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When we first started iMoving, some doubted whether our service was needed. But since then, we have proved why thousands of people rely on the iMoving network for their cross-country or local move.


The typical process of hiring a mover is tedious. You have to search for reviews, call up different companies, and then make a judgment call on their reliability. It is frustrating and too often does not yield the intended result.


At iMoving, we do not want that to be your experience. It is why we hope that you will take advantage of our referral service to connect with long-distance movers that can serve you in the best way.


If a long-distance Tallahassee moving company is in the iMoving network, it means they were personally vetted by our team. We assess licenses, insurance, certificates and years in business before considering a mover for our network. Then we conduct an interview and assess the experiences of their past customers.


And even when a mover makes it onto our network, it is a position that we can reverse at any moment. If we have one or two customers complaining about a company, we verify those claims. When they are valid, we remove the company immediately, ensuring no one has to deal with them in the future.


The iMoving experience also includes payment protection. You do not have to directly pay a mover, as you can pay through our secure portal. Connect local with movers, receive initial quotes, pick the mover you find best suited, plan a home assessment and get a final quote. That final quote is binding, ensuring you are protected from last-minute price hikes.


Moving Services in Tallahassee, FL


It can be so frustrating when you think that you have found the perfect mover, only to realize they do not offer the service you need. It is why the iMoving method involves asking for details about your upcoming move, as it helps us ensure we are matching you with the right movers. Here are some services movers within our network offer.


  • Local and long-distance moving
  • Full packing service
  • Loading and unloading service
  • Ability to track the moving truck as it gets to Tallahassee
  • Vehicle transportation for cross country moves


Three Top Tips for Moving to Tallahassee


Are you ready for your upcoming move to Tallahassee? If you are like most people, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at this stage.


Even if you have completed many steps to secure your move, there is still so much that needs to get done! Here are three tips that should help you with the late-stage moving process.


  1. Lists


Always rely on lists when you are nearing the finish line of your move. Have a list of all the major things that you must get done before you can leave your current location. And try to include last days within your list, which will indicate the last possible day you must get something done.

  1. Downsize


Moving is a great chance to downsize your possessions. Before the movers get to your home and start packing, think about the items you barely use. Do you need to take them with you to Tallahassee? Consider selling and donating possessions you rarely use.

  1. Close Up


Shut down your utility accounts, fill a change of address form and make sure that any items you kept in a bank locker are collected before you leave.


What to Know When Moving to Tallahassee Florida


The state capital of Florida, Tallahassee has a population of around 200,000 people. While it is not as big as some of the larger metropolitan areas, such as Miami or Orlando, it still has a lot to offer residents.


It is the biggest city in the Panhandle and is a major spot for industries such as trade and agriculture. The economy in the city is based on the state government, which is responsible for many of the jobs. But education, printing, publishing, food service, trade, and the lumber industry are also very vital.


A truly stunning city, Tallahassee has many great parks and trails that you can explore when you live there. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park is a very nice attraction, with great walking trails, scenery and water activities.


Those who prefer a more cultural experience will enjoy the Museum of Florida History and Mission San Luis. The latter is a living history museum that commemorates the first Spanish Franciscan mission in the region in 1633.