iMoving

    If you are considering changing coats, but don’t want to switch weather, then, relocating to Georgia from California can be amazing for people looking to experience the other side of the country. Georgia is popular for its warm weather and there are lots of locations where you can enjoy it. Georgia has many beaches, and almost fifty (50) state parks to add to her cap.


    You shouldn’t be surprised that The Peach State also has fresh produce that stands with the best in the country. Together with sunny skies, let’s discuss some of the main reasons why you may want to choose Georgia as your next home after leaving California.  


    Moving from California to Georgia: What you stand to enjoy


  • Why Are People of Florida Moving To North Carolina

    There is no doubt; the population in North Carolina is increasing; many thanks to the increase in residents moving in from other states. More than 37,000 people were estimated by the Census Bureau to be moving from Florida to North Carolina yearly. Almost 361,000 people moved in 2019 to North Carolina, as reported in the American Community Survey by the United States Census Bureau.


    Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and New York were the leading states people moved from to North Carolina.

    Let’s discuss why people are moving, where they are moving to, the cost of moving, and many other things.


    Why are Floridians moving to North Carolina?

  • What is the First Thing to Do When Moving into a House?

    It’s finally moving day and you’re getting ready to get into your home. The first thing that you need to do is a complete walkthrough. But what should you do after that? How do you start making your house into a home?


    There are a lot of different steps you need to consider when it comes to making your new house into your family’s residence. Here are just some of the things that you need to do when moving into a new house.


    Moving Checklist to follow before moving into new location.


  • What is the Best Moving Company for Short Distance?

    You’re getting ready to move into a new home or apartment that’s in your local area, and you know that you’ll need some help. If you’re going with a national company, many people recommend Two Men and a Truck for local moves. Finding a reputable local moving company is often a better option, though.


    How do you find the best moving company for short-distance moves? Here’s our guide to help make that process go a little more smoothly.


    Get Recommendations from Family, Friends, and National Organizations


  • Do Local Movers and Packers Disassemble ACs?

    Local movers and packers are very unlikely to disassemble your air conditioner if the appliance is in its regular state. People who are moving locally, and wish to include their air conditioners in that move, may have to take on the responsibility of disassembling and packing up the appliances themselves.


    If you have window air conditioners, you may be able to disassemble them without any professional help. Do be careful, as such units are heavy and may cause damage to your home or apartment if they fall onto the floor from a significant height.


    Relocating a central air conditioning system is a lot more complex, and will most probably require you to hire professionals to disassemble and pack your HVAC system.


  • Moving From Florida To Washington: Benefits, Cities, & Costs

    Are you looking to relocate for a new job, environment, or education? Moving to the Pacific Northwest from Florida is indeed a huge decision, but Washington is much of a beautiful state with a lot to offer. From its amazing landscape to its thriving economy, it’s not surprising that Washington is one of the most famous states in the country to reside.


    Despite saying goodbye to year-round warmth and sunny beaches in Florida, Washington will offer you its beautiful scenery as well as a great change of season.


    Be prepared for a lifetime adventure as you move from Florida to Washington. When you are reviewing the economy, Washington offers a lot of work and education opportunities. It is also near Canada. You can get to Vancouver in just a three-hour drive for a weekend trip.


  • Top 8 Things to Know Before Moving To Atlanta

    In Atlanta, everyone has something waiting for them; whether a huge outdoor lover, a foodie, a music lover, or an art enthusiast. Atlanta is rich in culture, has many sports teams, beautiful scenery, and a lot more. You will have a high-quality living experience and meet lots of friendly people.


    Atlanta can be best described as a big city that offers a small-town vibe. Atlanta has so many things to offer. So, if you are considering a move to the city, you definitely will find your expectation met.


    Let’s check some of the important features of Atlanta, GA, and what moving there has to offer you.


  • How To Hire Local Movers for Small Moves - iMoving

    There are times that you only need little quality moving assistance. Do you want to hire movers for small tasks for your next loading and unloading? Whether you are moving small belongings inside the town or the whole household within your area, you may be thinking the task is small and not so important.


    Do not be fooled by the quantity of the belongings or lack of miles. There are lots of situations when hiring professionals for small moves is the best.


    If you have decided to hire the best local movers for your small move, equipping yourself with the much-needed information is essential.


  • Top 6 Countries to Relocate in 2022

    Switzerland, Canada, and New Zealand are among the top countries to move to in 2021, according to many reports.


    When you are selecting the best country to reside in, the answer you get might differ from the answers for several other people, especially because it is based on your definition of the best country.


    Whether it is total financial stability, type of climate, happiness levels, or something different to these suggestions, the definition of the first country to live in is completely subjective.


  • Moving From New York To Houston TX Benefits And Costs

    New York and Houston, Texas are among the biggest cities in the country. Both cities can offer so many things like better career growth and educational benefits for your kids. This is even true if you have been residing in a small town or city before.


    If you plan to move to Houston, you know you would be met with many tasks. You will have to handle a lot of responsibilities both from NYC and Houston, Texas. Luckily for you, there are tips and tricks on ways to make this transition easier and faster.


    A long-distance move brings many challenges. Apart from the tasks you will have to finish before, during, and after the actual relocation, you also have to consider the costs involved, the time it will take from you as well as the adjustments you will have to make after your move.


  • Californians running from high taxes are all in the real estate news. Yes, it is a motivation indeed when you are leaving a high tax state like California for a state like Texas that has no income tax, but tax is not the main reason on our list on why people are leaving Los Angeles for Dallas.


    With a lot of employment opportunities, affordable real estate, many great restaurants as well as four professional sports teams, there is just too much to love about Dallas.


    It has been ranked as one of the best places to reside just recently, and we truly agree. Dallas’s climate is warm; it has great food and a low cost of living which is the main reason why the Dallas/Fort Worth area has become a desired destination to live.


  • Moving From NYC To Austin, TX

    Expect low cost of living, job opportunities, robust economy, easy life, and lots of outdoor adventures when you move from NYC to Austin.


    Living in New York City is likely one of the age-long dreams of a lot of people all around the globe. And this is visible since this city has all you could ever want. But what if for a certain reason you need to leave New York and replace it with a place that has much warmth and is less crowded? You are here for a good deal. When you are moving to Texas from New York, you can indeed expect a great change.


    For that reason, you need to perform your research before moving so that you are prepared for what is waiting for you on the other side. So, what are the things you should know about moving to Austin from New York City? What is the similarity and what is different? What are some of the best tips to perform this move?


  • What Time Of The Year Is The Best To Move

    We can sometimes be in control of when we want to move, and other times, it is just beyond our control. For instance, if you are moving and want to move to be around family members or for a job, then you likely can select the best time to relocate for your family based on your children’s school calendar or your workload. But, in some cases, life happens and you have no other choice than to move as soon as possible.


    Maybe the rental property you are in is listed for sale by your landlord, or maybe you are moving due to your job’s transfer to another state. Irrespective of the situation, there are benefits and drawbacks to moving during the different seasons of the year.


    But if you can decide, what time of the year is the best to move? Selecting a date and time with less demand might not make the move so easy, but it can save you a lot of money.


  • Moving From California To South Carolina

    Considering moving from California to South Carolina? You are here for good fun. From its amazing sunsets and natural beauty to its fascinating southern charm, there is no end to things to love in South Carolina. A cross-country move from California to South Carolina will be a huge adventure, but one that you will love.


    South Carolina is the 23rd highly populated state in the country and among the leading 5 for immigrants. You will find out why it is so in this article.


    When you are moving from California to South Carolina, there are things you need to know as regards what to expect from the city of South Carolina compared to California you are coming from.


