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Movers in Miami

Miami Movers

iMoving was created with the goal of eliminating price fluctuations and unreliable moving services. We are available throughout the United States, providing users with safe and reliable movers that they know are licensed as well as fully insured. Any final quotes you see for prices are fixed, so there will be no sudden price increase for moving services.


All of the Miami moving companies we partner with have been interviewed by our iMoving team of experts to eliminate bad service that often comes with using unverified companies. At iMoving, our focus is on giving you the best moving experience possible, whether it be a local move or something long distance.


You’ll never have to worry about whether your possessions are in good hands or not when you hire one of the Miami movers in our network. Every company we feature on our site is insured, authenticated, and has been put through our in-depth screening process.


The process is so easy you almost won’t believe it. Just enter the details of your move, and instantly get connected with several moving companies in the Miami area. Compare prices, read real reviews, and book your choice online. It only takes a few minutes to get everything set up with a reputable moving company in Miami.


If you have any further questions, our support staff is available at any time with answers and other help.


Moving Services in Miami


Every home has different obstacles to overcome when it is time to relocate. Some homes are so huge it might seem impossible to take everything. Others may not enjoy the process of packing up all household items, making it a laborious and extremely difficult task. We have some good news for when things seem overwhelming.


We do not only connect you with moving companies. iMoving also lets you set up additional features and services from Miami moving companies that include them. Some of these services include packing, storage, and more. If you want more information, take a look at the mover you are considering and find out what additional moving services they offer.


  • Local Moving: Local moves are also called intrastate moves, meaning they do not cross any state lines. Each state requires different credentials for moving companies, so they must meet all the expectations for that specific state to remain licensed. Local moves in Miami are often hourly-based, so your final cost will depend on the length of the move.


  • Packing Services: Some Miami movers include packing services. These take away some of the stress of preparing the home for a move by delegating the packing process to a moving company. Packing services only include packing household items, if you need additional services those can also be set up depending on the moving company you choose.


  • Long-Distance Moving: These moves actually cross state lines. Movers must be licensed by the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Prices for these moves are often based on the weight of items along with the distance being traveled. It is important to note that no matter the distance if a state is a line is crossed it is considered long-distance, not local.


  • Boxes & Supplies: If you’re in need of boxes, you don’t need to worry! A lot of Miami movers provide boxes to transport your precious items as well as special supplies to get out heavy furniture. They can also move refrigerators and other appliances, so all your items get to their new destination with ease.


  • Storage: If there are any setbacks on your moving date, movers can help you determine how to properly store your items until they can be placed in their new location. Arranging storage services through a moving company is often easier than finding a storage place on your own and making further arrangements.


  • Business Services: If you are a business owner, moving is a bit more complicated. On iMoving you can find companies that specialize in commercial moves, saving you money and keeping your business on schedule. Whether it is an office, restaurant, bank, or any other commercial business you can benefit from utilizing our resources and connections to the best Miami moving companies.


Things to Consider Before Hiring a Moving Company in Miami


When you’re looking for a moving company, you have to think about how they will benefit you. Every company is different. They each have amenities and services that are custom to their business. It is imperative that you compare them to find the Miami moving company that is best suited for your unique requirements.


Movers simplify the entire moving process, and iMoving simplifies the process of finding and comparing hundreds of movers to find the right one for you. To help you find the best moving company for any relocation projects, we have provided a list of key components to look for in a mover.


Customer Satisfaction


Look at the reviews of customers that have gotten services from the company you are looking at. If there are a lot of bad reviews mixed in with a few good ones, that is a red flag. These are individuals that have gotten services from the company and have not had a good experience.


Avoid lots of bad reviews, instead of finding companies with good ones. However, if things look too good to be true that is also something to be wary of. Look at the authenticity of the reviews to make sure they have not been faked. If everything looks good, move onto the next step.


Licenses and Insurance


You should never use the services of a company that is not fully licensed either in their state or by the FMCSA. Local movers have to remain compliant within their state jurisdiction while long-distance movers must be federally compliant to all moving company requirements. Using an unlicensed mover could result in damage, theft of property, or even injury. Licensed movers are bound by state and federal laws to protect all of your household items and property.


  • All moving companies in the state of Florida must have liability and motor vehicle insurance.
  • Liability covers damage to household goods that is, per shipment, not less than $10,000.




