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When it comes to moving, one of the more time-consuming tasks is finding and researching local moving companies in Sacramento, CA. Doing a web search for Sacramento movers, will come back with an overwhelming list as long as your arm. Some names you will recognize and some not.


When you have done some calling around, are you any further forward? How do you know who to choose?


There is a better way of finding long-distance moving companies. Using our website will streamline your search and take some of the stress out of choosing a mover.


At iMoving, we’ve created a modern way to move. We couldn’t understand why movers suddenly increased prices, sent rude staff and didn’t make good on their promises. There had to be a better way. So we looked at the values you should expect in a mover and decided to work only with companies who aligned with these core values.


iMoving is a referral service. We are not a moving company, but we are as invested in your move as you are. Our job is to find you the best deal on your upcoming move from certified, insured, and reputable Sacramento, CA movers.


All you have to do is provide us with some basics of your move and answer a few simple questions online. From there we will match you to appropriate movers and provide you with a precise quote, or we can give you a quick quote to be refined later.


With iMoving you get choices and great peace of mind.


Moving Services in Sacramento, CA


There are more to moving services than you might know:


  • Packing materials – Get the right tools for the job.
  • Full packing – A moving company can pack and move your entire contents. They are quick and careful. It really takes the stress out of a move.
  • Storage – Many of the movers in our iMoving network will be able to store your things securely and in a dry holding warehouse.
  • Local Moving – Moving locally is just as hard as moving far away. Getting a good moving company for a local move is as key as any other move.
  • Long Distance Moving – Coordinating a big move is a big task. Working with professionals helps every step of the way.
  • Commercial Moving – Moving the office? iMoving can help you find Sacramento movers with the experience to get complex corporate moves completed with ease.
  • Special Handling – Moving an heirloom piece of furniture? There are expert movers who are competent and insured and will care like you would.


Moving Tips


Moving can be stressful but there are many things you can do to make it easier on yourself.


Time planning – when you know you’re going to move set out a calendar from that day up to the move day and put in all the key tasks. Moving day will sneak up on you, so get a plan and try to stick to it.


If you don’t love it, lose it – take the opportunity to get rid of all that stuff you haven’t really got rid of, but you could. The kids are in college, you can lose the board games from the garage.


As you leave the old house, try to be finished – Having to deal with stuff at the old house when you have moved to the new is a mental and physical drain. Try to arrange it that as you shut the door you’re finished there.


Things to Know When Moving to Sacramento CA


You might not have realized it but you’re moving to the state capital. People tend to expect the capital is either San Francisco or LA, but it is Sacramento. The town has a lovely old west feeling about it.


The riverside has shops and restaurants as well as trips up and downriver. But while the vibe is definitely Californian, it is more laid back than either of the big cities, even though the center of government is there.


But Sacramento has taken on the essential California values. Of course, there are loads of things to do in the outdoors. Does the town have great foodie restaurants where the sommelier knows exactly which CA vintage will work with what? You bet!


One last thing about Sacramento- you can get into the wine country quickly and easily. Here’s your chance for a wine cellar.