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Camarillo Movers - iMoving

Camarillo Movers


If you’re planning on moving into or out of the city of Camarillo in California, then you should consider working with one of the qualified and reliable moving companies available through iMoving. We have an extensive network filled with the top moving companies in Camarillo, CA that can make your relocation simpler and more affordable than you thought possible. With the help of our mover partners, you can be on your way to your new home or commercial business location in as little time as possible.


You won’t have to worry about working with any random companies with unqualified workers when you work with an iMoving moving company. Every company that we recommend to our users has been verified using our thorough system to check their background and collect information from past customers to ensure their reliability. Your belongings are safe and sound with movers that treat them with respect and use caution when getting your items to their new destination.


When it comes to saving you time and money, we are the best. Using our inventory checklist and quote tools; you can get a price on the cost to move your items and be prepared for the day of your move. There are no extra fees or costs when using our moving services, making it cheaper to move with our partners instead of on your own.


iMoving only works with the most reliable and highly rated moving companies in Camarillo. For affordability, reliability, experience, and credibility, look to our network to find a qualified moving company.


Moving Services in Camarillo, CA


  • Full Packing: If packing up your home or business is too much to handle, plenty of moving companies provide full packing services to make sure everything in your home is professionally packed for your big move.


  • Storage: Storage services from moving companies in Camarillo allow you to keep possessions safe if there’s a lag time between moving out and moving in. If you have delicate or fragile items, make sure the storage unit will be temperature controlled to avoid damaging items.


  • Local & Long Distance Moving: Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, your moving company should have all the licenses and documents required to move your items without delays or problems of any kind.


  • Commercial Moving: Commercial moves are complicated and may require special handling and other services that some moving companies may not offer – but iMoving does partner with movers that provide all the services you need to make a successful change of location.


  • Special Handling: For items that are fragile and need extra care, special handling services ensure these items are packed and moved safely to your new home or office.


Tips to Make Moving Easier


If you’re new to the process of moving, or even if you’ve moved several times, it can always get a little complicated when you’re juggling so many details. iMoving has made it easier to move than ever by providing trustworthy moving companies that can help you get into your new home with ease.


To make it even easier to be on your way to a new home, we’ve outlined five tips to make your move go smoother.


  1. Get a calendar. With everything going on with your move, it can get hectic and days can move by without notice. Using a calendar allows you to stay on track with everything that needs to be handled. Managing your tasks will become much easier and you won’t forget anything important.


  1. Label boxes clearly. When labeling boxes, make sure that you put what items are in them as well as what room they belong to. By doing so, you can make sure that all of your items are organized, and unpacking will be faster and more efficient than it would be with vague labels.


  1. Keep similar items together. Try clustering similar objects together to make things less confusing and keep better track of your belongings. It also makes setting up your new home or business much more efficient, as you won’t have to look through several boxes for similar items.


  1. Keep necessities with you. If you take medications, jewelry, critical documents or other small important items, make sure that you keep them on your person instead of packing them. If you put them on the moving truck, you may end up needing them before your moving truck arrives to the new location.


  1. Pack several nights’ worth of clothing. You never know what will happen when you move, but if you have an overnight bag with all the essentials you’ll be prepared for anything. Make sure to pack some snacks, toiletries, entertainment, and anything else you may need within the first day or two of moving.


Things to Know About Camarillo, CA


Planning on moving to the beautiful city of Camarillo, California? You’ve chosen one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the entire state. It’s the perfect place for children, families, and individuals of all kinds to meet new people and explore an amazing city full of wonder and excitement.


Camarillo is located in Ventura County, where the weather is beautiful, and the people are extremely friendly. It’s a bit of a drive away from the shores of California, but if you’re up for a road trip it’s the perfect place to start. You could even go down to Malibu, which is Southeast of Camarillo, to visit the places that you’ve only heard about on TV and in movies.


If you love nature, then this is the city for you. There is a large district of parks and recreational centers so that children can enjoy themselves and get the exercise they need to be happy and healthy. To exercise the mind and the body, you can take a family trip to the Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, where children can learn information about animals and see amazing collections. For more education opportunities, there is also the Pleasant Valley Historical Society and Museum, which features a beautiful botanical garden and a gallery filled with artifacts from the local region.


For some adult fun, you could visit some of the local wineries and taste the wines that Camarillo produces. If you’ve never had local wine from a vineyard in California, then you’re missing out. But don’t worry, once you’re settled you can explore everything the city has to offer and more.


No matter where you want to go, having iMoving verified moving companies on your side makes getting settled into your new home faster and easier. You can trust that all of your items will make it to their destination safely, so you can begin putting together your new home or business and beginning a new chapter.


