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Last Updated: 07/23/2024

I might be biased, but I really believe that Costa Mesa is one of the best places to live in the entire USA. The OC lifestyle is just a few clicks away here at iMoving.

Relocations to Paradise: iMoving

The Best Movers in costamesa Working with iMoving

Costa Mesa moves deserve the respect they demand. You should have access to all the best movers that offer beyond average service and serve your needs. Here at iMoving we created just that, a platform that saves you time and money by allowing you to compare all the top movers in one spot and book them directly online.

We ensure that only the best movers in Costa Mesa make the cut to be a part of our platform. We use secret shopping techniques to triple check what they say is what you get. We verify all their registration records, accident reports, and overall past customer satisfaction before adding them to our platform. This way we ensure honest and great movers.

When you choose to move to Costa Mesa with iMoving, you are automatically part of a moving revolution. You are helping put the bad guys out of business and keep the good ones going.

For your Costa Mesa relocation, you deserve nothing less than the best. When you decide to move with iMoving that is exactly what you will get. Keep it stress free and book today!

Just Booked: Recent Costa Mesa Moves

iMoving is the go-to choice for Costa Mesa moving. Here are some recent moves to prove it:

Our Top Costa Mesa Movers

As of July 2024

iMoving selects movers based on their professionalism, customer satisfaction, and moving expertise.

Here are our top picks for Costa Mesa moving:

Costa Mesa Moving Services Are a Click Away

Every move is different. Whether it’s a home, office, or just a few items of heavy furniture, iMoving provides a whole menu of must-have services for moving in and out of Costa Mesa:

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Residential Moving

Our residential moving companies are the best of the best. Use iMoving to move your home or apartment in Costa Mesa.

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Commercial Moving

From your server racks right down to the last paperclip, iMoving has the commercial movers you need.

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Long-Distance Moving

Our long-distance moving services make your cross-country or interstate move a seamless experience.

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Local Moving

A move across Costa Mesa may be short, but you'll still need the best local movers on the market. Use iMoving to find them.

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Packing and Unpacking

The iMoving marketplace can connect you with the best packing services in Costa Mesa for a full-service experience.

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If you need a little extra time to finish your move, iMoving has you covered with the best storage in Costa Mesa.

Costa Mesa Moving Tips

Whether you’re heading to Costa Mesa or just doing some daydreaming, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these moving day hacks to keep things easy and efficient.


iMoving offers a wide range of auto transporters to get your dream garage from point A to point B. You can only drive one car at a time, and you probably don't want to shove a bunch of moving boxes into your Lambo, anyways. Fortunately, our auto transporters have you covered - and if you book a covered trailer, they'll have your car covered too.

Costa Mesa may have decent weather sometimes, but we always recommend a mid-month, mid-week move, in any season but the summer. Take a word of advice from the iMoving pros: Avoid a June, July, or August move if possible. It’s the most expensive time to move, and it’s usually WAY too hot for hauling boxes.

Before we even let a mover into our marketplace, we look over megabytes of authentic customer reviews. We also check out their services, their certifications, and their insurance. To keep the movers in our network honest, iMoving will sometimes have secret shoppers call in, pose as customers, and ask plenty of questions to make sure our carriers are staying legit.

It's always a good idea to get insurance, and in the interest of being responsible, we're not going to tell you to skip it. However, if you're feeling risky and you're only moving a couple blocks (without anything fragile thrown in the mix), you may be able to get away with the basic coverage offered by your movers.

Moving containers are a great middle ground between a DIY job and hiring full-service movers. A moving container company will drop off the container at your place, and you can fill it up on your own schedule. When it's ready to go, just contact the container company and they'll pick it up and transport it for you. It's like having a portable storage unit that gets delivered to your door.