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No one wants to make things harder than they should be. This applies to moving as well, and since moving can be a difficult process, it makes sense to stack the deck in your favor. So, before you pack your first box, it’ll be worth it to work with iMoving to facilitate your move. Our company will be able to connect you with the ideal Lubbock moving company and help you manage the larger and smaller details of moving.


Whether you need long-distance Lubbock movers, or just someone to move you locally, the movers we have in our network are qualified for the job. We only connect our customers with the best local moving companies in Lubbock, those who are not only peer-reviewed by customers but also meet iMoving’s high standards.


Our robust vetting process checks to make sure that participating in our network promotes excellence, transparency, respect, and timeliness. If any mover iMoving partners with does not meet and exceed these standards, they are removed. This way, you only get the best Lubbock movers to work with you - ones who are committed to your success and the specifics of getting your move right.


Once you are matched with a mover and have started the moving process, you’ll be able to take advantage of our unique pricing tools. The Lubbock moving companies in our network promote honest pricing, and iMoving makes sure you will never be surprised by hidden fees or sudden cost changes. You only pay once the job is done and you are happy with the result.


Moving Services in Lubbock, TX


A small sampling of some of the services offered by our partner moving companies includes:


  • Commercial Moving: When it comes time to move the contents of an office from one place to another, it requires a different set of skills than moving household items. Everything from the packing to the organization of the boxes has key differences from a residential move. For business relocations, you need people who are experts to move your office equipment.


  • Storage: It’s not the same as throwing your stuff in a storage unit and leaving it there, but storage does have some use during a move. Using storage can help if your home isn’t quite ready for your arrival, or if you need to take your time and get ahead of packing panics.


  • Long-Distance Moving: If you need to move from state to state, long-distance moving is the option you want. Interstate or cross-country moves can be challenging for a moving company that usually focuses on local moves. Look for one of our iMoving partners that have the equipment and knowledge to carry out a long-distance move.


Preparing to Start Your Move


Getting started with the move is often the hardest part, but using the old adage of “beginning with the end in mind” can certainly help you out. So, with that in mind, ask yourself a few questions. Is the space larger or smaller? Do you have extra rooms? Does the building have Wi-Fi, water, electricity, and other utilities?


Understanding those questions can help you figure out what can be packed. For example, if your old house has 4 bedrooms and the new house has three, then you’ll need to make some changes. Thinking about what you’ll be keeping and what you’ll be letting go can make packing easier.


Will you have wall space for all your paintings if the new house has more windows? If so, you might need to pick a few paintings that might need to find a new home. Making measurements for both your old and new home will allow you to compare what can fit.


Then you can use those numbers to figure out what goes where and what you won’t need to pack. If your favorite rocking chair isn’t going to fit through the front door, then you’ll need to disassemble it or leave it behind. If your new house won’t have electricity on the day you move in, then make sure to prepare for that.


Bring your own hotspot, make it an electronic free night, or find a place with free internet if you really need to connect with the web. If you have young kids, unpack some mattresses and pillows to make a fort! That’s certainly a fun way to spend the first night in your new home.


Benefits of Moving to Lubbock, TX


Moving to Lubbock Texas is a good decision for anyone as it isn’t super overpopulated like other big cities. If you want a new location feel while also avoiding large crowds, Lubbock might be for you. The cost of living is rather low, with cheap homes and land for newcomers.


The cheap land is only complemented by a low cost of living, and an even lower commute time to get you from home to job and back again. No more freaking out if you aren’t up in time to beat traffic because you’ll still have the short commute time. That fact alone might be enough to convince you to move to the city, just so you can have less stress.


You’ll be able to find several high-paying jobs, and while you work hard during the day, Lubbock’s nightlife is something to look into. There are several clubs, restaurants, bars, and other fun activities to keep you going well into the night. No matter if you like dancing, music, food, or a big party, you’ll find it.


Lubbock also has fairly nice weather, and that weather is only complemented by all the activities that you can do outdoors. Lakes, hiking trails, boats, and bikes are all things you can do during the day. While your inner foodie will be made happy by the wide variety of food that the restaurants offer. From typical bar food to dishes from other cultures, you’ll find a lot to sink your teeth into.


Lubbock is called the hub city for a reason. It’s going to keep growing, allowing you to find a lot of activities and opportunities. So keep an eye out for them as you move to Lubbock and start your new life in the new location!