  • How To Host A Successful Pre-Move Garage Sale

    If there is a thing that is often true about moving, it is that it is an ideal opportunity to dispose of belongings you no more want or need. And while you could just dispose, recycle, or donate those things, throwing a pre-move sale is a great way to dispose of things and also make additional money to pay for those moving expenses. There are also more advantages to pre-move yard sales than just making some quick buck. What are they?


    The fewer items you plan to load on the moving vehicle, the lighter the shipment and the cheaper your relocation will be. Also, you will spend more time packing and unpacking your stuff that you don’t even want to use anymore.


    These sales can be profitable, but they can also be daunting, because of the many logistics involved. From getting ready for your sale to closing it down, we have prepared these proven tips to help make the process easy and enable you to make more money for all your efforts.


  •  6 Things To Know Before Moving From New Jersey To Florida

    You are in for a serious adventure as you get ready to move to Florida from New Jersey. Even though you are enjoying great beaches on the Jersey Shore, you will have access to over 600 miles of great coastline when you get to Florida. The Sunshine State has a lot to offer those living in it including diverse wildlife, tropical climate, different recreational opportunities, plentiful beaches, and much more.


    Here, we provide you information on all you should know from the cost of living in the Sunshine State to other things to consider to help you in getting ready for your move.


    Good to hear, we are available to help you find a long-distance moving company from New Jersey to Florida quickly.


  • Moving To Idaho: Key Things To Know Before Moving in 2021's

    Need reputable long-distance movers for your Idaho move? You are at the right place. The nickname of the state of Idaho is the Gem State, and immediately you see Idaho, you will understand how apt the name is. Sure, there are gemstones as well as other natural resources, but many residents of Idaho would say that the landscape is Idaho’s real gem. Being paradise to nature lovers, there is much to Idaho than potatoes and prairies.


    The name of the state is derived from a Native American word that interprets ‘the land of many glasses of water,’ and they say the state would equal the size of Texas if flattened.


    Planning a move to Idaho? If yes, there are more to learn about your destination. iMoving has compiled this helpful guide on one of the rapidly growing states in America. Read on!


  • Guide For Moving to Australia From USA

    Australia is a great nation. Even though it is usually represented as a one-note desert with many ramshackle villages spread around, there are many diverse places and people to learn about before you relocate there.


    Around 8.7 million Americans (military excluded) live in other countries, as reported by the US State Department. And while Americans are living in all corners of the world, most of them have moved to the land Down Under to begin a new life.


    To assist you in understanding the way of life in Australia, below are important tips and tricks to assist you tntao navigate the people, culture, and country itself.


  • Moving From Florida To Georgia

    A lot of people move to another state for family, work, or to find accommodations they can afford. If you are moving to Georgia from Florida, no matter the reason, ensure you plan it well. Regardless of the purpose, Georgia is a perfect destination to choose.


    Moving to another state can present many challenges. You likely don’t know what you are about to face. If you are moving for the first time, you might be lost on what to know before moving.


    Do you have Georgia on your list? Be prepared to relocate to a state where there is sweet tea and the trees drip Spanish moss. With a population of over 10 million people and a developing political profile as a likely swing state, Georgia is famous for Americans that are moving.


  • Moving From New York City To Miami

    So, we have discussed moving from New York City to Chicago, and also to another coast, right? Well, now is the time for every willing to look into another great destination.


    The city of Miami, located south, along the same coast is not a big shot for people moving. We want you to know that you are not the only person who’s wanted to leave NYC. Many New Yorkers are patiently looking for a new city to call home.


    Some are going back to Miami, the bustling city in South Florida. Miami, similar to New York City, is a great and diverse city offering many or urban amenities with a few additional benefits.


  • Moving From Chicago To Denver

    Are you tired of city life in Chicago? Want to go hiking or skiing in the Rockies during the day and hit a lively social night scene? Moving to Denver from Chicago might just be the best way out.


    The capital of Colorado provides you the best of both worlds: the convenience & amenities of a big metropolitan area, together with a relaxed lifestyle surrounded by beautiful nature.


    Definitely, Denver is a city that offers its residents a lot. It is by far different from Chicago in so many ways. But yet, there are a lot of reasons you will like living in Denver.


  • Moving From Texas To New York in 2022: Benefit & Costs

    Moving to New York from Texas any time soon? Whether it is a new employment opportunity in New York, or you are moving with your family, or you just want to make a great transition in your life and leave everything behind in Texas for New York? No matter the reason, it is a huge change to make and there are unlimited factors to consider, especially when making such a big move. In comparison, Austin and NYC have many similarities.


    They are both seen to be centers for arts, music, and culture, and the two have great food, which means there is much to see and do in both locations.


    While they certainly share many similarities, there are few differences, too.


  • Best 14 Reasons To Move To Montana In 2022

    In our moving to Montana guide, we discussed 15 things to know before moving to Montana but not talked much about the many benefits that await you in the city.


    Montana is famous for its natural beauty. You may have seen beautiful pictures of scenes in Montana if you have watched movies like The Horse Whisperer and A River Runs Through It.


    Broad swathes of the Montana country are not only beautiful but empty. The population density of the state is the 3rd lowest in the United States, following Alaska and Wyoming.


  • Moving From Austin To Houston in 2022

    Moving is very challenging and requires adequate planning. Regardless of if you are moving to Houston from Austin for love or an employment opportunity, or you want to have a fresh start in Houston, there is always so much work to do.


    The good news is that when you relocate from Austin to Houston, you will still be close to your old home and still maintain the friends you have there. After all, the move only involves just 163 miles, which means you can usually visit the capital city of Texas anytime you wish so.


    Houston is the 4th most populous city in the United States and the most populous city in the state of Texas. The diverse city is where you will find a booming energy industry and five professional sports teams.


  • Guide To Moving To Santa Rosa, CA 2022

    Moving to Santa Rosa is what many people consider every year. This small city is a nice place to live for so many reasons and Sonoma County is also beautiful.


    Santa Rosa is the only better location to open wine. The wine and farm country is bordered by rivers as well as redwood forests that literarily get you amazed, leaving you filled with spirits and beauty. Being the seat of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa is just 55 miles away from San Francisco.


    The closeness to Baghdad by the Bay is what makes the area a famous place for people who go to work and play on the Golden Gate Bridge.


  •  Moving To Cincinnati 12 Things to Know before Your Move

    Are you planning a move to Cincinnati? A move to Cincinnati means you are moving to two cities at once. Cincy is situated between two states Ohio and Kentucky, and it offers great neighborhoods and housing options, with great architectural style as well as price diversity.


    Cincinnati keeps most of its Old World Flavor while greeting new cultural development and industry with both arms. The reasonable cost of living, expansive suburban region, and centralized location make this state more than just flyover land.


    While the population of the residents in the city is 302,600 and more than 2,290,000 in the metro area, Cincinnati offers a strong economy as well as affordable cost of living.


  • The 9 Best Places To Live In California in 2022

    A lot of Californian residents faced huge difficulties in 2020 from the worst wildfire season on record and the economic crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite those hardships, California is still a land of opportunity where people go to chase their dream in Hollywood, established groundbreaking technological companies in Silicon Valley, and find ways to make money on the 5th largest economy in the world (as of 2018).


    Here is the question, which are the best locations to live in California? Ensure you identify all your priorities before you choose the best time of the year to relocate and contacting your California movers, such as your budget, the type of neighborhood you would want to live in, the distance to your next place of work if you are moving to the suburbs, and more.


    Immediately you know what your requirements are, you can begin to work on arriving at your decision.


