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Santa Ana Movers

Santa Ana Movers


Moving can be considered as a double edged sword. On one hand, you’re excited about the future and starting life in a new city, or maybe even a new state. On the other hand, you have to pack all of your things up, spend money with a moving company, and take care of all of the rest of the work that a move brings with it.


No one understands this difficult process more than iMoving. We know how hard it can be to plan a move, like pack everything up, find a great moving company, and all of the other things that go into moving. It’s a long process, but it is a necessary one if you want your move to go over swimmingly.


Because of how hard it can be to find the best moving companies for the job, iMoving set out to do something different. We wanted to simplify the moving process as much as possible, and we wanted to make sure people could find only the best moving companies in their area. To do that, we took it upon ourselves to do all of the research and work necessary to build an authoritative network of trustworthy, reliable moving companies all across the country.


When working with one of our iMoving Santa Ana mover partners, you can bet that you’re working with only the best moving companies in the area. Our partners are fully certified and licensed, plus iMoving ensures that they are reviewed glowingly by their previous customers, and they are even approved by the Better Business Bureau.


These are moving companies who have gone above and beyond to show that they are quality companies who really care not only about the quality of the services they provide, but also about the customers who they are trying to serve.


These are all great qualities for any moving company to have, and they really speak to the job done by the companies. Our moving partners care not only about making sure you are moved on time and intact, but also that you and all of your things are treated with only the utmost professionalism and respect. That’s the kind of quality you receive when you choose to work with an iMoving Santa Ana moving company.


Moving Services in Santa Ana, California


Of course, knowing how great of a job our movers do without actually knowing what kind of services they provide would be a little redundant, wouldn’t it? To that end, we’ve put together a list of some of the most requested services from our mover partners, and how these services could help you make your move a lot easier.


  • Local and Long Distance Moving: Every move is different, and the distance every person moves is different. Some people might request movers to help them move across town, while someone else may request movers to help them move to another coast. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to another town in the same state or somewhere states away, our movers are completely licensed and certified to help you move where you need to go.


  • Full Packing Options: It’s highly unlikely that you’re looking at your belongings and brimming with excitement about sorting through it and packing it all up. If you fill with dread at the thought of this monumental task, don’t worry, many of our iMoving Santa Ana movers offer full packing services to pack up the contents of your entire house without you even having to worry about moving a single muscle.


  • Special Handling Services: Some families have old family heirlooms or antiques like furniture or other items. These old items need a little extra care when being handled and moved around, and many of our movers offer special handling services exactly for this scenario, so that you can know your special items are being treated with care and respect.


  • Commercial Moving: If you’re about to plan a business relocation, you might have a hard time moving all of your office gear and equipment to your new spot. Wherever you’re opening your new location at, you can bet that iMoving partners will have your back in helping you relocate your office safely and efficiently.


  • Storage Solutions: Sometimes, you just need to store something away during a move. Whatever the items are, you can safely keep it stored away at an iMoving mover partner’s storage facility, where it will be kept in climate-controlled and locked facilities, ready for you to come get it whenever you’d like.


Professional Moving Tips to Help You Move With Confidence


At iMoving, your success is our success. In order to help your move be even more successful, you can use some of these moving tips from the experts to further simplify your move for everyone involved.


  1. Use color coding to your advantage


If you live with several people, you’re going to have several people’s belongings to go through when packing and unpacking. Use color coding and labeling to make things easier to sort through later. By color coding boxes, you can look at the color and know who the box belongs to right off the bat.


  1. Decluttering equals less to pack


If you don’t plan on taking all of your stuff with you, try getting rid of some of the things you’re not going to take. You could either give some of these items away or sell them for some extra cash. If you do this, you can declutter your home and cut down on the amount of stuff you will have to pack and load up.


  1. Try to get quality boxes for moving


Cheap moving boxes will break under enough weight from your belongings. Try to make sure you get your hands on some quality moving boxes so you can safely move your things without worrying everything falling out from under you while you’re attempting to move it.


What You Should Know About Santa Ana


Once your move is complete, you will have all of the time in the world to really explore and soak up all of the things your new city has for you to check out. In Santa Ana, you’ll have your hands full with this task, because there is plenty to do.


Just ten miles off the coast, Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County, and situated right next to the gorgeous Santa Ana River. It’s got quite a number of people who call it home, with the city boasting a total population of 332,725 citizens as of the 2018 census. With this many people living here, there must be something great about it, right?


