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Moving into or around in Long Beach, CA has to be approached with a little thought and planning. The distance between Long Beach and Los Angeles is just about 25 miles, but of course, it is subject to the notorious Los Angeles traffic.


Long Beach movers know all too well what it is like to deal with the traffic, and the heat as well. If you’re looking to move, choosing the right movers can be a difficult task. But this is the age of the internet and so, of course, there are brilliant new services to help.


iMoving is one of those brilliant services. We are a moving facilitator that can help you find the best moving company in Long Beach for any job. From commercial relocations to moving a small apartment, to moving a large household, there’s a high-quality moving company in our iMoving network that is qualified to get the job done.


We work with only fully licensed and certified movers and make sure that each of our partners adheres to our principles of full transparency, timeliness, professionalism, and superb customer service. iMoving is able to use our buying power to match you with the best moving company in Long Beach for your task at the best price because we bring so much business to our partners.


All you need to do is give us the basics on the size and distance of your move as well as any add-on services required, and we will provide you with a series of quotes from the Long Beach movers that are best suited to carry out your specific move.


iMoving takes the stress out of choosing a mover. We do all the legwork to find reputable, highly qualified movers, so you can focus on all the other aspects involved with a big move.


Moving Services in Long Beach CA


No matter what sort of mover you need, iMoving can help you get the right company.



  • Local moving companies: Generally speaking, any move less than 50 miles is considered a local move. Local Long Beach movers will usually charge by the hour.


  • Specialist movers: Need help moving a valuable art collection or maybe a piano? A specialist mover is your best bet.


  • Commercial movers: Relocating a business is a challenging proposition. For this type of job, you need a mover that’s experienced, equipped, and trained to handle sensitive records as well as electronics, and able to handle complex logistics in order to minimize your corporate downtime.


Tips From the Professionals to Make Your Move Easier


The closer it gets to the moving date, the more likely you’ll be to throw money at it and hope it will all work out well. It won’t. Here are some failsafe tips to keep things organized.


  1. Boxes do use boxes. While good boxes do cost money, they really do make your move easier. iMoving can put you in touch with moving companies who will buy back any boxes you don’t use. With well-packed and well-marked boxes you can streamline moving into the new place which has a double effect. First, it makes moving in so much easier. Second, it cuts down the time the moving crew needs to be there. If you can reduce the hours, you will reduce the cost.


  1. Boxes are moved on a last-in, first-off basis. The last things the movers put onto the truck are the first that will be brought into the new place. Try as much as you can to arrange the way your packed boxes are organized at the old place so that the first ones out of the truck are the boxes you need to deal with first at the new house. If you know you will be late arriving at the new place, make sure that it is bedding that gets loaded last so that it comes off first. That way you’ll be able to unpack and then fall asleep in an exhausted, but happy heap.


  1. Always know where your important documents and the “must-have” first boxes are. You might even decide the documents should travel with you rather than on the truck, just in case. But the goal is to make sure that you know where they are all the time. The immediate needs box might contain anything. Perhaps it is just the coffee maker and cups. It has the things you know you need.


Good Things to Know About Long Beach, CA


Long Beach is all about being on the water. It is a town in the Pacific and it loves every minute of it. If you’re planning to head out there, here are a few facts you’ll be glad to know of before you go.


It is all about the ocean, but the breeze is one of the best parts. Long Beach is always breezy. It has the effect of clearing the air somewhat, but it also adds a welcome blast of natural air conditioning all year long.


You might be tempted to think of Long Beach as just being a part of the Los Angeles sprawl, but don’t fall into that trap. Long Beach has a residency of more than 400,000 and is the 36th largest city in the U.S. Long Beach can hold its own against some of the biggest cities.


The commute into LA by train is about an hour by the blue route and there are metro trains as an alternative. You can live in Long Beach without having to sit in the notorious traffic every day.


Long Beach is a city with canals. You can cruise in a real Italian gondola or simply take an amble across the bridges and sidewalks. However you get there, it is a pleasant way to spend an hour or two.


Not surprisingly given its location, house prices are high even at the low end of the market which tends to mean that the higher percentage of the population rents rather than buys. Average rent is less than $1200/month making it livable for most.