  • Moving To Washington, D. C: Complete Guide

    Everyone knows that Washington, D.C. is the country’s political capital. Diplomats, consultants, government agencies, senators, representatives, government workers, activists, and lobbyists call the District of Columbia and its neighborhoods home.


    Unlimited opportunities, historic neighborhoods, international flavor, and an abundance of culture make Washington D.C. a nice place to settle down.


    If you are considering a move to D.C., think well. Job opportunities are plentiful, but the costs of living are high. The weather can be extremely hot in the summer (not to talk of the mosquitoes), and the majority of the culture is all about what you do for work.


  • Moving To Montana: 10 Best Places To Live In 2022

    There is a lot to enjoy in Montana, especially for people who enjoy the outdoors. But where in the city should you live? Before you ask for a home inspection on your dream house, it is important to ensure that you like the neighborhood.


    Montana is usually called The Last Best Place. This term makes the city feels like a hidden gem, and in some ways it is. Montana is one of the states with a low population and it is the 4th largest state in the United States and has just 1.05 million residents.


    Knowing that people are becoming wiser to just how great Montana is, means a lot. The cost of living in Montana is low with no sales tax, there are beautiful mountains and the skies are at least big as regards the state nickname.


  • Moving To Nashville A Comprehensive Guide

    Are you concerned about moving to Nashville and confused about where to start? Start by researching the city and local moving company to handle the move.


    Relocating to Nashville may be the most vital decision of your life. That is why it is so much important to make wise planning and make sure you have a smooth moving into your new city.


    Movers help to get rid of the stress involved with packing and moving to another home.


  • Safest Neighborhoods To Consider When Moving To NYC

    There is a reason people relocate to NYC. It is a city where people dream big and a city full of giant skyscrapers. It is where some of the highly popular businesses, moguls, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, and fashionistas call home.


    Most of them refer the city as the Big Apple, the Capital of the World, the City That Never Sleeps. But for those who’ve never lived in New York City before, can get shocked by the culture.


    This is so much true when you are looking for a borough and a neighborhood to call home. New York City has never been popular for being safe or affordable. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that there are places that provide huge city

    experience while also providing low crime rates as well as affordable prices for real estate.

  • Why People Are Moving From New York City To Chicago

    New York City is the city where dreams are brought to reality and it has many things to offer. But if you have chosen to relocate to Chicago, you won’t regret it. When talking about big cities in the country, two metropolitan areas come to mind: New York City and Chicago.


    In our previous articles, we discussed some of the things to know before moving to New York City. Today, let’s look at the reasons why people chose Chicago over NYC.


    While a lot of people will argue the pros and cons of Chicago and New York City, we understand that just one of these two leads.


  • 15 Things To Know Before Moving To Missoula Montana

    Are you considering packing your belongings, selling your home, and moving? Before you do that, you first need to pick a good destination. There are lots of great cities out there. However, some of them stand out than others.


    If you need a nice place to move in with your family, you will want to consider relocating to Missoula, Montana. Montana is popular for its natural beauty. Some movies contain scenes shot in Montana.


    The population density of the state is the third-lowest in the United States, standing behind Alaska and Wyoming. If that sounds like your perfect next place to call home, below are fifteen (15) things you should know before you move to Missoula Montana.


  • 12 Best Things to do in Philadelphia

    If you need a list of things to do in Philadelphia, you are at the right place, since I’ve been a resident in the largest city in Pennsylvania for more than 3 years.


    In our guide to moving to Philadelphia, we discussed things to know before moving to Philadelphia and now, we want to explore some side attractions in the city.


    Are you prepared to find the must-see places in Philadelphia?


  • The Best Room By Room Moving Checklist For Packing

    Quality packing is very important to have a successful long-distance move. Packing your household for your next move is no walk in the park. As a professional in the moving business, having been involved in several moves, we can boldly tell you how you prepare and when you begin are the most important aspect of the moving process.


    Whether you choose to pack yourself, have pro packers do it, or pack part of your home, it is important to learn the best way to pack.


    You may find yourself in a situation where you have to pack, and our packing guide is your go-to resource for that particular time.


  • Guide To Moving To Manhattan Neighborhoods

    New York is reputed as a city that never sleeps, and Manhattan is a borough in its midst. There are dozens of small neighborhoods in Manhattan, and they each have their amenities, uniqueness, and varieties of characters.


    You are closer to the most popular sites and experience located in New York City when you live in Manhattan. These include Times Square, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, and so on. Manhattan is also home to One World Trade Center, Grand Central, Empire State Building, and 30 Rockefeller Place. 


    Choosing the perfect Manhattan neighborhood can be difficult. When you are setting your criteria for decision making, first answer these questions: 


  • The Best Change of Address Checklist of 2022

    It is time to make your relocation known, but there is this question of who to inform about a change of address. Remembering to give the new address to important agencies, groups, and offices that need to be aware of your change is more difficult than giving it to your family and friends. Although it is important to give your new address to the United States Postal Service, they will only make sure that your mail is forwarded from your old address to the new one for one year after you relocate. Anything sent to the old address after that time may find it difficult to get to you.


    You have to inform the right people and appropriate quarters about your move, apart from the normal relocation basics which involve moving boxes and packing supplies, renting a moving truck, or hiring a professional moving company. To avoid issues like service lapses or missed bills, it is important to get this done at the early stage of the relocation process. You need not stress yourself further as we have taken the time to get you everything you need to do when you relocate to your new address. 


    In this change of address checklist, we aim to answer all your burning questions regarding your moving and who to notify when you move. Let’s kick start the discussion.


  • 5 Things To Know Before Moving To New York

    If you have committed to spending the next phase of your life in New York City, congratulations! It is one of the most exciting and cosmopolitan cities in the world.


    It is true that moving to New York City can bring out mixed responses from family and friends. Some people may tell you that it is the best decision you have ever made, while others will worry about you getting lost in the sea of people that live in NYC.


    If you are within a few months or weeks of moving to the city, it is time to start finding local moving companies. These moving service providers will help you get relocated affordably and without any hitches.


  • Checklist For An Interstate Move

    So, you’re looking at an interstate move and trying to work out the details. In 2020, that’s a huge undertaking. What sorts of things do you need to do, both before and after you hire an interstate moving company to assist you with the process?


    There a lot of questions that you need to answer here, and we’re here to give you a hand with the answers. In this article, we’re going to give you a checklist that you can use and adapt for your interstate move in 2020.


    Figure Out How Far Your Move Is


  • Which Moving Company Is Good For Local Moves?

    It may sound odd to think of yourself as shopping for moving companies when you’re planning a move, but this is exactly what you’re doing. When you want to move into a new home, one necessary step is to browse the available moving companies in your area to find the one that can best handle your move.


    If you don’t look at several different moving companies, you can end up settling for a company and the quality of services rendered may not be as high. To make sure the movers you work with are the highest quality and best fit for your move, you have to ask yourself which moving company is right for you and why.


    Let’s look at how you can find the best moving company to handle your local move and get your items to their intended location unscathed and in one piece.


  • 10 Reasons To Hire A Local Moving Company

    Regardless of the size of the task at hand, moving can be a complex task. Deciding on the items that you are moving, planning how to pack all your items, finding out the right time to begin your excursion, choosing and changing location, and so on can cause a lot of fatigue and haggles.


    One great way to lower the stress is to get a reputable and knowledgeable local moving company that may also be closer to your location.


    A local moving company can render great assistance in many ways that you may not just know at the moment. If you have tried the other options, you will discover local movers can make your move more relaxing.