You need a mover that can fit all of your personal items and more. Make sure the company you are looking into has enough room to safely transport all of your materials to their new location. It is also important to note any restrictions that will have to be considered when moving, such as any physical constraints on your new or existing property.


If you have large items that will need to be transported, make sure the company will be able to pack and transport the item. They should have all the necessary equipment on-hand to do the job easily, safely, and without any issues.




Experienced movers are a must when it comes to transporting the invaluable items of your home or business. For this reason, iMoving only partners with movers that have been registered for more than two years. This takes away the hassle of employing a moving company that does not have the equipment or skill to move your items without damaging them. Do not put the care of your valuables in the hands of inexperienced movers.


Questions You May Have When Looking for a Moving Company in Miami


When you’re searching for moving companies, you will notice that there are tons of them out there. Each one has different services they offer as well as prices. If you’re feeling a bit boggled at what to look for in the perfect company for your situation, iMoving is here to help. You don’t have to worry about the stress of finding a mover in Miami – we take care of all of that for you.


By simply searching on our website, you can find and compare a shortlist of Miami movers that are likely a good fit for your relocation project. But you may still have questions when it comes to what to look for in a company, and we are here to answer them.


1. Should I get a mover in my current location or in Miami?


This all depends on the type of services each area offers. Some companies have branches in several states, so their prices will often be the same no matter which direction they must go. You may find cheaper rates from a local company, or you may find a better rate with a Miami moving company. Don’t fret – we provide cost comparisons to find you the best option.


2. Can I take everything with me when I move?


You can, but some things may not be able to go in a moving truck. Moving companies have to abide by state and federal laws when it comes to what items they can or cannot transport. For example, plants and animals cannot go in the back of a moving truck. Materials that contain liquids may or may not be allowed, it is important to check with your movers about what materials you should pack.


3. Why is it important for movers to have insurance?


All licensed movers are required to have both liability and motor vehicle insurance. Liability insurance covers any damage on household items that occurs during the packing and transportation process. This means that insurance is what keeps movers from breaking items and not compensating you for said broken items. This is extremely important for fragile items, such as glass vases or instruments.


4. What documents should I have?


Every mover within Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county should provide you with a written estimate if the move is to take place 3 days after Miami moving services have been sought. You should also receive a copy of a tri-county moving consumer bill of rights and disclosure statement. If you have received a written estimate, your final cost should not be more than 10 percent above the estimate.


How to Reduce Your Moving Costs


Moving can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs and save yourself some extra money. Maybe you can go out and celebrate moving into your new office or abode or buy a new rug for your new hardwood floors. At iMoving, we believe in saving you as much money as possible when it comes to making the big Miami move.


Below you will find some helpful tips and tricks to help you get the ball rolling without spending more than you want.


  • Move when it’s off-season. It’s not always possible to control exactly when you’re moving, but if you have the chance it is better to leave during an off-season. The off-season in Miami is anywhere from September to May. If you can’t make those dates, then try moving on a weekday sometime around the middle of the month. This can drop your quoted prices by more than 20%.


  • Set a budget. Budgeting helps you stay completely in control of your finances, so you don’t end up spending more than you can. Make a list of everything you will need for the move and figure out your expenses before jumping into the moving process.


  • Get rid of old junk by decluttering. There’s no need to bring old or broken items into a new home or office. Look around and figure out what items can be thrown out, sold, or donated and what needs to go into the moving truck. This will save you time when it comes to packing everything, and it will also save you money if your movers charge by weight.


  • Do your own packing. Moving companies can include packing services, but these add more dollars to the moving bill. Do your packing yourself or get friends and family to help out. If you need large items moved, you may still need some additional help from movers, but definitely not as much as you would if they were to pack up the entire home or office.


  • Get your boxes for free. So, you’ve decided to pack everything yourself – but what do you pack it in? Ask around at local stores, markets, and schools for free moving boxes. Friends and colleagues may also be able to supply some boxes, taking away another expense from the moving budget.


  • Get additional moving insurance. Even the best can make mistakes sometimes. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you get supplemental insurance on top of the insurance your licensed moving company is already providing. This can cover any out-of-pocket costs for items that are damaged or lost during the move.


