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Oakland Movers


Are you getting ready to move? Whether local or long-distance, the prospect of moving can be stressful and difficult. How can you be sure that you take care of all of the details properly? Are there options that can make the process easier? And how do you find Oakland movers?


iMoving is here to help you with that. We’re a moving facilitator – that is, we provide you with resources and connect you with top Oakland moving companies. We’ve built a number of partnerships with moving companies across the country so that we can provide you with the most accurate and most helpful resources possible in regards to finding great companies.


We’ve built our website in a way that allows you to search for quotes for your move from top companies in your area, allowing you to sort out information and know exactly what services that you can get for your estimate. It’s really easy to search and, when you choose your company, you can also book them and pay for their services – all from iMoving.com.


It’s about convenience. You shouldn’t have to spend hours and hours trying to figure out which movers in Oakland are going to take care of your job the best. Instead, you can just come to our website, do a search, and know that every company you connect with is going to be high quality. Let us make scheduling your move and your movers simpler than you ever knew it could be!


Moving Services in Oakland, CA


  • Local Moves: Are you staying relatively local with your move? Then you want to find local movers that you can connect with and take care of your job quickly and affordably.


  • Long Distance Moves: Long-distance moves take a little more time and effort, so you want to have professionals that are experienced in such. They can give you lots of insight and organize things thusly.


  • Storage Options: Delays, downsizing, and other things can get in the way and require you to look for storage space. Many Oakland movers also offer storage units for affordable monthly rates.


  • Business Relocation Services: Need to move your business to a new building or city? Movers can help to make that process go a bit more smoothly.


  • Other Moving Services: Other moving services can include selling packing supplies, packing and unpacking for you, and white-glove services. Other services may be available for an additional cost.


Moving Tips


It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning


As soon as you realize that you’re going to be moving to a new location, you are going to want to be sure that you start the planning process. Put together a checklist, schedule your movers, and start separating out everything that you have into donating, toss, sell, and pack.


Plastic Wrap is Very Handy


Plastic wrap is going to save you a lot of headache and stress if you use it correctly. You can use it to wrap up delicate items, keep together silverware, and/or prevent your toiletries from leaking. It can really make quite the difference and save you a lot of mess and headache if you use it accordingly.


Don’t Try to Do It Alone


There are all sorts of people in your life that you can ask to help you with packing and moving items. Don’t try to do it alone – moving is the time to call in favors and to get people to come and spend time with you over an important activity. If you feel stuck, then you can also hire your movers to take care of packing for an extra fee.


Pack One Room at a Time


Pack one room at a time so that you aren’t left with a box that has items for 4 different rooms. By packing one room at a time, you can ensure that the boxes are going where they need to in the new home and that, when you unpack, you’ll only be unpacking for one room at a time. One box, one room.


Use Your Items to Reduce Packing Supply Costs


Instead of buying more boxes, take some inventory of the bins, laundry baskets, suitcases and other such empty items that you have around your home. Many times, you can use these to pack up some items for ease of transport.


What To Know When Moving to Oakland, CA


The Bay area is a really big deal nowadays, and more people than ever are choosing to move to this region. Oakland, a city next to San Francisco, has a diverse population and over 400,000 residents, with more moving to the area every year.


As with anywhere in the Bay Area, you want to be sure that you keep an eye on the traffic no matter where you’re headed. Commute times can be slow, and giving yourself extra time to get from place to place is always essential in this region. Other than the tough traffic, however, many people love living in Oakland and other parts of the Bay Area as well.


Oakland is one of the more affordable cities in the Bay Area, with the average rent just over $2,500 a month and the median home value around $700,000. But, there are many high-paying jobs in the area, including those in the medical field, the air transportation industry, and state jobs, so many people are able to meet those housing costs with little to no issue at all.


Education in and around Oakland is great. The schools are some of the best in the area, and there are multiple options for adults that wish to pursue 2 year and 4 year degrees. And, throughout the Bay Area, there are a number of family-friendly locations, restaurants, and activities, making it a solid place for individuals to raise a family. Young professionals and families alike have been moving in and around the Oakland area and, as a result, we will continue to see this area thrive and adapt to its population.