  • Moving To Chicago: 10 Best Neighborhoods To Move

    There are many options available to you on where to move to Chicago. Every tribe has a place to call their own as there are over 70 neighborhoods in Chicago, with each having its own unique identity. But if you are new to the Chicago neighborhoods, you may not know which neighborhood to live in.


    We understand that when people are looking into the neighborhood, they are hoping to get results that include great parks, homes, and friendly neighbors. All these, as well as many more, are available in these best neighborhoods in Chicago. 


    Finding a Chicago neighborhood that has everything you need can be difficult. It is not easy to find affordable, family-sized housing, especially if you need great transit options. However, we performed a rigorous screening and came up with the top ten Chicago neighborhoods to move to. 


  • The Ultimate College Packing Checklist

    The Ultimate College Packing Checklist It’s that time of the year for you. You have been waiting for admission into college a long time now. You have finally gotten it, and you are super excited. The excitement can make you lose your thoughts for a while, and when you start to think, you’d realize you have a lot to do. Among the many things you are to do, is to start preparing for a move. Not just any regular progress but a college move. The items and things you will need for this move are absolutely different from what you’d need when moving to a new home.


    The process of packing is not always challenging until you have to do it. In your head, it seems really simple. “I’ll take this, I’ll take that,” but when the day comes, it becomes way too challenging for you. Your thoughts start to run from what you will need, to what you might find in the dorm, to what you might share with your friends or roommates. All those clashes of thoughts can keep you off balance, and that is why you need to get yourself together.


    Working with a college packing checklist is one of the most efficient ways to have all your items gotten before the actual day of moving. The moving checklist will help you organize your day and your entire items. You arrange all the things you will be needed in order to have a stress-free day while moving. We hope to keep your mind focused throughout this entire process, and that is why we have gotten for you a college packing checklist.


  • 10 Best And Cheapest Ways To Move Across The Country

    Moving across the country takes planning and precision in order to complete effectively. It can be difficult to figure out what is involved and, if you don’t have any experience with it, you may not know what is best in your situation.


    Should you hire cross-country movers? Should you do it on your own? Maybe you just want to load things up and ship it?


    No matter what it is that you’re looking for in regards to your move, there are all sorts of ways that you can accomplish it.


  • What Size Moving Truck Do I Need While Moving

    Take a deep breath for a moment. It’s okay, everybody understands the feeling of trying to get everything just right during the planning stages for a move. There are so many things you need to keep together in your mind.


    Some of these can be things like wondering if you want to hire a local moving company or do everything yourself and if the latter if you should plan on finding the best moving truck rental for you. You might also be thinking about all of your stuff, how you’re going to sort through it, and (if you have a lot of things) how you’re going to fit everything onto the moving truck.


    If you’re planning on taking a DIY approach to your move, then the obvious solution is going to be for you to get in touch with one of the major moving truck rental companies in order to get the details of your rental truck squared away. When you have a good idea of how much space your stuff might take up, you’re going to have to decide which size you need to choose in order to efficiently and safely carry all of your belongings in one trip.


  • Things To Know Before Hiring Truck Rental Companies

    Moving. It is a word that elicits a host of emotions from different people, a word that can evoke excitement, nervousness, anxiety, and even dread. Some people look forward to moving, while some absolutely hate the idea of moving. For others, it is not so much the idea of moving, but the thought of having to go through the stress of the moving process.


    Does this sound a bit like your thought process? If you’re planning a move, it is perfectly normal to be nervous, stressed, and excited, all at the same time! If this sounds familiar, then getting your head around a few tips that can make this process so much easier could be a great help for you.


    After all, if you’re planning on using a moving truck rental instead of hiring a moving company to give you a hand with your move, then chances are you’re working on saving as much money as possible. With smart moving tips and choosing the perfect truck rental company for your move, you will find that this can be simple.


  • Checklist For Hiring A Truck Rental Company

    Moving brings a ton of things with it that need to be done for a successful move. Naturally, you want to do everything in your power to ensure your move is as stress-free and as simple as possible. With that in mind, there are aspects of your move that you don’t want to skip out on paying careful attention to, and choosing the right moving truck rental for your move is one of the big things you will need to do.


    Hold on, you might be thinking, there are all kinds of moving truck rental companies out there. You’d be correct in this thinking, and knowing how to choose the right moving truck rental for the safe moving of your stuff is one of the main things you will need to do to make sure your move goes over without a hitch.


    This is quite simple if you follow some simple hints, though. With the right guidance, you’ll find that identifying the best moving truck rental companies is actually quite a simple process.


  • 10 Best Things to Look For When Hiring Cross Country Movers

    Planning on getting a new home in another state? No matter where you’re moving to, you’re going to need to have a few things squared away before your move can truly begin. You’re going to have to pack all your stuff up, you’re going to have to organize it all just how you like it, and then you’re going to have to find the best cross country moving companies to help you facilitate your move.


    Of course, when you begin looking for movers to give you a hand on your big moving day, you’re going to want to know how you can find the best moving company for the job. Not only will a quality moving company help you handle some of the heavy lifting, but they will also offer a whole slew of services that you or in any other customer could take advantage of. There are more than a couple of things to look for when you’re looking for the best cross-country movers, though. 


    They have a successful history of operations


  • 10 Tips to Know Your Exact Moving Cost

    If you’ve ever been through a big move before, then you’re probably already well aware of how quickly the costs can stack up. If you’re getting ready for yet another move, then planning ahead, analyzing some of the main factors in your move, and knowing your budget can all go a long way in helping you to determine your potential moving cost before you make definite plans.


    Naturally, you’re going to want to save as much as cash as possible during your move. Planning ahead and having a good idea of what you’re going to be spending during your moving process can not only help you save money on your move, but you might end up with some extra spending money in your pocket when you get to your new town!


    If you’re wondering how much does it cost to hire movers (especially if you’re moving on a tight budget), then you will be doing yourself a big favor by calculating what you will roughly be spending during your move. Once you have a figure in mind, you can face your moving expenses with a little added confidence then you would if you were going into it blind.


  • 10 Tips For Moving Your Appliances To A New Home

    While the simple process of planning a move to a new home can be tough, it is often an even tougher process to determine how you’re going to move all of the things that you plan to take with you - personal belongings, furniture, clothing, tablets, televisions, and more. All of these things are surely going to be coming with you, and you also need to think about your appliances.


    No problem, you might be thinking to yourself, I can just move all that stuff by myself. That’s not a good idea when it comes to moving heavy appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and the like. You should never attempt to move heavy things like these by yourself without someone else helping you, so having all of this planned out before the moving day is a good idea.


    When you’ve got some help lined up and a solid plan, you’re ready to get in touch with cross country movers so that you can get your big move underway.


  • Where to Hire Appliance Movers?

    Equal parts exciting, nerve-wracking, stress-inducing, as well as being physically and mentally exhausting all at the same time, moving is no picnic. This is especially true when you begin to take into account all the things you have to take with you.


    Furniture, clothing, beds, personal belongings, knick-knacks, we all gather a lot of stuff as we live our lives. We don’t think too much about it until the time comes to assess exactly how much stuff we actually have. If you’re looking at your stuff for the first time, you might be realizing just how many things we actually accumulate.


    One very important thing you may plan on taking with you is your appliances - your refrigerator, dishwasher, and the like. Moving appliances is no small undertaking, and unless you have a lot of help, you may need to call in professionals. Depending on your moving situation, calling in the help of local moving companies or cross country movers will be the first thing you should do.


  • How to Move Utilities when Moving Home

    Getting organized for moving day takes a lot of time and effort, and you want to be sure that you have everything in order. Obviously, you need to have your local movers scheduled and start packing up your home. But, what about all of the little things that need to be done? Do you have the small details in order, yet?


