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Some of us are planning people, we like to turn our brains to a task and analyze the best ways to achieve the best result. When it comes to moving, we can find our skills in high demand as we pack boxes, organize items, and figure out the best way to get things moved. Then something unexpected happens.


The movers you were expecting came late, or hidden fees popped out of nowhere, or your box marked “fragile” gets dropped. These problems can be avoided when you book your move through iMoving.


Not only do we partner with the best local movers in Fort Myers, FL, we also provide you a suite of tools that you can use to plan out your move. At iMoving, we streamline the entire moving process, including picking moving companies in Fort Myers, Florida that won’t cause any headaches.


The movers in our network are rigorously examined by our experts to ensure that they adhere to iMoving high standards. If they fall below these standards, then they are removed from our list.


In addition, you can pay your chosen Fort Myers mover using iMoving’s payment portal. Once the final price is tallied and agreed to, no one but you can change it. The funds are held securely until a week after the move date, allowing you to check over your belongings before the payment is made.


Leverage our experience and the tools we have here at to plan out a smooth move to Fort Myers.


Moving Services in Fort Myers, FL


  • Full packing: If moving is harder on your arms than your mind, then this service might be right for you. Movers will come to your home and pack up all your items, and then load them into the truck.
  • Storage services: If the movers will arrive before you, or your new living arrangements aren’t quite finalized, Fort Myers movers in our network can provide temporary storage.
  • Local moving: Moving within Florida? Or maybe just to a different home within the Fort Myers area? Moving companies that specialize in local moves are often a better option than interstate or cross-country moving companies.
  • Commercial moving: Moving an office building’s contents is much more complicated than moving houses. Working with commercial moving professionals puts the complicated logistics of office moves into the hands of the professionals.


Tips for a Successful Move


  • Don’t put it off until the last minute: Moving is a big job that is going to take a lot of time and effort. It’s not uncommon to start planning and packing around a month before the movers even arrive. The more time you spend on it beforehand, the less you’ll have to do on moving day.
  • Go room by room: The easiest way to handle a big job like this is to take it one room at a time and start by packing the least essential items first. Then once all the rooms are cleared of the items you don’t need for your day-to-day life, make another sweep closer to moving day and pack the rest.
  • Label: There is never too much labeling when it comes to a move. Whether you color code, draw symbols, or write down the contents of every box on a sheet of paper, label away and keep your notes consistent.


What to Know When Moving to Fort Myers Florida


Fort Myers has two of the best beaches in Florida within an hour’s drive, so if having options to go out into the sand and sun of Florida is something that you want, then Fort Myers is the place for you. There’s more than sun for Florida residents though, the state has no state income tax and a very low cost of living. So, when you set up permanent residence, you’ll also feel a permanent change in your wallet.


Fort Myers has some great sports, including being the spring training center for the Boston Red Sox, the hockey team the Florida Everblades, and even some college games from the nearby Gulf Coast University.


Finally, every single year you’ll be able to see and participate in the Fort Myers Christmas boat parade when people decorate their boats with loads of Christmas lights and decorations. With the clear, warm night sky and calm waters of the gulf, it is truly a grand spectacle.