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Last Updated: 07/18/2024

The little strip of land of Indialantic may be one of the most picture perfect strips of land in the continental USA. If you are lucky enough to be relocating to this paradise, let iMoving figure out the best way to get you there without your entire belongings getting sandy.

Find the Best Indialantic Movers with iMoving

The Best Movers in indialantic Working with iMoving

Indialantic is one of the most unique and vacation-like spots in the country. This tiny strip of land with its tropical breeze is my favorite spot to hit the beach. iMoving knows how to navigate the move with all the challenges a beach front move brings thanks to our years of experience in the field. 

Let iMoving do all the background checks on insurance, policies, accident records and more. Why waste your time when you likely don’t know what the red flags look like.

This is why iMoving was created, to give you the headspace to be able to trust your mover booked on iMoving. We check them out so you have peace of mind.

We are revolutionizing the way people move not just in Indialantic, but across the entire USA. We took our 30 years of experience and managed to bundle it into our seamless platform. I urge you to try it out for yourself and see how truly simple it can be to get quotes and book your mover all online.

Just Booked: Recent Indialantic Moves

iMoving is the go-to choice for Indialantic moving. Here are some recent moves to prove it:

Our Top Indialantic Movers

As of July 2024

iMoving selects movers based on their professionalism, customer satisfaction, and moving expertise.

Here are our top picks for Indialantic moving:

Indialantic Moving Services Are a Click Away

Every move is different. Whether it’s a home, office, or just a few items of heavy furniture, iMoving provides a whole menu of must-have services for moving in and out of Indialantic:

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Residential Moving

Our residential moving companies are the best of the best. Use iMoving to move your home or apartment in Indialantic.

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Commercial Moving

When you move your business, you don't want to miss a beat. Book your commercial movers with iMoving to keep things smooth.

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Long-Distance Moving

Each of our long distance movers is chosen based on their service and customer feedback. Shop with iMoving today.

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Local Moving

Local moves may be simple, but they can always get easier. Use iMoving to find the best local movers in Indialantic.

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Packing and Unpacking

When you're planning a move in Indialantic, it pays to keep your stuff protected. Our packing pros can help.

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If you need a little extra time to finish your move, iMoving has you covered with the best storage in Indialantic.

Indialantic Moving Tips

Whether you’re heading to Indialantic or just doing some daydreaming, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these moving day hacks to keep things easy and efficient.


iMoving offers a wide range of auto transporters to get your dream garage from point A to point B. You can only drive one car at a time, and you probably don't want to shove a bunch of moving boxes into your Lambo, anyways. Fortunately, our auto transporters have you covered - and if you book a covered trailer, they'll have your car covered too.

In the moving industry, there are three types of estimates: binding, non-binding, and non-binding, not-too-exceed. When you get a binding estimate, it means you’re getting a flat rate. The amount on your quote is the amount you’ll pay. Binding estimates are a good sign you’re dealing with a reputable mover. Non-binding estimates can be adjusted before, during and after a move, but non-binding, not-to-exceed estimates can only be adjusted downwards from your initial price.

Every move is different, and if your move involves several flights of stairs, elevators, or extra long hallways or driveways, expect to pay a little extra for the obstacle course. When you're entering your moving information, make sure you provide accurate details about the layout of your origin and destination. Otherwise, you may end up with some surprise fees.

We recommend tipping between 15% and 20% of the total cost of the move, to be divided up between your entire moving team. Don't forget the driver, either! In the moving industry, tipping is usually accepted and expected. While there are some rare companies that don't accept a gratuity, it's a good idea to have your wallet at the ready just in case.

Indialantic may have decent weather sometimes, but we always recommend a mid-month, mid-week move, in any season but the summer. Take a word of advice from the iMoving pros: Avoid a June, July, or August move if possible. It’s the most expensive time to move, and it’s usually WAY too hot for hauling boxes.