    Many people don’t realize that utilities need to be part of their moving checklist from the beginning and that they should be taken care of pretty early on. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you’re moving utilities during the moving process.


    Sort Out What Needs to be Turned Off and What Services Can Move With You in Advance


  • How Long Does It Take to Buy a House and Move In

    You’re moving to a new place, and things are busy. Whether you’re getting ready to own your first home after years of renting, or you’re relocating to a new home because of work or school, there’s a lot that needs to be completed before moving day.


    Putting together your to-do list may seem overwhelming. You have to shop around for homes, secure a mortgage, and do research on different areas where you may want to reside. And, on top of that, you need to start packing, figure out the cost to hire movers or rent a moving van and determine how you’ll get everything done.


    So, how long does this whole process take? In this article, we’re going to answer some common questions associated with the amount of time it may take for you to find a new home and move into it.


  • How far in advance should I book movers

    Ever since the first moving companies hit the stage, the moving business has flourished.


    This is because there’s no denying the many benefits of hiring professional movers. With the average American moving at least 11 times in their life, it’s no wonder they want a little help.


    Before hiring professional movers, there are a few things you need to consider. First, there’s the time. It is important to contact your movers at least 4 to 8 weeks in advance so that they may fully prepare for your move.


  • When Should You Start Packing For College

    If you are getting ready to start your college career, you’re surely feeling a lot of different emotions. You might be excited, you might be nervous, or you might even be a mixture of the two. No matter how you’re feeling right now, you probably know that you should get the jump on preparing early so you’re good to go on move-in day.


    You’re going to want to spend as much time as you can with your friends and family before your departure, so you might not be thinking about packing up your stuff that much. You know that it is something that needs to be done, but you might be putting it off to do other things.


    Don’t procrastinate! If you go ahead and make moving out of state moving checklist, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time when you get ready to start packing up your stuff.


  • How Do I Prepare To Move To College

    Hello college, goodbye responsibilities- except the responsibility of making the grade, and moving of course.


    Moving for college is one of the most memorable times of a person’s life. Let’s just be sure you don’t remember the anxiety of moving more than the good memories.


    Proper preparation is absolutely crucial, especially if you are going to a college out of state. It’s your first start, your brand new start, so you want to be sure that you’re thoroughly prepared.


  • Complete Moving Timeline For A Well Scheduled Move

    Moving is one task that requires proper planning and preparation. Hence, you have to have a concrete plan on the ground, you plan months, weeks, and days in advance. If you don’t plan, you might have the entire task overwhelm you as rushing things just days to your move can make life a lot difficult.


    Starting early is one fundamental secret to a successful move. Do one thing at a time as the move day draws closer so that you can be more than ready on the day you will move. Have a clear timeline, draft a moving checklist, or moving checklist timeline.


    We will be taking a look at how you can plan ahead for your move by having a moving checklist timeline, and what are the advantages of planning ahead for your move. We will look at the line of action or activities you have to put in place starting from eight (8) before your moving date.


  • How to Transport Cars to Another State - iMoving

    There quite a number of cross-country movers that can help you transport your car from one state to another. Sometimes when you are moving over long distances, it makes a whole lot of sense to fly while you will get your belongings shipped to your new home. When you decide to go with the option of shipping your belongings, of course, your car would need to be shipped as well. You have to consider all the logistics involved s that you can fix it in your budget.


    However, you must take your time to engage the services of a professional mover to transport your car to your new state. Read reviews, and request quotes from more than one moving company to decide on which one you will engage in. Avoid rushing to hire a transportation moving company, take your time, before you sign the dotted lines, it will save you a whole lot of stress in the end.


    Aside from transporting your car when you are relocating, there are several other reasons why you might need to transport your car aside from one place to another. You could want to ship your car because you want to sell it or because you want to bring it along with you for a vacation. For whatever reason that may prompt you to want to transport your car, we will consider the choices available to you and how you can get it done the best way possible.


  • How to Ship Furniture Across Country

    There are several ways in which you can ship or transport furniture either across the country or across the state. Whether you are moving, gifting furniture to friends and family members, or settling an estate, your preferred means of transporting the furniture will depend on a few variables that apply to your situation and your budget.


    It can seem like an ordeal or a difficult task to transport furniture across the country but it is not as difficult as you think when it is handled by a professional transportation or shipping company that has the expertise and experience to get the job done. This is why it is important to hire the services of the best cross country moving companies around, affordability should not be your first priority here when you are moving or shipping cross country. Your major priority should be the competence, experience, and capacity of the cross-country moving company.


    Factors that affect your medium of transportation


  • Moving to Colorado

    For those who enjoy the splendor of outdoor scenery like the rocky mountain beauty, and beauty of the beaches, Colorado is the best place to be. The beautiful city of Colorado keeps attracting new residents year in, year out due to the quality of life that it has got to offer.


    It promises plenty of job opportunities, beautiful weather, and a culture of wellness has been some of the many features that have made Colorado a great destination for people who wish to migrate and have the best time of their life.


    If you are moving to Colorado, you are in for a treat as we will be providing you with all you need to know from the cost of housing to job opportunities, things you can do in this beautiful city, and places to visit when you are in Colorado.


  • The Best Way to Ship Plants Safely

    Moving a household from one part of the country or cross country is in itself challenging, not to talk of moving plants along with you. It can be challenging but that is not to say it can’t be done or that the task of moving your plants can’t be simplified. Most houseplants don’t survive cross-country relocation as it can be traumatic and some plants don’t get to recover from the trauma.


    It is not strange to see that most plants die as a result of the trauma. If humans can be affected by the emotional and physical stress that comes with moving from one part of the country to another, how much more plants? It could even get worse if you are traveling over long distances.


    If you are concerned about whether your plants will survive and you don’t want to put the effort into transporting them only to find out that they eventually didn’t survive, then you might want to consider giving them out as gifts to your friends, family, or neighbors before you move. But if you wish to keep your plants at all cost, maybe for the memories it brings, then there are a couple of ways to raise their chances of surviving the move and getting to your new home safely. However, you have to prepare the plants and do some things ahead of your move day.


  • Moving Out of Your Home For The First Time

    Are you moving out of your home for the first time and looking for options? iMoving is here to ensure that you can get moving tips, connect with the best cross country movers, and sort out the details so that your move goes smoothly.


    What things do you need to know and consider? How can you make sure that you’ve got everything together? And what sort of help are you going to need? Let’s take a look at some of the details around moving out of your home for the first time and sorting out what may be essential for you to consider.


    What You Need When Moving Out for the First Time?


  • Moving in the Rain - The Best Tips

    One thing that no one can have control or power over is the weather. Sometimes weather can be unpredictable; one minute it is sunny and the other minute it’s cloudy and all of a sudden the showers are here boom!!! And it’s moving day. What do you do? Pray? Definitely not. You don’t have to be frustrated, there is always a way out and we will be highlighting tips that can help you to move on a rainy day.


    You can also get expert moving tips from your interstate movers when you want to plan ahead for possible rainfall on your move day. What it will need is just extra caution and logistics to put in place so that you can have a seamless relocation to your new home.


    What to do if it’s raining on moving day


  • Move Out Of Your Parents’ House

    It’s that exciting time in every adult’s life – it’s time to move out of the house! Whether you’re going off to college or just getting your first apartment with friends or family members, you are going to have a lot of details and info on your mind in the meantime. How can you be sure that you have everything ready to go?


    As you think about this, you may be looking at details like how you’ll hire movers cost of various resources, and whatever else you need to be able to take care of. In this article, we’ll help you to figure out how much cash you’ll need in order to move and whether or not you’ll have enough cash to be able to move when all is said and done.


