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Individuals, couples and families moving to another state all hire movers to help with the process. It is even more stressful if you are moving across the country, though, as you have to mentally prepare for an entirely new climate and culture. Make your upcoming move to St. Petersburg easier with the help of iMoving.


The iMoving service is designed to make life easier for you. It allows you to enter details about your move and get a list of long distance or cross country moving companies that are ready to help with your relocation. Include details about your inventory, and specify if you are moving any heavy or delicate items, and iMoving will match you with movers that offer the related services.


Everything is transparent and easy to understand on iMoving. You can get access to the estimated moving cost within minutes, while it is effortless to get a binding quote as well. The rates on iMoving can be locked in so they don’t change during your move. It means you can choose a mover based on the services they offer and the quoted price.


It is even possible to pay using the iMoving platform, which keeps your money in escrow for at least 48 hours after your move. Only when you inform iMoving that your move was completed successfully is your money released to the movers.


If you are planning a local or cross country move to St. Petersburg, Florida, you can trust the iMoving network to help you find the most reputable local movers, cross country movers, and truck rental companies for your project.


Moving Services in St. Petersburg, FL


At iMoving, we’re all about offering value and choice. Not only do you find the most affordable, reputable movers, but ones that offer a range of moving services. Below are some examples.


  • Full Packing Service: If you want to minimize the work associated with relocating, a full packing service is perfect for you. The movers will pack all your belongings into boxes, while all you need to do is supervise. They will also unpack at your destination. If you want to keep your moving cost down, you can limit the service to loading and unloading your moving boxes and furniture.


  • Local Movers: These movers specialize in moves that are within 50 to 100 miles of your destination. If you live within driving distance of St. Petersburg, you may only need local movers to take care of your relocation.


  • Long Distance Movers: When your move involves a distance of 100 miles or more, it becomes a long distance move. While you can hire multiple companies for different parts of the move, it is more seamless and affordable to hire cross country movers to handle the entire relocation. iMoving can help you find those cross-country moving companies.


  • Commercial Relocation: If you are opening a new office branch or relocating your existing business to another city, iMoving can help you. The network includes movers with a specialty in commercial relocation. These movers have experience in packing and unpacking office materials, including office furniture, electronics and sensitive documents.


Helpful Moving Advice


There is understandable tension surrounding any move, especially one that is as significant as going across the country. If you are mentally preparing for your new life in St. Petersburg, Florida, you could do without the stress of having to micromanage your move.


Hiring reliable movers will make things easier, and iMoving can help you find those companies. Below are some additional tips that will help you ensure your relocation goes smoothly.


  1. Prescription Transferring


If you or anyone in your family relies on prescription medication, you must connect with your doctor about transferring those prescriptions. Try to get this done a week or two before your move, as it gives enough time for all the paperwork to get done.


  1. Tagging Furniture


Since you have already signed the lease on your new apartment or home in St. Petersburg, you may have some idea about where to place specific furniture. Tagging moving boxes, appliances and furniture with numbers can help the movers figure out where to put everything. Those numbers can then correspond to rooms within your new residence.


  1. Survival Kit Preparation


It is helpful to have a small bag with all the essential clothes, food and accessories your family would need for a few days when you arrive in St. Petersburg. It can come in handy in case your belongings arrive late, or your checked in luggage on the airplane gets lost.


  1. Appliance Unplugging


Do not forget to unplug all the appliances in your home or apartment before you move out. When it comes to your fridge, it is helpful to unplug it 48 hours before you leave. That gives enough time for the freezer to thaw, and you should clean it out before moving.


Things To Know When Moving to St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg, Florida is a city with a population of more than 250,000 people. It is located on the gulf coast and is in the Tampa Bay region of the state. It is a dream destination for anyone who loves outdoor activities such as boating, fishing and spending the day at the beach.


Despite its comfortable climate and closeness to many tourist hotspots, St. Petersburg is a very affordable place to live. Home prices are lower than averages in Florida and around the country. The job market is also very strong. Even if you have a job lined up, it is helpful to know that you can find work in various sectors down the road.


St. Petersburg is also famous for being one of the “green” cities in Florida, given its many programs related to water conservation, recycling and the use of renewable energy.


The weather is beautiful throughout the year in the Tampa region of Florida, although it does get very hot in the summer. It would be helpful to ensure your new home has central air conditioning, but you can always install window AC units in specific rooms as well.


If you are nervous about your upcoming move to St. Petersburg, you should know that it is a thriving community with a lot of diversity, young people, job opportunities and culture. It is the ideal place to start the next chapter in your life.