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Are you planning a move to the fun town of Orange, TX? Are you looking for a great moving company that will make sure you are set up for success with your moving efforts? When you are in the process of moving, you need a moving company that has your back. Your friends at iMoving have built a network of only the best and most trusted moving companies in Orange, TX. We want your move to be an effortless endeavor, not something that causes you unnecessary problems.


All of the moving companies in the iMoving network have been rigorously background tested and proven to be trustworthy and reliable. They will treat all your possessions, and most importantly you, with the respect and dignity you deserve.


Here at iMoving, we strongly believe that all customers should have a courteous and kind moving company helping them out to make their move the best that it can be. All of our Orange, TX local and long-distance moving companies are fully licensed and certified, BBB approved and are spoken highly of by previous customers – we make sure of it!


Why spend all that time researching moving companies when you can use the simple tools here at to get estimates from movers you know are qualified?


With the knowledge that your moving company is well-known and trusted, you can rest assured that your things will be safe.


Moving Services in Orange, TX


We have selected only the best moving companies in Orange, TX for your move to be as easy and stress-free for you as possible. They can help pack up your stuff and move it across town or across the state, whatever your needs may be.


  • Full Packing Options: We know that packing up your entire house can be a stressful and time-intensive process. Many of our moving companies offer packing options for your whole house, saving you the hassle so you can focus on taking care of other things.


  • Storage: Have some items that you’d rather not have to worry about during the move and looking to store them someplace safe? Many of the companies in the iMoving network offer climate-controlled storage facilities for your belongings to stay, either before or after your move is complete.


  • Local and Long Distance Moving: Many states have special requirements and licensing needed for hauling long distance. iMoving’s moving companies are all properly licensed and qualified to help you move over to the next state, or even across the country.


  • Commercial Moving: Are you an entrepreneur looking to relocate to a new place? Several of our movers offer commercial moving services to help you relocate your business efficiently and quickly, saving you the time and letting you focus on your other business needs.


  • Special Handling: We all have some special items. Large furniture, family heirlooms, antiques, whatever the case may be, our moving companies offer special handling for your unique items that may require special treatment or handling.


Expert Moving Tips to Make Your Move Easier


Moving can be a hard process, but it can also be exciting to know you’re about to be at your new home very soon. You can make your move even simpler and more efficient with these tips to help you move like a pro.


  • Use newspapers for your breakables. Wrap up your breakable items in a few layers of newspaper to keep them extra protected when you pack them away. This can give you peace of mind when packing anything fragile.


  • Pack your hanging clothes together in trash bags. You don’t even have to take them off the hanger! Just take the hanging clothes already in your closet and group them together using trash bags. When you get to your new home, you can hang them right back up in your new closet.


  • Pack room by room. Packing up room by room allows you to keep inventory easier, and also makes things much simpler when you get to your new location. You won’t have to worry about items being mixed together and sorting through everything when unpacking later.


Explore All That Orange, TX Has to Offer


If you’re moving to Orange, TX, you’re sure to be wondering all the fun things that are going to be open for you and your family to explore when you get here. Orange is a nice Texas town packed to the brim with natural attractions, down-home restaurants, and a myriad of local businesses and shops.


Are you into gardens and nature? You will love the Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, a sprawling 252 acre garden with hundreds of different plants and birds for your viewing pleasure. This beautiful botanical garden has been around since 1942.


Are you into anything of historical significance? The Stark Museum of Art offers visitors exhibits of classic art, stories of Native American and some of the history of the old American West. The W.H Stark House is a Queen Anne styled home originally built in the 1890s and restored to its former glory, full of antiques and giving visitors tours of this historic old home.


Looking for a bite to eat in Orange? Lovers of delicious barbecue will love JB’s Barbecue Restaurant, with a huge menu of barbecue classics like ribs, wings, and more. Spanky’s Bar and Grill offers a sports bar style environment with TVs for watching sports games with your friends, a menu of American classics and Tex Mex, and some good beer on tap.


In the mood for a yummy steak? Robert’s Meat Market and Steakhouse have you covered. Flame-broiled goodness awaits in this delicious restaurant, serving up steak any way you like it cooked, from rare to well done. It even has an attached meat market so you can grab slabs of meat to take home and cook up for the whole family. Lovers of Mexican food will find themselves right at home at Guadalajara Restaurant, with many authentic and classic Mexican plates on the menu along with a variety of great drinks.


Instead of worrying about how to get all your possessions moved safely to Orange, use iMoving. You can be confident choosing any mover in our network, and rather than stressing out you can think of all the great new things to do and see in Orange.