    How Much Money Should You Have Saved Up Before You Move Out?


  • Move a Hot Tub With Ease

    Owners of hot tubs love having one. Hot tubs are perfect for relaxing in after a long day of work, letting the stress melt away. They are also a fun thing to have when you have people over, allowing you to hang out in the hot tub with your friends or significant other. There is really nothing negative about having a hot tub when you really think about it.


    If you are planning a move in the near future, you are going to want to bring your hot tub with you. For that reason, we have compiled some tips on the best and easiest ways for you to safely move a hot tub to your new home. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone, as there are plenty of nationwide relocation services that will be more than happy to help you get your hot tub moved to your new location.


    With all of that said, let’s look at a few questions asked by people who are moving hot tubs, and address them in detail. You’ll find plenty of valuable information here that will assist you when the time comes to move your hot tub to your new home, so you can continue enjoying it whether you’re by yourself, your partner, or friends and family.


  • Moving to a New City - All You Need To Know

    Moving to a new city is probably one of the best things that could ever happen to you even though the process could be so difficult and stressful. You will get the chance to discover your new self, develop the courage to pursue other endeavors, as well as to break out of a depression. A recent poll by Gallup shows that 33% of Americans wish they could relocate out of the state. There are different headaches associated with deciding and moving to another state regardless of your social status.


    There are questions like what is the better option between renting a moving truck and hiring a local moving company? How to ensure the safety of your possessions while moving? What part of the moving will be covered by your employer if it is corporate relocation? Moving will present you with both excitement and stress. You and your family will have extra time to yourselves, extra money, as well as reducing stress when you plan ahead of the move. You will be able to complete each of your tasks as well as make sure everything is in place when you have a nice moving plan that you will stick to before the actual day.


    To have a stress-free and smooth transition, it is important to take time to organize your move before the moving day. A lot of effort is put together to come up with these tips to guide you all through the process and also help you settle in smoothly in your new home. Regardless of the purpose of your move to a new city, you can certainly get help from these tips.


  • How to Move to a New City Even with Bad Credit

    Moving to a new city can be expensive especially if you are moving long-distance or cross country. Moving can even become more difficult if you are not financially buoyant and you still have bad credit on top of that. What that means is that you might not be credit-worthy and getting a loan to finance your moving expenses can be difficult.


    To relocate or move to a new city with bad credit requires proper budgeting and financial planning so that you can maximize resources at your disposal. One of the best things to do if you are working on a lean budget is to get as many quotes as possible from local moving companies around you or you visit the websites of these companies to make use if their moving cost calculator, compare the quotes, and make an informed decision on which of them you will hire.


    Having bad credit can affect a whole lot of things in your life. Relocating or moving is one of the areas that can be affected. Your credit can have a significant impact on how and what you need to do to relocate from your present home to a new city. You might be unable to rent a moving truck, and this might even make your move even more expensive as you might have to take out a bad credit loan such as a payday loan with very high-interest rates.


  • How to Move a Washing Machine

    You don’t want to relocate without carrying your washing machine along. Although transporting it may cost you money, but your initial pre-relocation breakdown shows that it is well worth it. The easiest way to move a washing machine is to hire a professional local moving company and let them handle it for you; however, that will cost you more money.


    Yet, this is another option – you may decide to move your washing machine by yourself to save some money. Just have it in mind that relocating a washing machine without the help of an experienced moving company is not and will not be an easy task. But it is achievable. If you have the required information about “how to go about it,” moving a washing machine is practicable if you have the time.


    We will share all you need to know to get the job done on your own. Hope you have your instructional manual handy? It will help a lot. Let’s start by determining the weight of a washing machine.


  • How to Search for Apartments

    Hunting for a new house to rent when you move or planning to move to a new city can be a tedious task. It can even be more difficult if your current location is several miles away from the city you wish to relocate to. However, the job is made easier by the internet as you can search online to have a good idea of the house if it meets your desired standards and you can make necessary contacts to ensure that you get the best deals for your new home.


    Planning to rent an apartment out of state or cross country requires taking your time and being diligent not to rush things over. There are several factors that you need to consider when getting a new apartment; you have to make sure the neighborhood is suitable for both you and your family and the area is easily accessible, you might also want to consider how much it will cost to hire movers to help you relocate to your new home.


    Below are some of the helpful tips that will help you to get the best deals when you go hunting for a house to rent;


  • Tips for Moving Into Your First House

    There is something about the kind of excitement you feel when you are moving into your very first home. This kind of excitement is not like the regular one, and it comes with a lot of thought for the future. Moving into your new home can be an absolutely life-changing experience. You are finally in a place of your own, with your own space, less noise from others, and more time for you to concentrate on other things. But before all these things can come to be, you must make sure you have done the essentials.


    There is so many reasons why you would want to live in a place of your could be that you just got your promotion and have enough to own a house now. It could also be that you have just recently married, and want all the tie with your spouse, and some peace and quiet. Whatever the case might be, it’s always an excellent thing to finally have a place you can call your own. Remember, there is a difference between living in a rented apartment and living in a home.


    We have gathered some useful tips to help you transition quickly into owning your first house


  • Top Things People Forget to Do in a Move

    When it comes to moving to a new home, there are many things we could easily skip. This is not because we are careless, but because they seem so minute that we often count them as not important. The things we consider not important are some of the most important things we can think of. We know you can also be overwhelmed by the bulk of the work there is to be done that you let your mind wander away from the essential things. We want to make it clear to you that it is normal.

    There are lots of things to move around in a home, from the large stuff to the smallest stuff. The inventory or moving checklist can help you order your day, but other things are not particularly related to moving physical items around. These are the things that we consider very important when you are moving either by yourself or with the local movers.


    All the rush to quickly get things done is what eventually leads to having our minds taken off certain important things. We know how the situation feels, we’ve been there before, and now we want to help you keep your mind together by providing you with the top things people forget when they move so that you can protect yourself from such occurrences.


    1. Get the right moving materials

  • Tips for Moving While Pregnant

    You do know that different circumstances surround moving, and each circumstance is peculiar to the person who is moving or about to move. Some circumstances are when you have to move with pets, others are moving with children, but today, we will be talking about a different kind of context, and that is moving with a pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if you are a single mom trying to move alone, or with your partner, these tips are meant to give you the best guide on how to move.


    We understand how it feels during pregnancy. The frequent headaches, nausea, sometimes vomiting, and different reactions occur in the body during this period. It can be very stressful, and the last thing you want to do is to add more stress to it. Do not be deceived; moving is not as easy as it plays out in your head. Without the right approach, you will lose out on a lot of quality time and money.


    We are here to guide you with the best tips and advice to help you dring a move even with your pregnancy.


  • How to Plan a Move During the Holidays

    The best time for everyone to relax and take a break off from work is the holidays. Most people use this time to unwind from all the hard work they have been doing throughout the year, and this is quite understandable. But as much as the holidays are fun for those who seek to enjoy them, it might be stressful for you if you are planning a move during this season. There will be so many functions, parties, meetups, and many other things that you might get overwhelmed; sometimes it might feel as though you need to be in so many events that you might have to plan your move after the holiday.


    We very much understand how it can be stressful for you during the holidays, and to this effect, we have gotten some proven tips to help you pack and get ready to move this holiday. The most important first step to having a successful move is first to make sure you are grounded in your organization. Get everything in shape, knowing what to do and when to do it. If you can get this first step, then the rest will no longer be so much of a hassle. The best method is to get everything you need for the holidays written, after which you can know what days you have free, and what days are left for you to have fun.


