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We created iMoving to help you avoid unexpected pricing increases and less-than-reliable moving companies. iMoving helps individuals, families, and businesses all around the United States find top-quality local movers that get the job done efficiently. All the movers listed on our website are fully licensed and insured, so there’s no need to worry about anything happening to your valuables.


Every single moving company that we present to you has been put through our intensive interview process to assure they are the right fit for you and others looking for Houston movers. We do not accept companies with bad reviews or companies that have been moving for less than 2 years. These stipulations help us make sure you are connected to the most experienced Houston moving companies possible.


Our service is extremely easy, setting up an account takes only a minute. All you have to do is enter your moving details – that’s it. Once you press enter, you will be shown the top moving companies in Houston that fit your specific requirements. From here you can compare prices and services to choose the best mover for your relocation project.


Contact our support staff at any time if you have any questions about the website or any of our services.


Moving Services in Houston


Every person faces different challenges during the relocation process. These obstacles can make your move to Houston take much longer than you previously anticipated. Packing everything, organizing, labeling, and storing things can become a laborious chore that takes more time than it is worth. If you may have trouble getting everything together, there is no shame in leaving it to professional movers.


Houston moving companies have different services available to take the stress off of you and your friends and family as well as any coworkers caught in the shuffle. iMoving lets you compare not only the prices of movers but also the extra services they offer. Consider your problem areas and look into the service options available from many Houston movers.


Long-Distance Moving: Long-distance moves are any move that requires the crossing of state lines. Even if two destinations are less than an hour away from each other if a state line is crossed it is considered long-distance and the moving company should be registered with the FMCSA to avoid infractions.


Local Moving: A local move is any relocation within state boundaries. Each state has different laws that must be complied with, so it is important to make sure your mover is compliant with the laws of Houston. Every mover should have a valid TxDot number if they are legitimate.


Boxes & Supplies: A lot of Houston moving companies supply boxes as well as other supplies that are needed to move items properly. This can include packing tape, peanuts, Styrofoam, and other items to aid in materials reaching their destination safely. Your previous items will have everything they need to survive the move to Texas.


Packing Services: Moving companies in Houston may also provide packing services, in which they pack the items in your home with great efficiency and care. Some moving projects require professional help, and there is no better professional than a mover to pack your things away securely.


Business Services: If you own a commercial business moving becomes more complicated. iMoving finds moving companies that specialize in commercial moves, whether you own a restaurant or a bookstore. Office moves are no problem as well, so get on over to iMoving and find a Houston moving company for your business relocation.


Storage: If there is an unexpected snag in your plans, some movers can help you get through the moving period by providing you with temporary storage. Storing your items through their channels simplifies the process by eliminating steps you would have to take to set up your own storage plan.


What to Consider Before Hiring a Moving Company in Houston


Not every moving company is to be trusted with your valuables. When you relocate, you are putting years of valuables in the hands of people that have the job of getting your items to their destination safely. When this is the case, it’s important to make sure the people in possession of your household items are reputable and reliable.


iMoving makes it easy to find trustworthy movers. We do our best to make sure that every mover we partner with has more than 2 years of moving experience, are properly licensed and credentialed, have positive customer reviews, and our team interviews them to make sure they fit in with the mission of iMoving. However, even with all our safeguards, it is imperative that you take precautions and make sure you are dealing with the best moving company.


Look at the satisfaction of previous customers


If you can find out what people they have previously worked with, you can find information on how they function as a company. This is a good chance to learn about any price differences, bad experiences, and other issues people have had when dealing with the Houston moving company you are looking into.


Check their reviews on the internet


The internet is good for a lot these days, and that includes finding out how well a business does when they perform their duties. It can also tell you if a company is to be trusted by the authenticity of their comments. If they are too positive, then they may be either paid comments or they may be written by the employees of the company. If they are too negative, then the company must not do a good job at their duties and should be avoided.


Look at their current license and insurance


Every Houston mover must be registered with the Department of Transportation. This means that each truck has a unique registration number called a TxDot number. This is the main indicator that a moving company in Houston has all the necessary licenses, insurance, and requirements to work legally in the state of Texas. If you are moving across state lines, your moving company should be registered with the FMCSA as well.


Find an experienced moving company


There is a good reason iMoving only works with moving companies that have been in the business for more than 2 years. Inexperienced movers may cause more damage to items than experienced companies, leaving you with a heavier price tag on your move than you originally anticipated. Newer moving companies may also not have the equipment necessary to move fragile or overweight items like statues or pool tables and metal safes.


You need a moving company that will take good care of your items and moves them from one destination to another with swiftness and efficiency. This is why it is important to do some research on your own when comparing moving companies to find the perfect one for your residential or commercial needs. You must look at their previous clients, check their internet reviews, make sure they are licensed and registered with the appropriate authorities, and they should be experienced enough to handle your move.