Top 5 Reasons to Book Your Move Online | iMoving

Moving has certainly changed since you last packed up your home and made the big move to a new area. Thanks to the Internet, online moving has become the next big thing—and easier than ever. 


Whether your move is local or over a longer distance, booking your move online is easy and takes care of a number of issues that were difficult to deal with before with conventional moves. 


1. Compare the competition


Just like picking a restaurant with the best bacon cheeseburger within a five-mile radius, when you book your move online, you can compare the moving companies, read reviews, garner quotes, and keep track of all of the info in one place. 


2. Expect the best deal


Online planning means you won’t be forking over money for unexpected costs. Booking a mover online also allows you to make a payment that is protected so you can’t run over-budget even if you tried. 


3. Use their easy-to-use tools


Online tools can help you estimate the size of the materials you are hoping to move and the cost that will be associated with the estimations you’ll pack. 


4. Everything is in one place


Before, you may have had to confirm and obtain information from a wide variety of sources. You may have needed licenses, insurance, and wanted to know how much experience certain movers had, but when you book your move online, all of the details are conveniently located together. 


5. You are not alone


Deling with a mover with something goes wrong can be a real burden. When booking online you have better control of your move, someone to help you solve problems with the mover and even find replacements if needed.

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5 Reasons to Book Your Move Online - iMoving

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  • The Threat of Property Theft in Relocations in Florida
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    Looking for a state that offers the perfect blend of great work and business environment, recreation and culture? Florida is your best bet. The sunshine state as it's fondly called is not just a tourist destination it is a major hub of commercial and sporting activities with people trooping in and out of the city in their droves year-round. It is not just renowned for its beaches it has a warm climate and great educational system all of which make it a perfect abode for the bachelor and for the married. These reasons perhaps explain the high rate of relocation in Florida which is above the national average.


    The sheer beauty and ambiance of the state coupled with the vast potentials for business all adds up in making the state a darling of moving companies It is not a hidden fact that millions of people switch residencies every year in America. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), about 15 million American households relocate each year. However, there is a particularly worrying trend based on the analysis of this statistic and this is that Florida has the highest complaint rates recorded anywhere with the country. Of course, even the most well-planned move could yet possibly throw up one or two problems along the way but there is a particular complaint that reverberates in Florida much higher than any other states and this is theft of client's properties by personnel of some moving companies. Areas such as Palm Beach and South Florida which are some of the hottest destinations within the state have witnessed a sizeable number of reported cases of property theft.


    Theft is not a matter to be taken with levity. It is hard enough trusting a company with moving your valuables and then just like a bad dream coming to reality, you find out that some of your valuables are actually missing. Certain moving companies capitalize on the transient lifestyles and the wealth of residents of places like South Florida to perpetuate their dastard act. This, of course, does not imply that every moving company in Florida is dishonest; NO, this is merely to say that out of many apples falling from the tree, some are bad and these bad few ones are working diligently to tarnish the image of the good ones. 


    Not all theft is the fault of the moving company


    It is necessary to clarify also that theft of properties may not necessarily be the fault of the moving company at least not directly! There are instances where some moving companies are trying to handle multiple movements within a day and as a result of trying to be fast certain properties could be left behind or fall off in the process of loading on to the truck. Also, in instances where the properties have to be transferred to another truck while the moving process is still on, due to haste, certain valuables may be overlooked.


    Another major cause of theft often occurs when moving companies fail to get access to the destination the properties are going to. In instances where they unload the properties at the front of the house while waiting for the owner to come and open, passersby could nibble some of the properties away without the awareness of the movers.




    You can never be too cautious when moving your properties. All hands must be on deck to ensure the process is as safe as possible but even with your best efforts, it's not improbable that one or two valuables especially the smaller sized ones could go missing. In the event of this happening, here are a few steps you can take to set in motion the process of recovery.


    Check the boxes properly: In the case of theft, the obvious step to take is to accuse the movers of fraud; but this might not be the best move to make especially if you are yet to scrutinize the boxes well. The importance of this stems from the fact that in the event of relocation, some items could have gotten misplaced within the box. Items like trinkets, necklaces, wristwatches depending on how they were packed could very much go missing.


    The next step to take upon the discovery of missing items is to file a claim. In any instance where there is an agreement by two parties where one undertakes to get a job done in return for a monetary reward, that is a contract and so far as you do not default on your own part then they are liable if any glitch or hitch happens in the performance of their own duties. File a written claim to notify them of your missing property and they would be liable to pay compensation for it. The claim is to be written within 30 days and submitted to the movers after which they are expected to accept or deny your claim within 120 days. In the event of non-cooperation by the company then you can petition the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to enforce your rights. As a matter of fact, whether the moving company cooperates or not, it is better to still contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) because they compile statistics of complaints by clients and this could help sensitize prospective clients on what to expect from these moving companies.