    Make Sure You Save Well Enough


  • How To Ship Your Car When You Move

    You will agree that moving is not fun, in fact, it could get worse if you have to move to another state entirely. One of the things most people have had to worry about when moving is how they would ship their cars. Since they cannot travel with their cars, they would have to ship it. How then would they ship it? In this article, we will discuss how you can ship your car when you decide to move to another state or city. 


    1. Shipping Your Car On A Truck


    According to research that was carried out by USA Today, it was discovered that the best way to transport personal cars is to have them shipped by truck. Cars can be shipped either on open or closed trucks. According to the Car Transport Interstate, open trucks would expose cars to elements while closed trucks that are safer are over 60% more expensive than open trucks. It was also revealed by Interstate Car Transport, that shipping cars across the country would take about 7 to 14 days. It could take lesser depending on the distance between the place the vehicle is to be shipped from and where it should be shipped to.


  • How to Make a Packing Plan for Each Room

    Finding an apartment is not an easy thing, as you have to sift through a lot of trash, with the aim of getting the right one. It can be likened to kissing a lot of frogs in a bid to get to Prince Charming.


    You go around, checking the amenities of the buildings, wishing that one would have everything on your moving checklist. If it doesn't have a big bathroom, it doesn't have a nice kitchen. This is so bad. You are about to give up. Your parents never told you house shopping was that hard, but things will get better, you tell yourself.


    After you have checked a lot of buildings, you have finally stumbled on the right one for you. Hallelujah! The next line of action is to move your things. You groan!


  • Relocating To San Diego, Top Reasons for Moving

    San Diego, located right in the heart of California. San Diego is a lovely place with a lot of things to look around for and be excited over. According to research, it has been found out that a lot of people move there, and the numbers are ever-increasing. If you are wondering why many people are moving there, or you also want to move there, we know just why and will give you a full hint on it.


    Even with the winter snow, and the rest of America having a good share of the snow, San Diego stands distinctively cool. It’s like the most balanced place you would want to be, with a moderate temperature, and lots of happy faces that want to share their moments with you. As much as you are already getting chills about San Diego, and are already planning your big move, be sure to fix the move around winter. This way you will be able to make a move in time, and beat all the rumble and tumble from the tourist season.


    It is not just called America’s Finest City for no reason. Its beautiful scenery and its atmospheric conditions contribute to beauty. You can have the luxury of the beaches, and a lot of attractions you can feed your eyes to. The entire process is very unusual. So instead of having to travel to San Diego to have a feel as a tourist, why not move there permanently.


  • Smart Moving & Packing Tips to Make Moving Easy

    Moving is always fun, hectic at the same time. It is always fun because you get excited and emotional over moving from a place you’ve spent a considerable number of years, and had memories with. Most people only realize they are moving on the day they are meant to move; the feeling always seems surreal. On the other hand, it is always hectic because of the mental stress you have to go through in organizing all of your things in a manner that you can easily rearrange and access them. What causes the stress most times is not moving, it’s just trying to sort things out in your head, and of course, the stress eventually wears you out.


    Moving is not as hard as you think; it all depends on the approach you use for it. In a bid to help you with the best methods, we have a few tips that would cut down on the stress you’d face. We know moving can be very daunting, but the right approach would make it a lot less stressful.


    Below are some of the smart moving and packing tips that would make moving easy even if you are using cross-country movers or local movers.


  • Best Places to Live in California for Young Adults

    California is a cool stat to live in the United States with lots of natural and artificial edifices that are guaranteed to make life better. It is surrounded by a whole lot of mountains, beaches, glowing sunshine, and also the home to Hollywood royalty, and the next big technology world of the Silicon Valley is located in California; these are some of the next big things that we cannot live without.


    The weather in California is also a great one with beautiful people. For young people who love to engage in several outdoor activities as a way of relaxing and catching fun, the right place to live in is California as there is plenty of adventure such as surfing, skiing, sand-boarding in the desert that you can engage in.


    If you are also looking for the best places that offer the best in education and healthcare, California ranks high amongst the cities in the United States and it also doubles as the largest economy in the U.S which means there are lots of economic opportunities available for young minds to explore and get good value for their time and skills.


  • 11 Ways to Feel at Home in Your New Apartment

    There is never any feeling that comes close to getting your new apartment and trying to settle down. Many people are always so overwhelmed by the feeling that it still doesn’t feel like they have moved until days or weeks after living in the new apartment. The fun part is that you try as much as possible to blend with your new apartment, try to figure the new arrangement for your stuff, you try to see how best to manage the rooms and spaces you have. All your thought is also centered upon “what goes where” and a list of other things, it’s a truly exciting moment for both you and everyone in your family.


    We understand how it feels when you move to a new house, it still doesn’t feel like it’s your home yet, you move through the open space, trying to picture your former apartment, and in the midst of all this, you don’t settle with your new place yet. We know this feeling, and we are here to help you out with ways you can quickly become familiar with your new apartment and feel at home in your new home.


    Follow Our Moving Checklist To Get Better Connections


  • The Best Platform to Find Roommate for your Move

    Do you need a roommate to help you in splitting the expensive cost of renting and financing an apartment in New York while planning your move? This post will give some clues to go about it. Getting one can be as easier as you think; surprisingly, there are many people out there looking for someone like you. Most people find it difficult to bear the cost of renting an apartment, especially in the city. The current economic situation in the country makes buying a home difficult for young lads.


    If you are looking for a way to reduce your moving cost, finding a roommate for your move is one of the best ways to go. Once you are two to bear the cost of renting an apartment and financing other utility bills in the new home, the burden of spending most of your earnings on moving is drastically reduced.

 , in its quest to ensure readers get the required help they need regarding their moves and settlement, had carried out series of research to come up with a particular platform that had stood out in matching roommates without stress. This post takes a look at how this platform works and to get the best out of it. Relax, as we share the tips with you.


  • Unique Things to Do in Chicago

    There are a whole lot of things to do in Chicago, IL, as Chicago is one of the most-visited parts of the United States for tourists because of its many fun and interesting places to visit such as awe-inspiring skyscrapers, lakefronts, beaches, bars, and clubs among others. Chicago is one of the top Midwest cities that several people are moving to from cities like Houston, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, and St. Louis among others. If you plan to move to Chicago, you can also find movers in Chicago who can get the job done for you in the best way possible.


    Best Neighborhoods in Chicago, IL


    Before we look at the unique things and fun places to be when you move or visit Chicago, let us take a look at the best neighborhoods in Chicago. Although, the choices of the best places one can reside in Chicago can vary depending on a matter of preference as this is subjective and there are over 200 neighborhoods you can live in Chicago. But nevertheless, we will still take a look at some of the top cities you can live or visit in Chicago.


  • 10 Reasons to Move to Bronx, NY

    The Bronx is one of the nice places located in New York, one of the world’s best cities in terms of its cultural diversity, nightlife, tourist places, and home to lots of high tech and fortune 500 companies, the Bronx also has the largest zoo in the United States. Hence, if you want to get the best of life and enjoy a whole lot of adventure at your leisure, then the Bronx is the place to be. Aside from the many economic opportunities that the Bronx offers its residents, there are other vital reasons why one should consider moving to the Bronx, you can search online for movers in Bronx who can help you with a seamless relocation from where ever across the globe and within the United States.


    Ten Reasons to Move to Bronx, NY


    Some of the reasons why people move include economical, employment, and the ease of living a quality life. However, below are some of the reasons why you should consider moving to the Bronx.   


