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Moving to a new home is never as easy as people first expect it to be. Not only will you have to choose a moving company, but you will also need to arrange services needed, get quotes, pack items, clean the home, and more. The entire process can get frustrating and time-consuming rather quickly, but now there’s a solution to help eliminate frustration and make moving easier.


In comes iMoving, a groundbreaking service that helps you find local or cross country moving companies within your budget that provide the services needed to execute your move. At iMoving, we make full use of available technology, screening companies, and allowing users to take advantage of various features designed to get rid of as many moving hassles as possible.


Some of the features that you will find incredibly useful on iMoving include:


  • List Items


Users are able to select items in their inventory and arrange them according to how they see fit. A digital planner makes keeping track of your inventory and moving checklist easy and, in turn, provides moving companies with accurate information they can use to better handle your move.


  • Adjust Moving Details


The ability to change the details of your inventory is also available, allowing customers to make changes even on the scheduled day of their move. Movers and customers are both notified of changes, so every party involved knows what to expect.


  • Personalized Suggestions


No other moving facilitator will provide you with suggestions and reminders for your move based on the items listed in your inventory, but iMoving does. You will be given advice from experts that can be used to making packing your items and transporting them easier.


Moving Services in Midland, TX


Moving companies offer several services that aim to make your move less tiring. When you know what you are looking for, you can better estimate the moving costs and figure out your budget. Common services include:


  • Complete Packing: Packing up the home can seem easy at first, but you’ll soon realize just how much stuff you have. Movers in Midland can pack items precisely, keeping things organized and taking some of the weight off of your shoulders. Packing will also be done more efficiently, keeping items from getting damaged.


  • Local & Long Distance Moves: Transporting items is the main service offered by movers, as items need to be physically relocated. There is a difference between long-distance or cross-country movers and local moving companies, though. Typically you’ll find that local movers work within a state and within 100 miles. Look for interstate or cross country movers if you’re moving across state lines or further than 100 miles.


  • Special Handling: Items that need special handling may vary by household, so it is important to let moves know exactly what items need care. Special handling gives you peace of mind that fragile pieces of furniture or artwork will make it to their destination safely.


  • Commercial Moves: Commercial moves require more planning than residential moves and a different set of skills and equipment. You’ll find skilled business relocation experts on iMoving with years of commercial moving experience.


Tips for Moving with Ease


1. Leave Clothing in Drawers


You may think that emptying out your clothing from dressers is a good idea, but you could make the process of packing much easier by simply leaving items in drawers and removing drawers themselves from dressers. Secure the items using plastic wrap so that they do not escape the dresser, and you’re good to go. The dresser may also need to be secured, but movers can handle this step.


2. Use Pots for Storage


Your pots don’t have to simply be tossed in a box and left until movers arrive – you can get used out of them while packing. Use pots to hold smaller items from your kitchens, such as spices, kitchen tools, and more. You can also use large pots and containers with sealed tops to hold items, saving you space while packing and keeping your kitchen items together.


3. Wrap Plastic Around Spillable Bottles


If you’ve ever gone on a trip and packed lotion or some other spillable item in your bag, you are likely familiar with what happens when bumps and pressure occur – a mess. To keep messes to the bare minimum, use plastic wrap to keep spillable items from, well, spilling. Use a thin piece of plastic to cover the lids of shampoo bottles, soaps, cleaning supplies, skincare products, and other belongings.


4. Color Code While Packing


Color coding can be an excellent way to stay on top of the boxes you pack and keep items from certain rooms close together. Assign each room a different color and use stickers or markers to label boxes, keeping them organized. You’ll be able to find items more easily and can also pack in a more efficient manner.


All About Moving to Midland, TX


Midland is going through a bit of a population boom as people around the United States explore this city nestled in the great state of Texas. When you’re new to the city, you may have a bit of trouble getting used to how things are at first. However, there is nothing you won’t love about this beautiful part of the country.


Jobs Are Everywhere


Pretty much wherever you go, you will see a sign stating that the establishment is hiring. Midland is an ideal place for young professionals looking to get their start in a new are and begin moving towards establishing their careers. These jobs can be a good way to pass the time and get to know others, allowing you to become familiar with Midland.


Supply can be Limited


If you’re from a big city, where everything is always available, you’ll have to get used to Midland. Restaurants sometimes run out of food items, which can leave you craving your favorite meal and being slightly disappointed. You’ll get used to this uncertainty and may begin learning how to craft your own delicious favorites at home.


Roads Flooding


When it’s raining, oftentimes your best bet may simply be to stay indoors. If you need to go outdoors, leave your car in the driveway – the roads flood quite easily. You can try to avoid certain roads, but there is really no escaping the roadway’s tendency to accumulate excessive amounts of water during rainfall.


People Are Compassionate


You may no longer be used to individuals helping others out simply because they want to be nice and extend a hand in a time of need. Midland will challenge the notion to call for emergency help whenever you have a problem, as passersby and people in the area are more likely than not to offer a helping hand and assist you when you need it the most.


iMoving is here to offer a helping hand, too. Use iMoving to make your Midland move go as smoothly as possible.