  • See if you can deduct the move from your taxes. In some cases, you can claim the cost of moving on your taxes if you qualify. Check with your tax preparer about any expenses that could potentially be claimed on tax papers and you may get some of your moving expenses back.


One more important tip is to stay organized. iMoving can help you find the best movers in your area, but it is up to you to make sure everything is packed away and labeled appropriately so that nothing is lost.


iMoving Simplifies the Journey


Our website if the best place to find the most reliable moving companies in Miami and around the United States. Our service is fast and easy, connecting you with licensed movers in as little as a few minutes. iMoving provides every user with reputable moving services, so there is no need to blindly pick a moving company.


Every mover we partner with has been verified through our intense selection process. iMoving only lists companies that have been active for more than two years and have plenty of customer reviews. There is no need to doubt anything about your move when you use iMoving.


How to Find Affordable Moving Supplies Near Me

Are you excited for moving day? In many instances, you have a lot of logistics that you need to make sense of and you want to be sure that you do things in a way that makes sense. How can you be sure that you can find what you need? Do you know the best place to buy moving boxes for affordable prices? And where can you go to get moving supplies near me? Here is a quick look at what you can do in order to get your hands on the best moving supplies without spending an arm and a leg.


Ask Around to See if Friends and Family Have Extra Supplies


Do you have any friends and family that have just moved to a new place? Or maybe you know someone that just got a big shipment of items for one reason or another? Chances are, you have friends and family members who have boxes, tape, and other supplies that you’re going to be able to repurpose for this exact use.


Be sure that you are also offering them cash or something in exchange for their items – don’t expect them just to give them to you for free. If they insist on just giving it to you, that’s fine – but just don’t assume. They spend money on those items to start with, so it’s polite to offer them money for those things. 


Talk to Your Moving Company to See if they Offer Packing Kits


Moving companies often offer packing supplies as part of what they have available for sale. In some instances, they may have what are referred to as “packing kits.” These are kits with moving boxes, tape, and a number of other supplies that you may need in order to make sure that you’re going to be able to pack up everything in your home without any trouble.


Some moving companies will also offer moving boxes as part of their own packing services. If you’re already hiring a moving company to assist you with your move, you may want to ask and see if they are able to provide packing services as well. At that time, they will let you know whether or not they require you to buy or rent your moving supplies, or if they are included in the base cost of your move.


Consider Renting Boxes Instead of Buying Them


Speaking of renting boxes, many people don’t realize that renting is going to be an option for them until they’ve already gone and bought the boxes that they need. Renting boxes is a very affordable way to keep your costs down, because you can typically rent in bulk without any sort of problem.


Your moving company will have more information about how you can do this and how much that you’re going to expect to spend on the boxes in the first place.


Shop Around at Local Stores


You don’t necessarily need to go to your moving company in order to get your moving supplies. Many of the supplies that you need are going to be available at office supply stores and other locations where you may find such items. You may have to shop around at several different places in order to make sure that you’re getting the best price, but it’s worth it if you’re not spending a lot to get the items that you need for your move.


If it’s close to “back to school” time, you will find that it can actually be much more affordable to go ahead and purchase your moving items at your local office supply store or something similar. Many times, you can get items like tape and labels for next to nothing, and even have some extra on hand in case you need it. On top of that, you may also be able to find bins and other supplies you need for moving in the “back to college” section of the stores, which often pop up during this back to school time as well.


Get Creative with What You Already Own


Do you have suitcases, bags, and other objects that you can fill up with items? If so, then you want to be sure that you use them to their fullest ability. Suitcases are a perfect option for all of the clothing that you’re taking with you. If you have a small set of plastic drawers, all you need to do is tape them closed and they’re ready to go. Just take a look at everything that you’re taking and see how easy it is to stack it all together.


By getting creative with what you own and making sure that you’re doing the best you can will save you a lot of money and make sure that you’ve got exactly what you need. It means that you’re going to be spending a lot less on the boxes and supplies you would have to buy otherwise, and it also means that you aren’t wasting as much space on those things. You may even find that you aren’t going to need quite as big of a truck because you were able to condense the items you were taking into fewer containers and/or smaller containers.


Look at what options you have and see what you can find. Typically, you can really search and find quite a few options that make sense in relation to the big picture of how you want to do things and how much you are going to want to spend. See what’s out there and make sure that you get all of your moving supplies in order so that you can start the packing process without too much trouble.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I get boxes for free anywhere?