  • Moving To Another State? Don’t Forget These Things

    Moving from one place to another can be very exciting, while you are hurrying to get sorted out and get your things all together, your assets can once in a while be lost or overlooked as you move. In the midst of the majority of the mayhem, it is thus vital to stay sorted out and make a point not to overlook basic things that you will require in your new abode.


    During your move to your new abode, you need to ensure that you remain well organized in your move with the goal that you don't desert anything.


    Here is a list of things you don’t want to forget when moving from your old apartment or home to the new one:


  • Ship a Car to Another State

    Shipping your car to another state is obviously a task that you cannot handle on your own, the task needs to be outsourced to an auto shipping company. Hence, your first assignment in shipping your car to another state is to search for available auto shipping companies that is safe, secure, licensed, and affordable at the same time.


    There are certain things you will like to avoid when shipping your car and as a result of this you need to get a transportation company that will guarantee you the following;


    • They must be able to deliver your car to your preferred destination when due without compromising on the agreed arrival time.
    • The car must arrive at the new location safely without any damage being done to it, which means there should be no scratches, no paint chips, and no dents whatsoever inflicted on the car.
    • Their services must be affordable and yet they must be of top quality at the same time.
    • The whole transportation process has to be seamless without you having to leave other important things you need to attend to and of course, this is the reason why you have decided to engage the services of an experienced auto transportation company.


  • How To Get Federal Financial Moving Assistance

    It is quite trite to say that, people relocate all the time, and for various reasons, which are mostly unexpected. The reason could be an emergency, a major job opportunity, educational advancement, occurrence of a natural disaster, and so on. The basic point is, whatever the reason, there is often no prior plan to relocate or move. This is where our major issue lies, as moving comes at a very expensive rate, depending on if you are relocating across the state or within the same vicinity.


    Most of the time, having enough extra funds at hand or in your account for this situation really makes a difference. However, we know this hardly occurs, as said the extra money is almost never enough for the move. This point is mainly because you cannot adequately calculate the cost of your move, as there are always hidden expenses we fail to budget for. Also, even when we choose to carry out some aspects of the move ourselves, certain expenses still arise that will surely give you difficulty.


    Use our Moving Cost Calculator to Calculate Moving Cost


  • Moving to a New State: Guide, Checklists and Tips

    You may be moving to a new state after retirement, to take up a new job, to be closer to your family, or to seek medical attention or family circumstances. Once you have made up your mind to leave, you are expected to have a busy schedule during the months or weeks of preparation, whether you believe the change is good for you or not. If moving to a new place can be hectic, imagine moving to a new state. It can be one of the daunting periods in our lives, and it’s our approach and preparation towards it that will determine whether we finish it with the best results or a series of headaches.


    First of all, it is important to note that moving to a new state is a matter which can go positive with the needed preparation or go sour in the process. This is true due to many reasons. One of such reasons is that you are moving to somewhere completely different. It is not in the locality or in that same state. Moving would probably take you to a state that has different laws, beliefs, and people. It is therefore only normal that you set for yourself a moving checklist that would help you to prepare adequately for the move.


    1. Research ahead of time


  • The Complete Guide to Hiring Local Movers

    You finally did it! You got your new house or property, and everything seems to be moving just as you planned. You negotiate the prices of your new property and settle all the expenses that come with it. You are ready to move. All that remains are just MOVING. Does this sound familiar? It probably does! Every year, thousands of people are on the move from one place to another. Some of these relocations may even include leaving the country for somewhere else while others could simply mean that you are to move locally.


    If you are all set to move locally, then you would no doubt be looking for ways to get your stuff over to your new place. For most people, the perfect thing to do is to get the right professionals to do the job, local movers!


    Sounds easy right? However, it is not that easy. While we know that we need local movers, we also know that getting the right local movers could prove to be a challenge indeed. That is why we have made this article to guide you on the steps and things you would need to be on the lookout for when you are hiring local movers. Ready to see some of them?


  • Essential Moving Tips to Help Seniors Move

    In the case of moving from one home to a similar size one or cutting back to a little one, moving isn't only an occasion; it is a procedure. It begins when you initially think about a change and proceeds through numerous phases until the point that you are subsided into your new residence and feel great enough to call it your home. In most cases, this procedure may feel overpowering, and your moving objectives may appear to be unachievable. There are a few tips you can use during your move to ensure this task proceeds in a smooth and productive way.


    When a great many people hit retirement, they begin considering their eternity home. For you, it might be a great opportunity to pick where you will age and gain new experiences.


    As a senior, moving will frequently require cutting back into a home that is littler, more secure, and less demanding to keep up. The procedure includes disposing of things that may hold wistful value. It may likewise include making some extreme plans and calculated choices.


  • 8 Things to Throw Away When you Move

    Moving to a new place can be hectic and expensive; hence it is important to find out ways to make moving a bit easier. So many items and property in your house, from the basement to the bedroom make for the very important question of what to keep and what to throw away before you move to your new home. This is because the size and weight of your belongings is an important factor that determines the cost of your move, so when the size and weight are less, the moving cost is cheaper.


    Thinking out the items you can throw away when you move, can be troubling, but some of these items are those which you should really get rid of before moving. (Follow the best moving checklist before moving).


    1. Clothing and shoes you don’t love or wear


  • 10 Efficient Moving Tips Helps Move Like An Expert

    Are you thinking about your future moving adventure? There’s so much that you need to get done, but at the same time, you’re going to be looking at a lot of details regarding what it is that you need to accomplish. How can you make it easier on yourself in the first place?


    Thankfully, the professional local movers that we work with here at have lots of tips and tricks that you can use in order to make your move go a bit more smoothly. With these 10 efficient moving tips, you will find that you’re packing and moving like an expert – which can reduce your stress and make it a little simpler for you to move forward!


    1. Don’t delay in starting the process


  • 10 Stress Management Tips For Moving

    It’s moving time, and you’re stressed out - we all know this feeling. Regardless of whether it's a long-distance move or a move to the neighborhood just down the road, moving is a difficult and emotional process. But that doesn’t mean it has to be an entirely stressful experience. Moving can be a fresh new start and an exciting adventure. Manage your stress and make the most of moving to a new home with these tips from our team of experts here at


    1. Give yourself plenty of time


    While not everybody has control over how much time they have to move, many do. If you do have some control over the timing, start planning a couple months beforehand and give yourself a full month to pack and move. In many cases, the stress of moving comes from last-minute rushing or skipping the planning phase. But this isn’t always necessary. You can start by packing the things that you don’t use often until the only things that are not packed are the bare necessities. If you can, take your time and enjoy reminiscing as you pack your things away and prepare for a new journey.


    2. Prepare mentally


  • Tips for a Stress-Free Move

    Making planning and getting organized for a move gives you less stress and more time to enjoy. Moving to another home brings excitement – a fresh start, new opportunities as well as the chance to make a new home. That doesn’t imply that it can’t feel daunting at times.


    Fortunately, there is a way to prevent any ugly cases that may increase your moving stress.


    Begin early, make a plan and handle all you can to simplify the entire process. Whether you are relocating to your first home or your sixth, moving and packing can be stressful.


  • 10 Safer Moving Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

    Moving can be a lot dangerous than you might think. It is tiring work, which, when combined with sharp packing knives, heavy lifting, and other tough factors, can end up causing a serious injury if care is not taken. This is even true if you are performing the move yourself and have decided to carry heavy furniture without assistance from professionals.


    Protecting yourself when you move is so much as important as protecting your goods, which is why you should not take on any move without a better understanding of basic relocation safety tips.


    While you can do away with some tips, you can’t afford to ignore some essential safer tips. We’ve discussed some top tips to consider for your safety throughout the moving process.