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Last Updated: 04/22/2024

If you can afford to live in Concord, you can afford to hire pro movers. Fortunately, we won’t break the bank. Use iMoving to shop, compare, and book the best movers in Concord.

iMoving: Moving Concord

The Best Movers in concord Working with iMoving

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, use iMoving to find the best movers in the Bay and beyond. Our marketplace has over 1000 vetted and verified movers, and we make it easier than ever to book your Concord movers without leaving your phone or laptop.

Since our platform is entirely online, we go the extra mile to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

We carefully review customer feedback, safety records, and licensing and certification info for every mover in our network. We even go undercover and do some secret shopping to keep our carriers honest.

With over 30 years of industry experience under our belts, iMoving knows how to make a move easier. No more annoying phone interviews or intrusive house calls: We’re the only place that lets you shop and book movers, entirely online. Tell us more about your move, and let’s get you packed.

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iMoving is the go-to choice for Concord moving. Here are some recent moves to prove it:

Our Top Concord Movers

As of April 2024

iMoving selects movers based on their professionalism, customer satisfaction, and moving expertise.

Here are our top picks for Concord moving:

Concord Moving Services Are a Click Away

Every move is different. Whether it’s a home, office, or just a few items of heavy furniture, iMoving provides a whole menu of must-have services for moving in and out of Concord:

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Residential Moving

Need help moving house? Let our network of residential movers in Concord handle the heavy lifting.

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Commercial Moving

iMoving’s commercial movers specialize in office and business relocations, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption.

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Long-Distance Moving

Across the state line or across the country, iMoving can connect you with the best long distance movers in Concord.

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Local Moving

If you’re just moving across town, we’ve got you covered. iMoving’s local movers make Concord relocations a breeze.

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Packing and Unpacking

If you're allergic to packing peanuts, we get it. Use iMoving and book packing services you can trust in Concord.

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There's a lot of options for storage in Concord, but we know who's #1. Book with iMoving to shop and compare online.

Concord Moving Tips

Whether you’re heading to Concord or just doing some daydreaming, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these moving day hacks to keep things easy and efficient.


We pride ourselves on our broad range of services, and that includes packing and unpacking. When you search for a Concord mover with iMoving, you’re getting access to over 1000 verified movers, and all the bubble wrap and boxes you’ll ever need.

If you’re looking for premium movers, we’ve got them. iMoving has a huge network of moving specialists who can handle anything from your motorcycle to your Monet. Use our marketplace and search for premium moving specialists to get that extra TLC.

In the moving industry, there are three types of estimates: binding, non-binding, and non-binding, not-too-exceed. When you get a binding estimate, it means you’re getting a flat rate. The amount on your quote is the amount you’ll pay. Binding estimates are a good sign you’re dealing with a reputable mover. Non-binding estimates can be adjusted before, during and after a move, but non-binding, not-to-exceed estimates can only be adjusted downwards from your initial price.

We recommend tipping between 15% and 20% of the total cost of the move, to be divided up between your entire moving team. Don't forget the driver, either! In the moving industry, tipping is usually accepted and expected. While there are some rare companies that don't accept a gratuity, it's a good idea to have your wallet at the ready just in case.

A Concord move can cost you anywhere from $220 to $7900 and beyond. It all comes down to how much you’re moving, and how far you’re traveling. Keep in mind, local movers charge per mover, per hour (with about 2 movers per room), and long distance movers charge by weight (or volume) and miles.