There are a lot of places that you can go to get free boxes, including liquor stores, libraries, office buildings, and schools. These boxes are going to be smaller than what you find in a packing kit or from your moving company, but they are often good options if you’re moving a lot of books between places, or other heavy objects where you only want to put a few in a box. Some restaurants may also have some good options for boxes.


  1. Do I need to empty my dressers for my movers?


Yes. While it may seem like a good idea to keep your dressers filled, it could make it more difficult for your movers to move everything. You can, however, remove the drawers and keep them filled, then wrap them with plastic wrap. That way, you save some money, the movers are safe, and you need fewer boxes.


  1. How do I know how many boxes I need?


While you can’t know for sure how many boxes that you are going to need to take with you, you can get some solid estimates based on the size of your home. A good rule of thumb is to get 10 small boxes, 5 large boxes, and 6 to 8 medium boxes for every room. You may need more or less based on a variety of factors, but if you do that on average, you should have enough overall.

Read More ...
How to Find Affordable Moving Supplies Near Me

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  • How to Find Cross Country Movers
    How To

    Moving for any reason can be an exciting process but also very stressful and time-consuming. Getting your items packed and ready to load onto a moving truck is just one of the things you’ll have to take care of during the process – there’s much more to organize and schedule before you’ll be ready to get on the road.


    Long-distance moving can be especially difficult, as your household will need to cross the state line and enter an entirely new area. Your moving experience is highly dependent on how organized you are and what moving option you choose, such as the moving company chose to complete the move. Let’s look at why you should work with cross country movers and discuss some tips that can help you find the right moving services for your household.


    Why Hire Professional Movers?


    Many people wonder if it’s worth the extra costs to hire professional movers when they can move items on their own using a rental truck. Renting a truck is often the first solution homeowners consider when it comes to keeping the costs of their move reasonable, but this can have drawbacks – especially if you’re planning on moving across the country.


    If your household is going to be travelling beyond state lines, it may be beneficial to work with a full service moving company or even just a few expert men and a truck. So, why should you work with cross country moving companies when relocating anywhere within the United States?


    Less Stress


    While it may seem easy to maneuver a moving truck or pack and load items, the process is a bit more difficult than many expect. Rental trucks are tougher to drive than personal vehicles, which could leave you with damage fees and other charges if anything happens to the rental truck.


    Instead of risking damage to your belongings or the vehicle itself, professional movers can transport your household items with no problem. These professionals are trained and know exactly how to handle all of your belongings and maneuver expertly in moving trucks, keeping them intact and delivering them to the specified destination.


    Guaranteed Delivery


    When moving your items with a professional moving company, the best way to keep your costs low is by staying on track with the timeline of your move. This can be difficult, however, if there are delays out of your control that affect your move.


    Early deliveries can be just as costly as late deliveries, as you may be responsible for a storage fee if your items will need to be stored and kept safe by the company for any duration of time. For this reason, hiring movers that offer a guaranteed delivery date ensures you get the most out of your move and don’t have to deal with extra fees or hassles.


    Extra Protection


    Moving can be a stressful process not only on your peace of mind but also on your belongings. When your items are delivered to their new home, they should ideally be in the same condition they were when they were packed into the moving van.


    Professional movers have the expertise that is needed to ensure your items are kept safe during the journey to your home, so you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing items. You also receive added protection with the company’s moving insurance as well as any supplementary insurance added onto your move.


    Tips for Choosing Cross Country Movers


    There are hundreds of moving companies out there, which means you have plenty of options to choose from. Not every moving company offers the same services, however, so it’s important to consider your choice carefully and gather information about the movers you are considering. How can you figure out which movers are best for your cross country move? Let’s look at some tips below.


    Check the company’s license


    Every moving company that provides long distance transportation of items should be registered and licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This organization issues a U.S. DOT number that lets you know you are working with trusted movers.


    The U.S. DOT number can be found on the FMCSA’s website, a consumer affair agency, or by speaking with a representative of the moving company. The customer service representative or team member you speak with should be able to provide you with the license number as well as any additional information about the company that you desire.


    Review insurance options


    Insurance is another important consideration when choosing a cross country moving company, as there is always a chance of accidents occurring no matter which movers you pick. Licensed long distance movers are mandated to provide homeowners with two options – full value protection and released value protection.


