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Everything has to be right for an upcoming move, including the moving company that you trust with your hard-earned and well-loved belongings. However, aside from a few reviews on a website or maybe a recommendation by someone you know, it can be hard to truly know if you can trust the company that you end up choosing.


Going through iMoving ensures that you are working with the best and most professional Oakland movers in the industry. The local and long-distance movers in Oakland, CA that we partner with have all earned their place, and are held to our high standards by both iMoving and the company’s customers.


These standards include professionalism, respect towards you and your belongings, and reliability. iMoving works to reflect these standings by being ethical, transparent in the pricing and the cost of moving each item you have, and respecting each client.


We expect the local and long-distance Oakland moving companies in our network to do the same, and you can be assured that every mover on iMoving.com is one who follows those values to the letter. In addition, our customer support team with help you not only find a high-quality local Oakland mover, but they will also stay with you throughout the process and help to resolve any disputes you might have.


If you want trusted moving experts to aid in the moving process and make sure that your move to Oakland goes as smoothly as possible, get things started here at iMoving.com.


Moving Services in Oakland, California


  • Residential moving: It’s not uncommon for people to own more than one home, and sometimes furniture and items need to be moved from one household to another. Residential movers can help with that, making the small moves without a big hassle.
  • Long-distance moving: Many of the Oakland movers in our network have the necessary licenses and equipment to handle interstate and cross-country moves. If you need to go from state to state and across some borders then this will be the service for you.
  • Moving insurance: While it’s not a specific service that movers provide, having moving insurance can give further peace of mind. This protects your goods while they are being moved from one location to another, and gives you funds just in case something unfortunate does happen.
  • Specialized moving services: If you have a grand piano, an elaborate statue, or a family heirloom clock, then movers that offer specialty moving services are the ones to call to ensure that these items are moved safely.


Moving Tips You Should Know


  • Some things like critical paperwork, family heirlooms, jewelry, cash, and other valuables should be transported as valuables and kept with you. It’s not fair to expect a moving company to be responsible for them.
  • Guns, gas, nail polish remover, pesticides, and paint cans can’t be packed because they are illegal, so be sure to make alternate plans to bring them with you because they can’t go on the truck!
  • Pets, plants, and food are also not allowed on moving trucks due to the attention required and the consequences from spoilage on both your belongings and the mover’s reputation.
  • As tempting as it might be to scrounge up some old boxes from the garage or from the local grocery store, be sure to get some boxes that are completely designed for moving. That way they will be able to handle the weight of your items.


What to Know About Oakland


Oakland is a haven for job opportunities, with companies like Pandora and Pixar in the city. More young people are not only moving to the city, but they are also getting and creating more jobs. Small businesses are thriving here and allow for you to keep all your shopping local. This is a good place to really have a big idea and let it show.


Oakland also has a high percentage of art and culture and has a lot of inspiration and magic in the air. If you are in any way creative, living here will make your talents explode.


With the love of being green and making items and growing vegetables themselves, Oakland is perfectly green. If you’ve always wanted to grow some vegetables and fruits in your backyard, Oakland is a good place to do that.