Plenty, in fact. To kick things off, you could take yourself and any science enthusiast in your family to the Discovery Cube Orange County, where there are over 100 scientific exhibits that kids can get up close and interact with. The building itself is a giant cube covered in solar panels, with plenty of themed areas for everyone to check out with different exhibits according to the theme, which include Air and Space, Quake Zone, Dynamic Earth, and Rocket Lab.


History buffs new to Santa Ana will enjoy checking out the famed Bowers Museum, named after historic land developer Charles Bowers. Here, folks can view up to 100,000 exhibits based around different cultures all over the world. This is definitely a fun learning experience not only for the kids, but for any of the adults who are interested in history, as well.


If you want to take the kids to view some of their favorite kinds of animals, then you will love a trip to the Santa Ana Zoo. You’ll find plenty of animals to view (including the famous “50 monkeys” exhibit), and learn all about them, their habitats, and their lifestyles in the wild. If you get hungry at the zoo, you can also pick up snacks and drinks from the snack bar. When you want to view the zoo from a different perspective, your family can hop on the Zoofari Express, a train ride which takes its passengers on a journey across the entire 560 meters of the zoo.


Want to see a piece of Santa Ana history? You can walk inside and take a tour of the old Orange County Courthouse, which was constructed and opened in 1901, and has since been fully restored and open for public enjoyment and learning. The building has become famous over the years, appearing in a few popular pieces of media, including American Horror Story.


If you feel like becoming even better in the kitchen, you can consider taking a cooking class at Hipcooks, Santa Ana’s own cooking class. These classes are fun, designed for all ages and all levels of cooking skill.


Whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll probably find something to love about Santa Ana. The city is beautiful, it offers plenty for its residents to enjoy, and it has that typical “California” vibe that reminds you are living in a tropical paradise, so live it up every chance you get!

How To Ship Your Car When You Move |

You will agree that moving is not fun, in fact, it could get worse if you have to move to another state entirely. One of the things most people have had to worry about when moving is how they would ship their cars. Since they cannot travel with their cars, they would have to ship it. How then would they ship it? In this article, we will discuss how you can ship your car when you decide to move to another state or city. 


Best whys to ship your car:


1. Shipping Your Car On A Truck


According to a research that was carried out by USA Today, it was discovered that the best way to transport personal cars is to have them shipped by truck. Cars can be shipped either on open or closed trucks. According to the Car Transport Interstate, open trucks would expose cars to elements while closed trucks that are safer are over 60% more expensive than open trucks. It was also revealed by Interstate Car Transport, that shipping cars across the country would take about 7 to 14 days. It could take lesser depending on the distance between the place the vehicle is to be shipped from and where it should be shipped to.


While shipping by truck is one of the most common ways you can ship your vehicle, there are certain things that you have to take to heart. They include;


  1. Having a broker by your side is actually the best way for you to get the best prices when shipping from one point to another.
  2. Endeavor to abide by the 500 pounds weight limit that has been stipulated by the relevant authority.
  3. Payment; you have to know the price for moving your vehicle. The price for moving vehicles would vary depending on certain factors; the company, the distance, the weight of the cat, and whether you would prefer the open or closed truck. With this in mind, it is important that you find out the cost before you decide to ship your car.
  4. Insurance; this is very important. Endeavor to find out the insurance of the company you choose. Also, it is advised that your vehicle is in good condition.


2. You could decide to hire professional drivers


This is actually the second common way you can have your vehicle shipped when you decide to move. It happens to be a faster alternative than having to ship your car in a truck. They also happen to be more expensive and even safer for your vehicle. Some of the advantages of professional drivers;

  • They are insured
  • Most of them would allow you to pack your essential household items and even your pets as well
  • You can decide to join them on the ride.


You could decide to hire an independent driver you know around your place of residence, or you could hire someone that has been recommended by your friends or colleagues. While you may need drivers, there are certain ways you can find them; running local ads is one way that has proven effective. For safety reasons, it is advised that you run criminal checks before you pick one for the job. Also, you could decide to apply for short-term insurance that would cover them and your vehicle. This would ensure that your vehicle is attended to if anything happens during the trip.


Before you decide to opt for this option, it is important that you remember that driving your car for a long distance would eventually take a toll on it in the months or years to come.


3. Drive Your Car Yourself


This is one of the best ways you can move your car to a new location. This is simply like taking a road trip. Those moving to shorter distance would find this the best option for them. This does not only save you enough money that would have been used to either hire a truck company or a professional driver, but it also assures you that your vehicle is in the best hand (your hand). Those moving to other states or cities would find this a challenging task, but they would find it surprising to know that it can be done if they are determined.