    • Full value protection: When you are covered with full value protection, the moving company is liable for paying the replacement value of any belongings that have been lost or damaged during transit. This coverage varies depending on the mover.


    • Released value protection: When individuals are covered with released value protection, there are no additional charges added to the move. However, individuals will not have as much protection as they would with full coverage – items are partially insured based on their weight and an amount specified by the moving company.


    Get an in-home inspection


    Inspections are the only way for your moving company to give you an accurate quote, so be prepared to get an in-home inspection. If you’re not able to get an in-home inspection, some companies do video surveys to assess your belongings and provide an estimate.


    During the inspection, the professional will inventory your belongings and send an estimate that includes the possible costs of completing your move. For cross country moves, cost will be based on the weight of items, so it’s important that your movers know exactly what is being transported and what is being left behind.


    Get referrals


    The internet is a mecca of information about whatever subject you can imagine – this includes reviews about businesses in almost every part of the world. These reviews, however, can be biased or paid for, which means you’re not getting accurate information. For this reason, getting referrals from friends or family members is recommended.


    By asking co-workers and other individuals you trust, you get the story of their first-hand experience with the company and know exactly what to expect. If they’ve had a good experience, it’s likely that you will also be satisfied with the services of your moving company and can avoid dealing with unprofessional or unsatisfactory movers.


    Look for red flags


    Not every moving company can be trusted, so it is essential to be discerning in the search for cross country moving experts. While there are plenty of red flags to be wary of, let’s look at two that can keep you from dealing with shady or unlicensed movers – large deposits and name switches.


    • Large deposits: Any reputable movers you work with should not ask for an exorbitant deposit before moving your items. Any deposits paid should be minimal, so beware of large deposits.


    • Name switches: Untrustworthy companies switch names to avoid being listed in the BBB’s directory, which shows complaints filed against companies as well as other information for consumers.


    Search the Better Business Bureau


    The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring that companies practice ethical behavior and setting the industry standard for trust in the marketplace. You can find information about the performance of businesses, including their track record and any complaints filed against the company.


    They hold strict accreditation standards that all listed businesses must meet in order to be listed. By searching their directory, you can make sure that the moving company you choose provides legitimate and trustworthy goods and services.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What’s the average cost to move across the country?


    Your moving budget should be planned meticulously, including extras to cover unexpected fees and other expenses. The costs of moving can vary considerably from household to household depending on the size of the move, special circumstances, what items will be moved, distance between households, and more.


    Studio apartments cost less to move while single bedroom apartments and family homes are more expensive due to their size and the amount of household items they typically contain. You will need to get at least three quotes to find a price that fits your budget and review services offered by movers.


    1. What’s the difference between a binding and non-binding estimate?


    When working with movers, you will receive either a binding or non-binding estimate. An estimate that is non-binding is simply an approximation of your final costs. Because the price of long distance moves is often determined by weight, you will only receive an accurate price once your items have been weighed and your moving services have been finalized.


    A binding estimate is an estimate that is given based on what services you will require as well as other information provided to the moving company. If services are added or removed, the price will be adjusted, and you must sign off on any additional charges.


    1. What are intrastate and interstate moves and how are they different?


    Not every move is the same, yet homeowners often make the mistake of assuming that moving companies provide the same services and have similar prices. Knowing the difference between the types of moves can make it easier to handle all of the aspects involved in your move and choose the right movers.


    Intrastate moves are moves that take place within the same state, which are also known as local moves. These movers are regulated by state laws – if the state has moving regulations in place – and do not cross state lines.


    Interstate moves are moves that go beyond the boundaries of your state or country and are known as long distance moves – whether you’re moving less than hour away or an entire continent away. Intrastate moves are governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation as well as federal laws.


    1. Will my belongings be weighed at the time of my move?


    Not every move will be based on the weight of the belongings being transported, so not every homeowner needs to worry about weigh-ins. When a shipment is weighed, a ticket with the official weight is generated and used to determine your final costs. If you have a binding estimate, weighing is not required.


    If you believe that the weight of your items is inaccurate, you can request that your belongings be weighed again to determine the true weight of the shipment at no extra charge. If your items are reweighed, your charges will reflect the last weight on the official ticket.


