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Moving can be considered as a double edged sword. On one hand, you’re excited about the future and starting life in a new city, or maybe even a new state. On the other hand, you have to pack all of your things up, spend money with a moving company, and take care of all of the rest of the work that a move brings with it.


No one understands this difficult process more than iMoving. We know how hard it can be to plan a move, like pack everything up, find a great moving company, and all of the other things that go into moving. It’s a long process, but it is a necessary one if you want your move to go over swimmingly.


Because of how hard it can be to find the best moving companies for the job, iMoving set out to do something different. We wanted to simplify the moving process as much as possible, and we wanted to make sure people could find only the best moving companies in their area. To do that, we took it upon ourselves to do all of the research and work necessary to build an authoritative network of trustworthy, reliable moving companies all across the country.


When working with one of our iMoving Santa Ana mover partners, you can bet that you’re working with only the best moving companies in the area. Our partners are fully certified and licensed, plus iMoving ensures that they are reviewed glowingly by their previous customers, and they are even approved by the Better Business Bureau.


These are moving companies who have gone above and beyond to show that they are quality companies who really care not only about the quality of the services they provide, but also about the customers who they are trying to serve.


These are all great qualities for any moving company to have, and they really speak to the job done by the companies. Our moving partners care not only about making sure you are moved on time and intact, but also that you and all of your things are treated with only the utmost professionalism and respect. That’s the kind of quality you receive when you choose to work with an iMoving Santa Ana moving company.


Moving Services in Santa Ana, California


Of course, knowing how great of a job our movers do without actually knowing what kind of services they provide would be a little redundant, wouldn’t it? To that end, we’ve put together a list of some of the most requested services from our mover partners, and how these services could help you make your move a lot easier.


  • Local and Long Distance Moving: Every move is different, and the distance every person moves is different. Some people might request movers to help them move across town, while someone else may request movers to help them move to another coast. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to another town in the same state or somewhere states away, our movers are completely licensed and certified to help you move where you need to go.


  • Full Packing Options: It’s highly unlikely that you’re looking at your belongings and brimming with excitement about sorting through it and packing it all up. If you fill with dread at the thought of this monumental task, don’t worry, many of our iMoving Santa Ana movers offer full packing services to pack up the contents of your entire house without you even having to worry about moving a single muscle.


  • Special Handling Services: Some families have old family heirlooms or antiques like furniture or other items. These old items need a little extra care when being handled and moved around, and many of our movers offer special handling services exactly for this scenario, so that you can know your special items are being treated with care and respect.


  • Commercial Moving: If you’re about to plan a business relocation, you might have a hard time moving all of your office gear and equipment to your new spot. Wherever you’re opening your new location at, you can bet that iMoving partners will have your back in helping you relocate your office safely and efficiently.


  • Storage Solutions: Sometimes, you just need to store something away during a move. Whatever the items are, you can safely keep it stored away at an iMoving mover partner’s storage facility, where it will be kept in climate-controlled and locked facilities, ready for you to come get it whenever you’d like.


Professional Moving Tips to Help You Move With Confidence


At iMoving, your success is our success. In order to help your move be even more successful, you can use some of these moving tips from the experts to further simplify your move for everyone involved.


  1. Use color coding to your advantage


If you live with several people, you’re going to have several people’s belongings to go through when packing and unpacking. Use color coding and labeling to make things easier to sort through later. By color coding boxes, you can look at the color and know who the box belongs to right off the bat.


  1. Decluttering equals less to pack


If you don’t plan on taking all of your stuff with you, try getting rid of some of the things you’re not going to take. You could either give some of these items away or sell them for some extra cash. If you do this, you can declutter your home and cut down on the amount of stuff you will have to pack and load up.


  1. Try to get quality boxes for moving


Cheap moving boxes will break under enough weight from your belongings. Try to make sure you get your hands on some quality moving boxes so you can safely move your things without worrying everything falling out from under you while you’re attempting to move it.


What You Should Know About Santa Ana


Once your move is complete, you will have all of the time in the world to really explore and soak up all of the things your new city has for you to check out. In Santa Ana, you’ll have your hands full with this task, because there is plenty to do.


Just ten miles off the coast, Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County, and situated right next to the gorgeous Santa Ana River. It’s got quite a number of people who call it home, with the city boasting a total population of 332,725 citizens as of the 2018 census. With this many people living here, there must be something great about it, right?


Plenty, in fact. To kick things off, you could take yourself and any science enthusiast in your family to the Discovery Cube Orange County, where there are over 100 scientific exhibits that kids can get up close and interact with. The building itself is a giant cube covered in solar panels, with plenty of themed areas for everyone to check out with different exhibits according to the theme, which include Air and Space, Quake Zone, Dynamic Earth, and Rocket Lab.


History buffs new to Santa Ana will enjoy checking out the famed Bowers Museum, named after historic land developer Charles Bowers. Here, folks can view up to 100,000 exhibits based around different cultures all over the world. This is definitely a fun learning experience not only for the kids, but for any of the adults who are interested in history, as well.


If you want to take the kids to view some of their favorite kinds of animals, then you will love a trip to the Santa Ana Zoo. You’ll find plenty of animals to view (including the famous “50 monkeys” exhibit), and learn all about them, their habitats, and their lifestyles in the wild. If you get hungry at the zoo, you can also pick up snacks and drinks from the snack bar. When you want to view the zoo from a different perspective, your family can hop on the Zoofari Express, a train ride which takes its passengers on a journey across the entire 560 meters of the zoo.


Want to see a piece of Santa Ana history? You can walk inside and take a tour of the old Orange County Courthouse, which was constructed and opened in 1901, and has since been fully restored and open for public enjoyment and learning. The building has become famous over the years, appearing in a few popular pieces of media, including American Horror Story.


If you feel like becoming even better in the kitchen, you can consider taking a cooking class at Hipcooks, Santa Ana’s own cooking class. These classes are fun, designed for all ages and all levels of cooking skill.


Whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll probably find something to love about Santa Ana. The city is beautiful, it offers plenty for its residents to enjoy, and it has that typical “California” vibe that reminds you are living in a tropical paradise, so live it up every chance you get!