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Moving In Miami: The Ultimate Guide


At, we'll always have your back. This means that we'll crawl through the internet looking for ways to get you better deals when hiring moving companies in Miami, and it also means that we'll compile and publish all the information you'll need to make the right decision in your move.  We do this because you care about you and we know just how scary moving to a new city can be for the unprepared.


Miami can be a very expensive place to live. Recent studies have shown that the cost of living in Miami is more than 14 percent higher than the national average, and getting an affordable home in the city can be quite the trial.


So if you're thinking of moving to Miami for better opportunities, or if you're fed up with the ever-rising costs and want to try your luck in a less expensive city, will cover all you need to know, including how to choose the best moving company in Miami, how to ensure that you get affordable prices and how to make your move as easy as stress-free as possible.


Selecting The Right Moving Company In Miami


Miami is a hub for business, and you can rest assured that there are hundreds of moving companies in Miami vying for clientele. Movers in Miami, much like any business in Miami, are particularly skilled at advertising and presenting themselves as the absolute best choice in every given situation.


How do you manage to actually spot the best moving companies in Miami? Well, in these scenarios, just trusting your intuition isn't the way to go, and you must look out for specific things that'll help you determine if a particular moving company in Miami is the best fit for you. Generally, you have to consider a whole host of factors including the reputation of the moving company itself, their track record of service as well as how their services stack up to the other moving companies in Miami.


If you're confused and have absolutely idea how to do that, don't worry, because has figured out four easy ways with which you can determine if a moving company in Miami is the best fit for you.


1. Find Out How Their Prices Compare To Their Rivals

You can learn a lot from the prices moving companies in Miami charge for their services. If it's too low, then you should be worried about the quality of the services they render (and if you're about to be scammed), and if it's too high, you should definitely be worried about the effect that would have on your savings and your entire move. Much like Goldilocks, you're looking for a price range that is just right.


Movers in Miami typically structure their pricing in a way that could be a bit tricky to understand (we'll tell you more about that later) but suffice it to say that if the quote the moving company gives you exceeds the national average for movers in Miami and the breakdown of the fees doesn't explain why you should probably try another company.


2. How Do They Treat Their Customers?

In the moving business, customer service is everything. Sometimes it doesn't even matter how much you pay if the service is worth it because a negligent or unresponsive moving company can ruin, if not your entire life, then at least your whole week.


You can usually tell how good the service offered by a moving company in Miami is by taking a look at their track record with previous clients. Nowadays, you can do this by simply checking out the reviews on their Google page or by checking Instagram and Twitter to see how they interact with customers.


3. Do They Offer The Right Services?

If you're reading an article about the best way to choose a moving company in Miami, chances are you like to plan ahead and know exactly what sort of service you require from your mover in Miami. Some moving companies in Miami, however, just don't offer the sort of service you require.


For instance, if you want a moving company that'll assist with packing and the mover in Miami you end up choosing doesn't offer that service, then you're straight out of luck.


4. Insurance and Licensing


Finally, you need to make sure that your mover in Miami is fully insured according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation laws.

Otherwise, you could lose all you own without the possibility of compensation.


Moving Costs In Miami


While the exact cost of your move may differ depending on a number of factors, you can expect to spend between $1,200 to $1,600 for a local move in Miami. While this may seem like a lot, there are various ways with which you can trim down costs and pay less for your move. was created with the intention of helping your move as cost-effective and efficient as possible. One of the most significant factors determining either the success or failure of your move is your choice of moving company. Moving companies all over the United States are governed by different rules, and quite frankly, have different business models, but one thing that remains consistent is their approach to pricing.


Although the actual amount will almost certainly differ depending on the city or state, the manner in which these moving companies arrive at their final cost is almost identical throughout the United States.


Moving companies in Miami, much like moving companies everywhere else, structure their prices into three broad categories; labor costs, additional costs and accessorial services as follows:


Labor Costs


Moving companies in Miami will generally charge between $60 to $100 per hour for labor. Considering the relatively high cost of living in Miami, this is a fairly reasonable price and is quite comparable to more affordable states like Kansas City [insert link here].


So, if you have a property that'll take a three-man team four hours to move, you'll pay 3×4×50 = $600 for labor alone.


Additional Costs


It's not just labor, there are other costs that come with moving that the moving company in Miami, such as the flat rate you'll pay for packing, disassembly and assembly or special circumstances that the moving company in Miami will be more than happy to charge you for.