    1. Is tipping movers required? If so, how much do I tip?


    Tips are often an afterthought when moving, as many other expenses can pile up and there are numerous details to tend to before and during your move. While there aren’t any rules in regard to tipping, you should plan to show appreciation for a job well done in some way after your items have been delivered.


    Monetary tips can be anywhere from $5 to $20 per team member – you can also opt not to tip certain members if you feel as though their professionalism or handling of items was not satisfactory. Homeowners also have the option to provide tips in the form of beverages or food, which can be given throughout the moving process or once the job has been completed.


    When your moving day arrives, it’s important to make sure that all of your belongings are packed and loaded onto a moving truck safely and carefully. Cross country moves are nerve-wracking, as you will be separated from your items for several hours, days, or weeks, but you can trust that your items are in good hands when you choose a reputable moving service. When deciding on a moving company, look at several options and do ample research to determine what the best option is for your relocation.

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  • How To Avoid Moving Scams
    How To

    No matter how smart you might claim to be, when you are unfamiliar with a particular terrain, your chances of getting scammed are high. The scams can come in many different forms, and you could fall a victim of one of the styles or become a victim of more than one type on the same day. You have to get the necessary knowledge and information that will help you stay away from any scam you might encounter from local movers. Imagine being scammed to pay certain additional fees, with your belongings seized until you pay. Or having to pay extra fees on your insurance. The scams come differently, but you have to also be smart to understand it and prevent it.


    Finding the ideal company can be a bit of a problem because of all the things that are involved in it. One problem you might be faced with is your eagerness to move. You might be so excited to move that you hire any moving company that comes to mind, or pops up on your screen first. Another situation is that you might be tempted by offers that look too good. Some unlicensed and unprofessional movers can also be on the internet pretending to be excellent in service and ripping people off. The things that can make you fall are numerous but the information is power.


    Being a victim of a scam can be very disheartening, and we hate to see you get disappointed. There are sometimes psychological and emotional afterthoughts that come as a result of the scam. In a trial to stop or help you avoid the scams in every possible way, we have come up with useful tips, and advice to save you the stress of being scammed, and protecting your property and saving you time to focus on other productive things.


    here are some of the most useful tips you can help yourself with avoiding moving scams


    1. Choose a Company With a Good Reputation


    The idea of writing these tips is to guide you in making your choices so that you do not get scammed. It is not hard to come by a reputable company. It’s all up to you to sit down and do your findings yourself, this way you will be able to choose the best. Trust me, when you search for a moving company that has a long track record of quality services, you reduce your chances of getting scammed. Companies that understand what it means to have a good name over trying to make money immediately are the best types of companies to work with.


    If you have been following our previous posts, you will understand that we have given you some tips on how to find these reputable companies, but if you missed them, here’s a summary.


    The best way to get them is by asking out friends and family on what movers they have tried before and what was their level of satisfaction. Once this is answered, you will be left with some choices which you now have to make more inquiries so that you can get the best from them. Be careful to listen carefully and regard any warning they give to you. You have to make sure a no is a no, do not consider even if they seem to be enticing.


    Another way is for you to run research yourself. Once you run this research, you will be able to determine what’s best for you. Shortlist a few companies you have background knowledge about, and make a call to them one by one to sample their opinions and prices. Finally, you should take to the internet and see what people are talking about them. Be cautious of the red flag and make sure you follow your instincts when they refuse some companies.


    Another thing to look for in a good and honest company is that they have insurance, and they are licensed. Surely, the government will never give license to a company that scams, and even if they do after they notice they revoke their rights to operate as a moving company. So these are the things you need to look out for when you are thinking of a moving company with a good reputation. It saves you a lot of stress and also gives you the confidence to trade with them.


    Insurance comes in handy, especially for those who are going to have a long distance move or those who have special, expensive, and very important items they cannot lose. If this is the case, then you have to make sure you hire insured movers. When you do not hire insured movers, you have to bear the brunt of whatever comes your way from the scammers. They will take your most prized possessions and vanish into thin air, and most times, there is nothing you can do about it.


    Added to the fact that you must hire a company that has insurance, you must also make sure you the insurance claim the provide you with is not bogus or reasonable. If they ever say their insurance covers the entirety of your items with no extra charges, you need to get suspicious as this is practically impossible. Every moving insurance must have two forms – one is the released value insurance, where you don’t have to pay, and the other is the full value protection where you have to pay.