Those who have doubts about driving their car to their new location would first have to fly their stuff to the new location, then fly back to drive their car to the new place. Doing this would ensure that you do not have to take items with you as you drive.


4. Auto train


You will find it surprising to know that you can move your car by train. If you plan to move your car to the following cities; Washington, Florida, DC and Orlando, then you can simply have your stuff packed into the car then load the vehicle into the auto train. According to sources, this auto train is able to carry; SUV's, cars, motorcycles, and others.

5. Hiring a non-professional to do the job;


Asides from driving your car yourself, this is the least expensive option. You could hire a student, a friend, or anyone who is trustworthy and in need of cash. Although this option has its own risks, there are other upsides that we will consider.

  • It is a personal way you can move your car
  • It is affordable


Endeavor to ask for a price and pay them once they have done their job. For security reasons, double check your insurance documents to find out if it covers potential accidents that may occur during the trip.


Tips To Consider When You Decide To Move Your Car


While we have discussed some of the ways you can ship your car when moving, there are certain tips that you have to take to heart. These tips include;

  • Ensure that your car is in good shape
  • Ask for price
  • Double check your insurance documents
  • Ask questions



We have discussed five ways you can ship your car when you decide to move to another location. Also, we have mentioned tips that you should take into consideration before choosing any of the options.

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How To Ship Your Car When You Move

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  • How Do I Estimate Moving Expenses
    Moving Tips

    Let’s face it, when it comes to moving there are tons of numbers to consider. Even if you’re moving within the same state, the average cost is estimated to be approximately $2,300 to move.


    Sure there’s the moving truck, boxes, cleaning supplies, but what about insurance? If you want to be sure not to miss a single expense while moving, you need a moving cost calculator.


    These calculators are great tools to prepare budget estimates and they can easily be found for free on most moving websites. For everything else you need to know, we have the answers.


    How do I move locally?


    Just because you’re moving locally, don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s easy.


    Moving locally still requires the preparation and time, and there’s no doubt it will still be stressful.


    There’s no such thing as half-moving, no matter how close or far you go. Ensure you’ve got everything you need to move down the street by following these simple tips.


    1. Prepare just as soon as you would any other move


    Moving to a nearby neighborhood doesn’t give you the green light to wait until the last minute. Tricking yourself into believing there’s plenty of time can ultimately leave you with too much to do and not enough time, and before you know it, you’re being shoved out the door by the new tenants.


    As soon as you decide that you are moving anywhere, start preparing. Try creating a week by week checklist, to truly maximize efficiency.


    1. Gather packing supplies


    It’s all too common that people get the news they’re moving within the same city, and they assume they don’t need supplies. Where does your stuff end up going then? Everywhere.


    Remember, if you forego boxes, you forego half the stuff you own. You end up missing sweaters, files, the one screw you need to put your table back together - all because you didn’t pack anything into boxes.


    Even if you’re moving to the next block, boxes and other packing supplies help make sure you don’t leave any pieces behind.


    1. Throw out what you don’t want or need


    Moving is the most excellent excuse to declutter. Don’t take with you what you don’t want or need – it’s just extra weight. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t touched it in the last month or so, you might want to consider giving it a new home. Not to mention, donations can count as tax credits, lessening the cost of your move in the end.


    1. Pack in stages


    Remember the rule of starting early? Do this and then pack in stages. If you try to cram all the packing even into the last week before you move, you’re just amplifying your own stress. Packing in stages, even when moving locally, relieves a heavy load.


    In addition, many experts recommend packing in stages for children and pet safety. Whether you’re stacking boxes or just too preoccupied to tend to them, during stressful moving times, it can be unsafe for children. If you pack in stages, you can declutter first, organize second, and then slowly pack up the rooms that will affect them the least until the move gets closer.


    1. Transfer utilities


    Even if you haven’t gone far, your utility company won’t know where you are. Schedule your utilities’ transfer as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is be left without Wi-Fi in your new home.


    What do I need to consider when moving?


    If moving was free, it would be easy. However, the list of moving expenses during this day and age has seemed to increase exponentially.


    Whether you use a calculator or not, there are a few moving expenses you definitely don’t want to forget.


    Moving supplies


    We know this is the first thing on your list because surely it’s the first thing you can’t do without. Consider moving supplies, boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc., as an expense,but try to reduce this expense by looking for these supplies for free.


    Most large retailers, warehouses, etc. simply recycle the hundreds of boxes they use. In addition, if you’re lucky you might be able to find someone ‘selling’ boxes for free on social networks such as Facebook and Craigslist.


