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El Paso Movers - iMoving

El Paso Movers


Let’s face it, nobody looks forward to the moving process. Whether you are moving for the first time or the fifteenth time, the process of packing and moving is both tedious and tiring.


However, from the comfort of your home, you can plan your move to El Paso and find expert movers by using iMoving’s services!


Here are some reasons as to why iMoving is the best choice for your moving needs:


  • Years of experience in the moving industry
  • Fairly priced and accurate quotations eliminate the guesswork and hidden charges
  • Both local and long-distance moving companies for El Paso, TX moves in our network
  • Expert El Paso movers – only the best pass our rigorous vetting process and qualify as an iMoving partner
  • Live support available to answer any of your questions, at any time


Always choose a mover that gives you a complete and accurate quotation before the move. There are plenty of horror stories of people who get hit with hidden charges from movers after the job is done but have no choice but to pay the additional fees. Have peace of mind with iMoving’s network of highly-qualified interstate or local El Paso movers and our accurate quote tools. No more guessing or ridiculous surcharges, just professional movers with respect for their customers!


What places iMoving at the head of the pack is our strict policies and requirements when it comes to choosing the professional movers that get added to our network of available movers. Once added to the network, our movers maintain their quality through a performance rating system. Not only that, but we have movers available in almost every state which adds to the convenience of using iMoving’s services.


Moving Services in El Paso, TX


  • Short distance or local moving: Never underestimate the use of a good, professional mover even if you are just moving to the other side of the city! Make your move as fast and hitch-free as possible by hiring experienced movers in your area.


  • Long distance or interstate moving: This type of move involves passing the borders of two or more states, independent of the distance. Compared to local movers, those who perform this type of moving service are required by law to have a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


  • Commercial moving: Compared to residential moves, commercial moving has its own, unique set of requirements. In contrast to moving into your own home or apartment, moving into a commercial office space requires proper timing and quick transfer of items as to not disrupt normal business hours or reduce productivity — because of course, time is money!


Useful Tips for a Successful Move


  1. Do your research


This includes doing your research on your movers and the place you are planning on moving to. Read reviews of your professional movers and ask all the questions you need to avoid any unexpected problems. Knowing what to expect when you arrive at your new home will help ease any anxieties about moving, and you can even plan where to have your first meal with your family once you arrive!


  1. Settle your balances


After finding a new place to move to, you may be excited for the fresh start and newest chapter in your life. However, in order to have a truly blank slate, it’s important that you settle all your balances and conflicts that you have at the moment. Be sure to legally change your address, update contact numbers, and pay all outstanding balances to avoid things getting lost in the mail or being charged late fees.


  1. Quality is key


Never settle for less! Choosing professional movers who also use quality tools and materials is a sure way to have your items arrive at your new place the same way they left your old one. Strong boxes and protective wraps are essential for a safe move.


  1. Keep inventory lists


Create an inventory list for each room as you pack. Label them thoroughly with info such as which room it came from, who owns the items, and all the items that were placed inside. After a long, tiring move, the last thing you’re going to want to do is dig through a mountain of taped up boxes that look exactly the same.


  1. Communication is key


Communication between your family members, movers, and point person at your moving destination is essential for a coordinated and comfortable move. Lapses of communication can result in unwanted stress and headaches, which are definitely something you don’t want to be carrying to your new home.


What to Expect When Moving to El Paso, TX


El Paso is a fairly well-known place in Texas, but for those who are unfamiliar here’s what you can look forward to before you make your move:


Affordable homes and relatively low cost of living


Living in El Paso can save you a lot of cash when it comes to buying a home and raising a family. The cost of living here is well below the national average, as well as the cost of housing. The national average cost of housing is more than $220,000, while in El Paso the average cost of a home is $150,000. This is a great option for first-time home buyers and small families.


Sunny skies for most of the year


Here in El Paso, you can still experience all four seasons, however, like a Southwestern state, the temperatures can be moderately high in the summer while snowy winters are less of an occurrence. Although it rains in El Paso, the annual rainfall is typically below 10 inches. For comparison, the average annual rainfall in Washington state is about 38 inches!