    You have a role to play


    Yes, you have a role to play in the safety of your properties in the process of movement. Ensure that every property of extraordinary worth is transported by you in person. This is your best precaution against theft. Furthermore, do not be in a hurry to sign or tick the inventory upon the delivery of your properties to the destination. Check to see if everything is intact because after signing off that all the goods have been delivered, you may not be able to lodge any claims about the theft of property again. Also, it is better to get insurance cover so that if at all there is a theft, you would be able to get all your valuables back. Finally, do not be lazy; don’t just hire just any mover. There are some with a track record of property theft in their history. Identify the good ones and the bad ones and deal with the good ones. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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  • How Cutting Moving Costs and Expenses
    Moving Tips

    The first question that comes to mind when you try to move either long distance or short distance is, how much will it cost to move my household, business or goods? The reason why this question stands tall is that no one wants to spend above what is expected when they plan to move, so every opportunity to cut costs will be considered and harnessed.


    Regardless of how you try to cut the cost even by doing the bulk of the moving task by yourself, you will still end up spending some money no matter what. According to the national trade association for the professional moving industry, it costs an average of $2,300 to move home within the same state and for a long distance move that involves moving from one state to another (a distance of around 1,225 miles), it may cost around $4,300. Going by these average rates for moving, it is only natural for individuals moving to try as much as possible to cut moving costs and expenses to the barest minimum.


    There are a couple of measures and means through which the cost of moving can be reduced as much as possible and that is what makes the whole process interesting as it depends on your budget and what you are willing to let go in terms of cash. I will be highlighting a few ways in which one can cut cost and moving expenses, these steps are practical and it has worked in the past, and it is still working.


    Tips to Cut Moving Cost and Expenses

    1. Define Your Budget: Before commencing the whole moving process, try as much as possible to define what you budget for the move, that way you will be able to monitor your expenses and easily know when a task is about gulping more than you budgeted.
    2. Request quotes from Different Moving company: Get quotes from moving companies, invite each of them over if possible so that they can have a good idea of the task at hand. Compare the quotes and decide which of the moving companies has a fair rate and is capable of delivering top-quality services. Trying to get a cheap company to handle your moving task should not mean lowering standard or quality of service so you have to ensure you are getting a fair rate with the possibility of being well-served at the same time.
    3. Get Rid of Trash: avoid moving items that you will not need in your new home as they will add to the weight of your belongings and thereby increase the moving rate. If you don’t need an item do not pay to move it. Getting rid of all clutters will go a long way in simplifying your task and lighten up the load you will be moving. You can give out items that you no longer need to friends and families or sell them.
    4. Do not Schedule your move During Peak Season: The timing of your move has an effect on how much you will be charged. Most people move during the summer and the demand at this time is high and will eventually cause a surge in moving price. The best period of the year to move is between October and April, if it is possible to schedule your move during this period, then it will help you to save some money as you will be paying less. Also, try not to move during the holidays or weekends and the end and the beginning of the month.
    5. Avoid the Middle Man: Do not hire the services of a moving company through an agent, third party or outsourcing company. Engaging a moving company directly by yourself will save you some cash, all you need to do is to do thorough research on which of the available companies will best suit your moving needs.
    6. Avoid Buying Packing Supplies: Search and for packing supplies from friends and families so that you don’t have to pay extra cash for them when you can get the supplies for free. Except for tape, every other item you need for packing can be gotten at no cost. You can get boxes from supermarkets, craigslist, and liquor stores among others. Use what you have in addition to what you can source for packing.
    7. Defrost the Freezer and Fridge: If you will be moving your freezer or fridge, make sure you defrost it ahead of time.
    8. Rent a Truck for a DIY move: If you plan to do the whole moving task by yourself, then you may have to request for help from families and friends who can help with packing, sorting, loading, and unloading. In this case, you will need to rent a truck yourself and transport your belongings to your new home.
    9. Ask Questions About Hidden Charges: Do not make assumptions, ask your moving company id there are any hidden charges. Ask if they will charge for repacking, heavy items, and the rate they charge per stairs.
    10. Get Portable Storage: Source for companies that will safely deliver a storage unit to your new apartment. This will help you save some money because you can do the packing by yourself, while your mover picks up the unit and deliver to your preferred location.


    All the tips discussed above can go a long way in helping you save so much on the cost and expenses needed to move your belongings either locally or across long distances. However, you should not sacrifice quality at the altar of getting cheap moving services. Make sure the moving company you are engaging is insured, secured, and licensed s that you will not go with the wrong company that will make you have a torrid moving experience.

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