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You should never have to sit around and worry about how your move is going to go. It should be able to go just fine for you, because you should be working with only the best local or cross country moving companies around when you have decided to begin making concrete plans to get your move to Sugar Land in the Lone Star State of Texas underway.


While we all know moving can be a hassle, and can often put a ton of stress on folks, you may not know that there are easier ways for you to get your move handled. This is where your friends at iMoving come in to help.


We at iMoving have worked hard to build a nationwide platform featuring some of the best moving companies you can find anywhere in the moving industry.


All of the companies we work with have come to us highly recommended by customers they have worked with in the past.


We have verified that each of the long-distance and local moving companies in our network are kind and courteous to their customers, as well as offering a host of moving services to their customers to make moving with them as convenient and pain-free as it can possibly be.


Working with the best movers around, that’s what you get when you decide to work with a moving company in the iMoving network.


Moving Services in Sugar Land, Texas


When moving, it is usually not a good idea to try to take everything on by yourself. When it comes to things like moving heavy appliances if you’re renting a truck or even trying to find a place to store your things when you’re trying to sell your current home, you will find that most of our iMoving partner companies have you covered.


  • Storage Solutions: Trying to stage your home for a sale can be tough when there are still your personal belongings inside of it. Plan your move and keep your things safe by using storage solutions provided by many of our moving partners.


  • Commercial Moving Services: Moving services aren’t just for people moving to a new home! If you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your business into a new city, our partners’ commercial moving services are perfect for getting all of your business assets and equipment safely from your old office to the new one.


  • Long Distance Moving: Long distance moving companies require some special licensing to be able to operate within the law when moving people and their things across state lines. Move with confidence using iMoving partner cross country movers, as our long distance moving partners are all certified and licensed by USDOT to take you to any state in the US.


  • Loading and Unloading: Moving heavy appliances and equipment into the moving truck can be arguably the toughest part of any DIY move. If you’re planning on getting a moving truck rental, don’t worry about putting heavy strain on your body, simply hire moving labor and let them handle it for you.


  • Local Moving: Moving somewhere close by within the state of Texas? Affordable and courteous local moving companies have your move handled. Although if you’re moving further than 50 miles or so within Texas, check with the local movers first. Local moving companies usually limit the distance within which they work.


What Can You Do to Make Your Move Even Easier?


You might not think about it, but by taking advantage of a few simple tips that you might not have considered before, you can make your move quite a bit simpler. We think everyone should be able to move with ease and with no hassles, and so we provide a few handy tips and tools for you.


Itemize what you’re taking and what you’re getting rid of


Itemizing your stuff is a great and effective way to get a good idea of everything you have, what you want to bring with you for sure, and what you could stand to let go. You can use our handy printable moving checklist to help you with this.


Don’t wait until the last second to start on packing


While it might be tempting to put off packing because “you can always start on it tomorrow”, don’t let procrastination get the better of you. There would be nothing worse than having to rush around when moving day comes around and risk forgetting about something important simply because you put off packing.


Think about color coordinating your boxes


You can assign different colored labels to different boxes in order to quickly know which room they belong to. For example, a red label could be indicative of your room.


The 411 on Sugar Land, TX


While not the largest city in Texas by any means, there are still plenty of things to love about Sugar Land especially since it’s so close to Houston. You will find that most of the people in this friendly town love calling it home for several reasons, most of all because of the cool things you can find to do in town.


As a quick fun fact, you might not know that the famed country music duo Sugarland hailed from and named their musical act after this town. If you are fan of Sugarland’s country songs, you might enjoy knowing that you are now living where they once wrote some of those very first songs.


Let’s get one of the biggest attractions in the area out of the way first, and that is the massive Houston Funplex, which is an excellent choice for you to take the whole family if you want to have a night of fun for everyone to enjoy.


At the Funplex, you will be able to find a slew of activities for everyone in the family, of all ages, can enjoy. You’ll find a bowling alley, fun rides such as bumper cars, video games, and so many other things to enjoy. Of course, when you get to feeling the munchies while you’re having fun, you can always visit the concession stand.


Want to check out what life on the ranch is like? Get educated by heading over to the George Ranch Historical Park, where you can learn a little bit about ranch life for Texans of yesteryear.


If you want to keep the learning up, you can also take the family to visit the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center, where they can get hands-on with all kinds of educational exhibits, learning about different topics and having fun at the same time.


When you’re ready to kick back in nature, you can visit the Cullinan Park where you can see the birds coming in and going out, and also go fishing in the lakes if you would like to try your hand at catching something. This is a picture-perfect piece of land, practically begging you to take out your camera and snap a few photographs of the land.


Does any of this sound like a great time to you? This is just a small sample of some of the fun awaiting you in your new home in Sugar Land. Once you’re all settled in, you will be able to truly discover the rest of what you can enjoy checking out in your new town.