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Moving to Texas


As they say, everything is bigger in Texas and when planning to move to the Lone Star state, it’s definitely a big deal. There will be lots to consider before making the move but it doesn’t have to be overly stressful. Hiring movers in Texas can be made easier by using iMoving. Here are a few other things to consider when planning a move to Texas. 

Be ready for various kinds of weather

Yes, everything is bigger in Texas, including the state itself. It covers the largest area of all the 48 continental United States which means that the climate is going to really vary. In the Gulf Coast area, it’s going to be a lot more humid whereas in the west you’ll start to have a drier, more arid climate. But temperatures are usually quite warm which means moving in the middle of the day probably won’t be the best idea. 

Texans experience a full range of extreme weather conditions; from hurricanes to tornadoes to droughts. In fact, the state usually ranks at or near the top for number of tornadoes a year, but given the size of the state, the risk is spread out. Tornadoes are most likely to occur from March through May. Torrential rainstorms with damaging hail and lighting can occur regardless of the time of year. 

Taxes vary from city to city

While Texas draws in new residents because the cost of real estate is relatively low and there aren’t income taxes, different cities and counties do have taxes that can add up quickly. iMoving can assist you in finding the best movers near me for the best prices. And if you’re finding that some areas have more expensive prices, it’s probably because of these differences in county or municipal taxes. 

Dallas and Houston are notorious for traffic

In some of the larger Texas cities, traffic jams can be a huge issue. When scheduling with movers in Texas, be sure to avoid rush hours and you’ll be able to get everything done much more efficiently

Dealing with the Texas DMV

Texas Moving companies need to be registered and all the movers in our iMoving network have been screened to ensure that they’re licensed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. It never hurts to double-check, though, when talking with prospective movers.

It’s also necessary to change your address within a week of moving to Texas, driver’s licenses should be updated within 90 days, and then you’ll be able to register to vote and register your vehicle which is able to be conveniently taken care of online. 

iMoving can help you move to Texas

Before deciding on which moving companies in Texas will be best for your specific needs, iMoving gives you side-by-side comparisons of prices, locations, and all the other services you’ll get with each company available. It takes all the guesswork out of making the best choice as you plan a move to Texas.