    Deposits and reconnection fees


    If you thought leaving your old home was free, think again. If you break a utility contract or even just your rental contract, there could be a fee. Then, once you’ve disconnected, there’s all kinds of ‘reconnection’ fees; you might even have to pay just to apply for apartment housing.


    Keep these deposits in mind because they could have a hefty impact on your moving expenses:

    • Utilities
    • Pet deposits
    • Application fees
    • Security deposits
    • First month’s rent


    Food and gas


    The worst thing is preparing all your moving expenses and then forgetting the really important stuff –that would be food and gas.


    You have to get where you’re going, right?


    Often this means driving your own car, potentially a considerable number of miles, which can be quite a bit of gas. Then you have to eat along the way, and there might even be hotels to consider. For example, if you move cross-country, you’ll have to stop along the way to sleep. Think about how easily and fast these ‘small’ expenses can add up.


    Cleaning services


    You want to leave your home as clean as you found it, or you might want to make your new home even cleaner than it is before you move in. For either or both of these reasons, a cleaning service may be highly useful, just remember to put it into your budget.


    Moving truck


    Whether or not you choose to hire professional movers or not, you definitely need a moving truck, even if it’s one you drive yourself. This could be the majority of your moving expenses.


    Moving insurance


    This specifically applies to moving trucks and professional movers. If you employ either of these things, there will be insurance fees to ensure them and your belongings.


    Storage units


    If you happen to be in one of those positions where you have to leave your old place at this time, but can’t move into your new one for a week, two weeks, or a month, then you might have to use a storage unit. A storage unit could be $100 or less per month, but be sure to add it to your expenses.


    Professional movers


    Professional movers are the key to having the least stressful move, but the decision is still up to you. They will organize and orchestrate your move from start to finish, so you literally don’t have to lift a finger (except maybe to sign the contract). They are a great benefit, but if you’re going to employ movers, make sure they fit into your budget first.


    What is the cheapest way to move?


    No one moves for free, but there are ways for you to move for less.


    When it comes to moving, just remember there are good money-savers and bad ones. For example, borrowing your friend’s pickup truck instead of renting a moving truck is a bad money saver.


    Not only will you have to compensate your friend somehow (even if it’s in just pizza), but the cost of gas driving back and forth that many times will practically equate to the cost of renting a moving truck.


    A few good money-saving ideas are move during a different date, ship your stuff, and don’t forget to see if your company will pay for the move.


    If you didn’t know, there are actually moving ‘seasons’. People move the least during the fall and winter. If you have the luxury of choosing when you move, choose a date during this time. Moving companies are slow and may offer you better rates, discounts, and coupons.


    Shipping your stuff cross country could also be less expensive than driving it across. Lastly, there are rules that state if you are moving for job purposes, if it is a certain number of miles away, the company may be required to pay for the move. Speak to your HR department for full details.


    How much does it cost to move?


    Every home is different, which makes every move different. The size of your house, how many cars you have, how many people, are all factors that might affect the cost of your move. Whether you move in-state or out of state, also makes a big difference.


    Moving within the same state will typically cost around $2300 while moving out of state can be upwards of $4500.


    There is no blanket moving cost that applies to move, but the best thing you can do for yours is to be prepared. If you know you are going to move in a couple of months, start saving, packing, and planning now.


    Pay for your move little by little, and it won’t intimidate you at the very end. Moving should be a chance for change, a new opportunity. Don’t let moving expenses weigh you down.

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  • Avoid Moving Scams By Knowing Just What to Expect
    Before Your Move

    Finding a reputable moving company means you’re looking for individuals and businesses that have your best interest at heart. No one wants to be taken advantage of, especially when prized and personal possessions are at stake. 


    When you’re able to minimize hassle and trust those who are helping you get to where you need to go, moving can feel stress-free. 


    1. Know the inside scoop. You’re not a professional mover, so when it comes to trusting those who are helping you out, you need to know what to expect. Do your research.


    The best way to safeguard your family and your valuables from “hostage-like” situations is to hire movers who have positive reviews and a number of “thumbs-ups” ratings.  


    2. Avoid paying large down payments, be suspicious of rates that seem especially low, and don’t shake hands on a deal if an individual won’t provide you an estimate on-site. 


    3. Be suspicious if the movers won’t take credit card.


    4. Make sure the moving trucks are marked and branded. Those companies that can’t afford marking their vehicles may not be in business for the long haul.


    5. Can you meet them in-person? When you’re looking to find out just what kind of movers you’ll be working with, meeting in-person can be the best way to size them up. Plus, in-home estimators can be more accurate than those who take estimations over the phone. 



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