Some of the prices of these services will vary depending on the following factors:


  • What time of the year do you plan to move?
  • How much property do you have?
  • Are you moving furniture?
  • Intrastate or cross-country move?
  • Are you moving delicate items?
  • Do you want the full-service option?


Accessorial Services


You might be surprised to find out that your final bill differs from the price list given to you by the moving company in Miami. Relax, they're not trying to cheat you, you've just incurred additional costs that weren't part of the original agreement they had written up.


These extra costs are due to accessorial services, and some moving companies in Miami will offer these accessorial services as a way to make your move easier, and some of the accessorial services your mover in Miami may offer include:


  • Stair or elevator carry: carrying furniture through a long flight of stairs is a whole other story compared to simply dragging it out of your back door into the waiting maw of the moving truck. Movers in Miami will charge you a flat price if you need your furniture or home gym carried through stairs or elevators.
  • Assembly and disassembly: if you need something assembled or disassembled like gym equipment, your moving company will be happy to oblige. You'll have to pay a small fee, of course.


Activities in Miami


It's Miami, just pick a street at random and I guarantee something will be happening. It's Florida so we can't guarantee that said activity will be particularly wholesome or even logical, but you'll definitely be entertained.


If, on the other hand, you're looking for activities that are family-friendly and won't tilt you into an existential crisis, then check out our list of some of the fun things you can do after choosing the best moving company in Miami. If you want to take full advantage of the weather, you can check out Vizcaya Museums and Gardens or the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden where you can soak up the sun while browsing through a stunning collection of art and antiquities.


If you like the idea of time in the sun but consider strolling through gardens to be a bit pedestrian, then you can try skydiving. It won't be an exaggeration to say that Miami has one of the most active nightlife scenes in the world, with South Beach and Little Havana being popular destinations.


Cost of Living In Miami


Miami is one of the more expensive places to live in the United States, with a cost of living that has been estimated to be more than 14 percent higher than the national average.  It should come as no surprise then, that food, transportation, and healthcare will be more expensive when compared to other states and cities in the United States.


For instance, in Miami, a simple meal for one in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you about  $16.98, but a dinner for two at a decent restaurant will probably cost around $80. Monthly utilities (heating, electricity, water, and garbage) in Miami will cost you $136.69, while high-speed internet will cost you $68.52. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Miami for about  $2,241 while buying an apartment costs $6,684 per square meter.


So there you have it, a comprehensive breakdown of all you'll need to know in preparation for your move in Miami, we hope it helps!


FAQs About Moving In Miami


What's Miami Best Known For?


Nightlife, beautiful weather, financial and healthcare hub, Miami has it all. Miami also has over 300 high-rises making it the city with the third largest skyline in the United States. It's also popular as the site of the Miami International Film Festival, constantly referenced in movies from Scarface to Miami Vice and is arguably one of the most influential cities in pop culture.


How do I find the best moving companies in Miami?


While a Google search will turn up hundreds of results for "moving companies in Miami'', it's up to you to screen these results using the tips and tricks covered in this article to ensure that you choose the most suitable mover in Miami to make your relocation stress-free. Look out for competitive pricing and a variety of service options, and prioritize movers who are familiar with the state and those with a strong record of good service.


Can I handle parts of the move myself?


Definitely. Taking care of some aspects of moving like packing and furniture disassembly is a great way to save costs. In fact, there's an actual term for it (hybrid moving) and movers with a close eye on the bottom line have been able to use this handy hack to get a better deal with moving companies.


How Much Should You Tip Movers In Miami?


Generally, you should tip workers in the service industry between 10 and 15 percent of the total bill depending on their service. In the case of movers in Miami, you may want to go a little bit higher than that because of the low rates they charge for labor per hour.


What is the average cost of hiring movers in Miami?


Moving companies in Miami will generally charge between $60 to $100 per hour for labor. If you're looking to move the contents of a two-bedroom apartment with a mover in Miami, you can calculate the total cost of labor by multiplying the number of hours they'll have to work, by the number of workers you'll have working on your home, and then multiply again by the hourly rate.

So, if you have a property that'll take a three-man team four hours to move, you'll pay 3×4×50 = $600 for labor alone. Add about $300 for accessory services and  $300 for tips and your total will hover around $1,200 for moving the contents of a two-bedroom apartment in Miami.