The sunny days in El Paso are great, but be prepared for windy days and powerful storms too. Sand storms are not uncommon and severe thunderstorms with hail are fairly common. Although there’s less of a risk of tornadoes here when compared to the rest of Texas, they do still occur.


The saying that “everything is bigger in Texas!” is absolutely true. Not only is Texas one of the biggest states in terms of area, but many things from pastimes, personalities, and proportions are also larger than life most of the time. Visit some local El Paso steak and rib joints, and you’ll definitely see that bigger is better!



What to sell before you move | iMoving

If you are preparing to change houses, it is important to immediately go through your belongings in order to determine which of the properties to keep and which ones to let go. Instead of throwing away your belongings, selling them is a better way to let go of them. Moving into a new home provides the opportunity to build a new life for yourself and set your old life in a different view. One way to achieve this new feeling of life is by selling your old properties and personal possessions that are outdated, and getting new items to replace them.


Why it is a good idea to sell some items before moving


  • Packing up some old properties can be tiring and time-intensive, so selling off some items will save you a lot of time and effort required to move with your belongings.
  • Selling out some items will help you save a lot of money while moving as it would not be necessary to hire a company service or vehicle to relocate and transport your property. You won’t also have to spend any money on packaging and on moving insurance.
  • Selling some of your belongings gives you more cash, and you will in effect be able to afford to get new items for your new place with no financial stress.
  • You can start afresh with whole new setup, different from your old home and exclusively fill your new place with those items you like.


Therefore, it is really important to sell some old stuff before you move to give way for fascinating new items and so many other benefits. It is of the essence, however, to have a better idea of the items you must sell before you move.


  1. Big and bulky furniture


Getting overly attached to your material belongings is never a good thing, and large, bulky furniture is not an exception. You should stick with those pieces of furniture that are valued family possessions, passed on through the generations or other priceless antiques. Any other old furniture that can simply be replaced by a newer one should be sold before you move and as it were, it will prove a more economical choice to sell them rather than pay for packing and shipping to your new home.


  1. Old books or books you don’t really love


When it comes to books, people rarely go over those books they have already finished reading, unless with some exceptions where you must really love or value those books and the contents. So you can sell out books you have already read and finished enjoying someone who can enjoy it as well. Likewise, you can do the same thing for children's storybooks or reference materials from college. By selling these books, you set them free, put them to good use, prevent them from taking up space in your new place, and also get some cash out of them.


  1. Kitchen supplies and appliances you barely use


If there is still a lot of kitchen supplies in your cupboard, it will be a good idea to sell to your neighbors before you move. In many cases, people who move are not allowed to transport items such as cleaning detergent and other chemicals, so packing up such items can prove to be a waste of your time. Other fragile items such as plates and others which are of no special value can be sold.


Most of the appliances you own maybe things you craved for years ago, such as your microwave oven; but it is important to face the reality that they have lived their stay. Sell these appliances to someone who might actually need it or have a use for it and get some money out of those items as well. It also gives you an opportunity to get new and modern supplies and appliances for the kitchen in your new apartment.


  1. Old gadgets and appliances


Is there an old VCR in your old home and do you really need to continue hanging on to that appliance? Such are the questions you should ask yourself before moving to your new place when it comes to choosing the appliances or gadgets to move with. Old television sets or others like your washing machine are items you really need to consider selling before you move. As technology evolves, so do these appliances so selling them might give you a lift with some extra cash and avail you the chance to purchase and own newer and improved versions in your new home.


  1. Items which will not fit into your new home


Before you move, be sure that you get proper measurements such as the height and width of each room in your new apartment, then look through your property and figure out if they will measure or fit into the spaces in your new home. After this is done, it will be unnecessary to move with items that will clearly not fit into the spaces in your new place, so selling off those misfits will be a good idea.


  1. Outgrown items


These can range from clothes or shoes which have become smaller, don’t fit again or which you do not feel confident in anymore to kids toys and other collections. There is no reason to have a “what if” attitude towards these items because they will still add up as unnecessary extra luggage when you are moving or as crap in the wardrobe or rooms in your new home. Sell those clothes or shoes off and let someone else who will appreciate and love them just how they are, wear the items.