    2. Planning Ahead Cuts you Some Serious Problems


    We always advise everyone packing or planning a move to start early. You almost cannot miss it when you start early because of the length of time you have in making a lot of solid decisions. So plan way back before you even decide to box the items. No matter the circumstance or situation that might be around your moving, it is always better to take time out to make adequate plans to help you through the move and also to help beat the scam.


    Many companies are excellent at ripping off desperate customers. When you come to them at the very last minute, or with few moments to go, they end up making a lot more over your head than they would if you come on a good day without tension. Moving companies equally tell many people to book down their move long before the actual date. This way you will be at least assured that your date will not be moved. Seeing how desperate you will appear to be during the last-minute move, you will give in to anyone who promises to excellent services when you need them the most.


    3. Question Offers Critically


    After making your finding from a couple of moving companies, you then get in touch with this company that offers you an amount respectably low from the others you have enquired from. It is very normal to be tempted because you want to save money, cut down a few dollars, and use the money for something else. Whatever the situation is, you should be able to look into these types of deals and see if any shady. Do not just jump at the offer. Take your time to compare.


    You need to be careful with scammers because they can cause you a lot of issues if they are not properly managed after you have hired them. They tend to give you a lower price, and when it’s the delivery day, they will seize your belongings and ask you to pay some additional fee. If you do not comply, they continue to hold your items. If you dare make a move to take them to court, they will vanish with your property forever. Now you will have to start life all over, and you end up losing what you thought you could gain.


    4. Watch out for Moving Companies That Ask for Full Upfront Payment


    Most first timers always fall for this scheme. After making inquiries with their selected moving company, they are asked to pay the complete amount before the day of the move. This might not seem to you as a big deal, but most of these scamming companies do this to take your money away, and you fall victim even before moving a single item from your home. You have to open your mind up and search for the companies that will require you to only make part payment.


    Reputable movers will always ask that you go on a contract and the both of you have your contracts signed while you have your copy. If anything goes wrong, then you can use your contract as evidence against them. Some of these moving companies that ask for full payment do not even exist in the first place, they only have a well-advertised scamming scheme, and you fall for it. It might be too late for you to realize that they will never come after you make payments, or they disappear with all of your property, yes! Your entire property and that is more gain for them because they get to sell it off.


    5. Get the necessary Recommendations From Reliable Sources


    Your first reliable source when it comes to issues of moving and selecting a company that you feel is dim fit to help you is to get the information from those who have successfully moved. They might be family members, your relatives, your colleagues, your friends, and even your neighbors. They are the ones that will give you the best types of information without bending the truth. So if you want something raw, and very direct, you should ask them. They will never try to paint any company to be good (except if they own the company of course) so make use of that information in deciding.


    Also, remember that reputable companies don’t have issues with getting positive reviews from satisfied customers. It is essential; once you choose to hire a company, you need to make sure you are paying close attention to how they are reviewed. They should also be able to give you the contact details of their past satisfied customers, if they refuse, then understand that you are headed for a ditch. Scan through various websites and see if they even have an online presence. If they do, check out the consistency of their ratings, if it seems as though they have bad ratings on a platform and good ratings elsewhere, be suspicious because it might have been paid reviews.


    6. Try The Credit Card Test


    This works most of the times when you are dealing with moving companies that want to scam you. Tell them that all you have to pay is with your credit card. Professional and reliable companies will never have an issue with that, but fake movers will insist on cash-only policy. If they continue to persist this request, make sure you look elsewhere. Try out another moving company, and you will see the difference. It’s a simple trick to use in knowing who is fake and who is not. But do not limit your test to this alone, make sure you apply other methods.


    7. Try to Search for Quality, not Cheap Services


    Try as much as possible to search for quality instead of searching for cheap services. If you are always looking for who will give you a ridiculously small quote, then you stand at the best position to be scammed. Make sure you plan for your move well enough and save up for it so that you can choose between the best offers from professional and reputable companies.


    In conclusion

    You have to make follow these guidelines to help yourself. These are the tips that will help you avoid scams in possible ways. The best things in life come with proper planning. Even if you are a newbie, or have little experience, you can still fall victim to a scam, so take your time and study this guide to help you.


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