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Are you at the point where you’re trying to sort out the details for your big move, but you’re stressed about the details around it? How can you find North Lauderdale movers that you can depend on and that will make the process go more smoothly when all is said and done?


iMoving wants to help you feel a little less nervous when it comes to finding and scheduling your moving companies in North Lauderdale. We’ve connected with a number of partners throughout the region and we have made it a priority to ensure that we only provide quotes and estimates from the best professionals in your area.


We know that it can take hours to search online, which is why we’ve done that hard work for you. That way, if you use to get estimates, you know that you’re getting info from high-end movers in North Lauderdale that you can trust. And, if you use our site, you can also use our tools to schedule and pay for those same movers. How easy is that?


Take a look around the site and see what sorts of things that we have available for you to use. We can facilitate every detail around your move and ensure that you’ve got the resources you need to make things go correctly. See what you can find here at iMoving – we can’t wait to help you with your move.


Moving Services in North Lauderdale, FL


Packing and Unpacking: Need some assistance in packing and unpacking? Then you want to be sure that you schedule that in your move for an extra fee. It’ll make things a lot faster and easier.


Local Moves: If you’re not moving too far (usually 100 miles or less), you’ll find that local moving services are going to make the most sense for you and what you want to accomplish. It’ll take less time and cost less.


Long Distance Moves: Long-distance moves have more logistics and take some more effort. The cost is based on distance, time, and amount of items that you’re taking.


Storage Services: Need to store some items during or after your move? Many moving companies in North Lauderdale also offer storage services.


Business Relocations: Is your business moving to a new place? If so, then you definitely want to be sure that you get professionals that have the knowledge necessary to take care of your electronic devices and office furniture with ease.


Other: A variety of other options, including sales of moving supplies and white-glove services, may also be available.


Moving Tips From Our Partners


The heavier the item, the smaller the box


If you have a variety of heavy items that you’re moving, you want to be certain that they aren’t all together or, if they are, the box is small. You don’t want to hurt yourself (or your North Lauderdale movers) because a box was way too heavy.


Be gentle with packing fragile items


Fragile items take a lot of effort to pack, so you want to know that you’re gentle with them. You can either get packing paper to keep them safe in transit, or you can actually use clean socks and clothing to wrap and fill them, keeping them safe and ready to go.


Do you have the original box for your electronics?


The original box for your electronics is, often, the best box to use when you’re moving items. It form fits the electronic and it makes it clear where that item is. Also, be sure that you take a picture of how your electronics are hooked up – you can use it later on when setting it back up.


Use plastic wrap everywhere


Plastic wrap is fantastic. Use it in between the lid and the inside of your toiletries so that they don’t leak. Use it with your silverware holder and/or drawers so that things don’t fall out. And use it to hold important items together, as well. It’s really handy and useful.


Pack and label a “Right Away” box


There will, inevitably, be things that you need to have access to as soon as you get into your new place. Pack a clear box with these supplies and label it clearly. Bring it with you in your vehicle, if possible. It’ll make it easier to get those items and ensure that you can take care of business upon arrival.


Facts for New Residents of North Lauderdale, FL


Moving to North Fort Lauderdale (also sometimes referred to as just “North Lauderdale”) can be quite a change of your lifestyle, depending on where you live. If you’ve lived in Florida for a while, then you’ll be used to the weather, the higher cost of living, and all of the tourists that come through. If you haven’t, then you’ll find that it’s definitely something that you need to adjust to.


That being said, if you enjoy the water, then North Lauderdale is definitely the place for you. Referred to as “the Venice of America,” North Lauderdale has tons of yachts and waterfront bars. Water sports are really common throughout the area, and more people than ever are participating in what they call “waterway bar crawls.”


Of all of the cities in the South, North Lauderdale is a perfect mix of hipsters and upper-class persons. These two cultures blend together to make the city quite an interesting place to live in. There are always cool things to do, new small businesses to check out, and lots that you can experience. Festivals are a big part of what you see in the city, and there is an endless array of family-friendly activities to enjoy year-round.


As with many of these Florida cities, there are a significant number of retirees that live in the area. But, many of those people invest in the art, food, and culture of the city, which is why it all seems to be thriving in leaps and bounds. Both public and private schools in North Lauderdale are thriving and many families enjoy living in the region, as well.