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Before getting started, moving may seem quite easy to accomplish. However, it won’t be long before things start to pile up and get overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re handling every detail of your move on your own. With iMoving, you don’t have to do everything on your own.


We have a huge network of highly qualified local and long-distance Hollywood movers that can help you with your relocation and make things much smoother. You can get connected with local  movers that offer a variety of services and can help you get everything set up perfectly. iMoving goes beyond, offering users superior customer support along with protection every step of the way.


We strive to provide the ultimate moving experience, and to do so we offer several benefits to our customers, including:


  • Protection for payments: Your Hollywood moving company won’t be able to see a single cent of yours until your move has been completed and everything is in its proper place. iMoving handles the transaction, taking away fears of extra fees and jacked up prices. Some people have even had their belongings held hostage until paid. At iMoving, we take that risk away from the moving process
  • Premier moving services: Our movers will only provide what you need to make sure everything goes as planned on the day of your move. The moving companies in Hollywood we partner with have storage options and transport services along with anything else you need to make moving easier. 
  • You can trust our movers: Every moving company in our network has been investigated and verified. Our experienced iMoving team ensures that their licenses are valid, they are qualified movers, and that they have gotten excellent reviews from past clients.


Moving Services in Hollywood, FL


  • Relocating Commercial Businesses: Commercial moves are a bit more complex than residential moves, but several Hollywood moving companies in our network can handle the job, making sure everything goes smoothly with as little disruption to your ongoing operations as possible.


  • Premium Storage: If you’ll be needing storage, there are plenty of Hollywood movers with safe storage. You can find moving companies that offer temperature and pest-controlled units that fit your budget and house your items perfectly, whether you need a ton of space or have only a few items.


  • Local & Long-Distance Moves: Whether you’re moving within state liens or outside of them, iMoving has partner movers in Hollywood that are licensed and qualified to make sure your belongings reach their destination safely, no matter how long the drive is.


  • Care for Unique Items: Any items that don’t fit into the norm, such as fragile or oddly shaped antiques or artwork, can require special handling. Many of the movers in our network have the skills and equipment to give extra care to these types of items and get them to your new home in pristine condition.


Helpful Moving Tips


Get Rid of Clutter Before Packing


You don’t want to bring a bunch of junk you don’t need into your new home, right? It could lead to less space in the home and could be making packing and unpacking much more difficult. It gives you more items to keep track of and there’s also more that could potentially break. Instead of taking it all with you, you should clean out the home and get rid of clutter and items that are no longer needed.


Set Aside Snacks for the Road


Going on a long road trip in order to get to your new home? Road trips have a few requirements, one of which is snacks. Before you get on the road, make sure that you have things to snack on and plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated. Take breaks whenever you need to and stay safe while driving. Children will especially appreciate the snacks, so be sure to snag some of their favorites before the big day.


Plan for Large Furniture


If you have any furniture that is large or heavy, you should let your movers in Hollywood know so that they can efficiently move the item. They have the tools necessary – all they need to know is where the item is. You should also look into special handling for precious or fragile items, which could get damaged during the move if you’re not careful.


Prepare an Emergency Fund


There’s no telling what may come up before, during, or after your move. For this reason, it is a good idea for you to prepare for emergencies with an emergency fund. This money could be for anything out of your plans that occur, such as having to make a trip to a different area or getting repairs done to your vehicle. Life is so unexpected that it’s necessary to think of a plan B whenever possible or plan for handling emergencies.


Hollywood, FL: Facts About the Ideal Destination


Hollywood, FL can give quite a few people culture shock. It’s no surprise – the area is so beautiful and filled with things to gaze at in amazement at every corner. The city is known for its palm trees and the name is reminiscent of the famed city in California. However, there is much more to learn about this city and why so many residents have fallen in love with it.


The weather on the peninsula of Florida is mainly tropical, so you can expect lots of sunshine and breezes. The humidity can be a bit of a shock for some, especially if you come from a drier area, so be prepared to adjust your hair and skin routine. The good news, it seems like it’s always a good time to go to the beach, which is just minutes away when you live in Hollywood. You could also go out dancing, enjoy a nice boat ride, or anything else – it’s the land of great weather and infinite possibilities.


Where would you like to live? Close to the beach? Near the shops and gourmet restaurants? Somewhere with a golf course right in your backyard? What about somewhere that gives you instant access to the highway? All of these and more are a possibility in Hollywood. You can choose to live wherever your heart desires and there are plenty of places to pick from.


The educational options in the area are superb – the best in Broward County. If you have any children, you won’t have a problem finding an excellent school for them to grow and develop in. The programs available at Hollywood, FL schools are diverse and can greatly benefit your child’s education. There are 3 high schools, 5 middle schools, and numerous elementary schools and private schools that your child can attend in the city.