Giving up the toys or stuffed animals of kids can be challenging, thus keeping a few of these items can be allowed, but the others that are of less importance or too old should be sold before you move to avoid wasting useful space in your new home with some needless items which could have been used to make other children happy, and as well as to make some cash.

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What to Sell Before You Move

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    The best indication of the effectiveness and efficiency of a moving company is in their reviews. It is indeed true that out of the mouth of two or more witnesses the truth is established. This is why one very reliable way of identifying the best moving companies in New York is through reviews. What do people have to say about their services? If there is a complaint of missing property, insubordination by staff, poor customer care, poor service rendered, poor organization and logistics, etc? All these are red flags that should not be ignored because the last thing you will want on the day you are relocating is a shoddy moving company messing everything up for you on an already busy day. The quality ratings or scores should also be put into a proper perspective by the client. If their quality rating is low then they shouldn’t be saddled with the task of moving your valuables. 


    In business, money is perhaps the most important variable. There are many moving companies and they don’t all charge the same rates. It is important to discuss and finalize everything relating to their charges before moving on with the relocation. Transparency ought to be a key attribute of every business entity but sadly, this cannot be said to be the case in every business setup. Some moving companies might have extra charges they wouldn’t make you aware of until you have reached your destination and then they refuse to unpack until you pay the extra charges, therefore, boxing you to a corner! Ensure that every single aspect of their charges is itemized clearly before going on with the deal. 


    New York is not just densely populated, it is also expansive. There are some moving companies with specific areas they serve. Hence, you must not just assume every moving company within the geographical location of New York automatically plies every neighborhood and suburbs within the city. You must find out and ensure to confirm from the moving company just to be sure. There are other questions that need to be clarified and these include; the duration of the move, cancellation policy if any, restrictions if any on what can be moved by the company, will there be another party involved in the move, etc.


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  • How to Avoid Falling Victim to Fraudulent Movers
    Before Your Move

    More than 35 million people are predicted to move in 2018.  A jaw-dropping number of those who are relocating will find themselves victims of moving scams, with thousands of dollars in losses.  Below you’ll find tips to help you avoid being taken for prey by fraudulent moving companies.


    Moving scams range from the moving company flat out taking off with the load, never to be seen again to holding the customer’s belongings hostage until a ransom is paid.  Others trump up fictional charges that supposedly occurred unexpectedly and refuse to let go of the goods until the customer pays additional fees.  


    The Moving Scam Epidemic


    It’s important to note why the moving scam problem is so out of hand that it is being called an epidemic by experts in the field.  First and foremost is the red-tape issue.  Crimes occurring within one particular state are within the state’s jurisdiction while a crime that goes across state lines is in the hands of the federal government.  The fact of the matter is that neither have the resources delegated to investigate and prosecute properly.  Therefore, the majority of the moving scam artists get by with their criminal deeds.  And...they are fully aware of that.


    How Can You Avoid Moving Scams?


    Here are some suggestions to heed when choosing a moving company:

    • Screen companies thoroughly.  Don’t trust what a single company says about themselves on their site.  Many unsuspecting victims have just taken a company at its word that they are on the up-and-up.  Using a third party site that offers unbiased screening is always wise.


    • Be sure the moving company is licensed and bonded.  It takes time to validate credentials but it is well worth the trouble.  Most victims of moving scams admit that they did not verify credentials.  If you don’t have the time to fully validate the licenses of a company, a third party moving company will do that for you.  They partner with moving companies and verify each moving company’s credentials since their reputation is at stake should they recommend a fraudulent one.


    • Check out the moving company’s reviews.  What other customers say about a company goes a long way.  It isn’t unheard of for moving companies to have fake reviews written for their site, so again, a third party moving service is your best bet.


    • Watch for signs of integrity or the lack of it.  Being courteous, friendly, reliable, respectful and professional are traits that the staff of a great moving company should possess.  Honest pricing is a good sign too.  Companies with nothing to hide will have no problem being transparent with their customers.  They will answer all questions to the best of their ability and understand your concerns rather than being aggravated by them.


    Make You Move a Great One


    Moving is exciting.  Adventures and new beginnings await.  It can be stressful too and for some, it can be a total nightmare.  Avoid getting caught off guard in a moving scam by taking the tips above to heart so your next move can be a great one.

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