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Moreno Valley Movers


Are you getting ready for moving to a new area, but you aren’t sure how you’re going to make things happen? One of the hardest parts about scheduling a move is making sure that you have the right Moreno Valley moving company for your purposes. How do you make sure that you find the right one without spending hours on searching?


iMoving is here to help make that process a little simpler for you. We have connected with a variety of Moreno Valley movers and partnered with them so that we can offer estimates to you quickly and easily. And, instead of spending hours trying to figure out who is worth your time and money, you can just know and trust that you’re getting the right people because of the work the iMoving team has done.


Every single moving partner that we offer quotes for can provide you with the best services and ensure that you get the resources that you need in order to get your move taken care of without any problems. We check out their reputations and make sure that they have the resources that you may need.


Our website is simple to use. Put in your current home’s location and where you’re headed. We’ll use that information, plus how large of a home you have right now, in order to sort out quotes from our moving partners. Then, you can use site to schedule them, pay for the move, and communicate with them. It’s that easy and you can get things done in no time.


Moving Services in Moreno Valley, CA


  • Packing and Unpacking: Are you in need of assistance in regards to packing up? If so, then you want to be sure that you go ahead and let your movers know – many offer packing/unpacking for a small additional fee.


  • Long-Distance Moves: Long distance movers take care of those long haul moves across the state or across the country. They have tools and expertise to make it simple and quick, as well.


  • Local Moves: Local movers take care of those across town or across county moves that just take an afternoon to complete. They can get you there fast and the costs are much lower.


  • Commercial Moves: Worried about your business electronics, computers, servers, and privacy needs? Business relocation movers work hard to help you set things up and keep everything as safe as possible, too.


  • Storage Options: Need storage for the “in-between” time or because you’re downsizing? Many moving companies will have storage options for you as well.


  • Special Handling Options: Moving a piano or antiques? Request special handling to ensure that you get the resources you need.


  • Sales of Packing Supplies: Looking for packing kits? Ask your Moreno Valley movers and they may have some for sale.


5 Moving Tips


  1. Start as soon as you have a moving date


Do you know when your moving day is supposed to be? If so, then you want to be sure that you get connected with your moving company ASAP. On top of that, you want to be sure that you start the packing process as soon as you can, too.


  1. For local moves, get a pet sitter and/or babysitter


Local moves go more smoothly if you can ensure that your kids and/or pets are not underfoot during the process. Consider sending them to grandparents for the day, or taking your pets to doggy (or kitty) daycare. That way, they can be relaxed and you don’t have to worry about anyone getting injured or lost.


  1. Let your kids pack their own box


Want to help your kids to feel included in the process? Then get them a box and tell them to pack whatever they want from their room. That way, they can feel included, you can get more stuff done, and everyone is a lot happier than they may have been otherwise.


  1. Use your empty containers for packing


When you’re packing up your home, use empty containers to hold other items. Even your Tupperware can be used to hold kitchen items! The fewer empty containers that you have, the more space you’ll have and use.


  1. Plastic wrap is your best friend


Whether you’re using it to wrap the top of your opened toiletries, to keep your silverware together, or to wrap up your drawers so that you don’t have to repack the items in there, you will find that plastic wrap goes a very long way when you’re packing things up.


What Should You Know Before Moving to Moreno Valley, CA?


If you’re looking for a place in California that is more affordable than Los Angeles, then Moreno Valley is definitely a great option for you. While the cost of living can still be pretty pricey (as in most of the state), you can start paying a mortgage on a decently-sized home here for about the same amount of money that you’d pay for an apartment in LA.


Like Orange County’s suburban areas, you’ll often find a lot of blue-collar jobs in the area, but you’ll have to commute to the city or work from home for many other white-collar jobs. Some businesses are starting to move to the area because of the low real estate costs, however, so that may change in the future.


Moreno Valley is one of the most diverse suburbs you’ll find in this area of California. With a high number of African-Americans, Asians, and Latinx persons, you will find that there are always celebrations of culture and everything that comes with that all year long. People in “Moval” (as the locals call it) are very friendly, and the school districts are on par with the rest of the state.


You’re not very far from tourist attractions and beaches if you live in Moreno Valley, either. Huntington Beach is about an hour away, and you’re just a ride on the freeway if you’re heading to either San Diego or Los Angeles. This makes Moreno Valley an excellent place if you’re commuting or you want to have free reign of California “hot spots” that you can visit.