Moving Company FAQs


If you do not know much about choosing a moving company, you may have some questions. A lot of information is presented about companies and the various benefits they offer, but how do you know which one to pick? How do you know what items you can move safely and what you should move on your own?


iMoving is here to help by providing the answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked about Houston movers.


1. How do I know a moving company is legitimate?


Every moving company in Houston is required to have a valid TxDot number on their truck. If you do not see this, be wary of the company and do not use their services. This number verifies that they are registered with the Department of Transportation and have all the necessary licenses and insurance.


2. What items count as overweight items?


Overweight items are considered any item over 300 pounds. These items must be lifted with special care or with the help of specific tools and machinery. If you have heavy items that need to be moved, make sure you specify this and choose a Houston moving company that is capable of transporting the item.


3. How much will I end up paying altogether?


The price you see listed on your quote is the entire price your moving services will come out to if you do not add extra services. Final quotes are fixed, meaning you will not get a surprising number when your moving company arrives. Quotes include mileage, trip charges, hourly fees, and any other expenses that will be covered.


4. What should I do if I can’t get my belongings?


If you have used a mover that has held your belongings hostage, it is wise to contact the police or another proper authority. Unreliable movers may try to get you to pay more than the original price before they release your items to you. This is an unlawful practice and should be reported. None of the movers on iMoving will hold your items hostage – all fees are listed on our website and our movers are reputable.


5. Should I sign something before a company transports my possessions?


Yes. Before hiring a moving company, it is important to get everything in writing. A contract should be drawn up, reviewed, and signed before any household or office item is put onto a truck. A signed copy of the contract should be kept in your possession, along with any other documents you have received from the movers. This is to keep your items safe and out of the hands of thieves and untrustworthy moving companies.


6. Are there items I can’t put on the moving truck?


There are some restrictions on the items that are allowed in the back of a moving truck. Each state and company has different policies concerning these items, so it is good to consult with them before a move. Water beds are typically not allowed on trucks unless they are completely drained. Live plants and animals are also not allowed on moving trucks.


Best Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Next Move


Moving puts a strain on the pocket already, but that doesn’t include any extra expenses that may occur due to rushing or improper preparation for a move. iMoving has a mission to make your move as easy and cost-effective as possible, so you can celebrate your new home or commercial business space properly. We have listed some tips and tricks to help you save some extra coins during your move to Houston.


Create a budget. Budgeting is a surefire way to stay on top of your funds and make sure you don’t overspend during the moving process. Without a budget, prices can add up quickly and money can blow away in the wind. Make a list of everything you need to take care of or purchase and stick to it.


Declutter your home. Don’t wait until the moving truck gets there to realize you have way too much stuff. Donate items to charity or have a garage sale and get rid of them while making some of your money back. If any item that you don’t want cannot be donated, either give it away or recycle it.


Move during the off-season. Many people do not know there is a season for moving, but it exists, and it is from May to September. If it is possible, schedule your move sometime after September and before May to decrease the price of your move by more than 20 percent.


Find free boxes at stores. There’s no need to pay a moving company to give you boxes, nor is there any reason to purchase brand-new boxes just for moving to Houston. Your local stores often have boxes laying around that they don’t mind giving to you. Browse the local shops, restaurants, and schools to find free moving boxes for the big journey.


Pack everything yourself. Either that, or you can get friends and family to swing by and help you pack away your valuables. A couple of pizzas and some sodas cost much less than hiring a service to organize your items and box them away. Packing your own household items can save you more than a hundred dollars.


Purchase moving insurance. Your moving company already has liability insurance to cover damage to your items, but there is a chance something could go wrong and something is not covered. To prepare for that, it is recommended to get supplemental moving insurance and keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible.


Figure out your tax options. In some qualifying cases, it is possible to claim moving expenses on your taxes. This is a way to regain some of the money that was lost during the move. If you find that you are able to claim the move on your taxes, you could receive a chunk of it back to make up for some lost assets.


iMoving helps keep the price of moving from fluctuating, but you can keep your expenses even lower by using these money-saving tips during your move to Houston. These can save you hundreds of dollars and keep your bank account from dipping into the red.


To Summarize Everything You’ve Learned


Moving is a process, but iMoving makes everything much simpler by connecting you to the best moving companies in Houston. Whether you have a home or business, we have movers to get you relocated and settled into the Houston area. Never use a moving company if they do not seem reputable, or if they are missing the TxDot number on their vehicle. Some items may be restricted on the moving truck, so check in advance what items your specific company does not allow during transport. You can save a ton of money by doing some of the moving tasks yourself or employing the help of friends, like moving heavy pieces of furniture.