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Moving is tough and a lot of us would prefer to avoid the process entirely by staying in their current home or apartment. That’s not always possible, though, and there are ways to make the process less onerous.


You can avoid the hassles that are usually associated with moving, by using iMoving. iMoving is a revolutionary online platform that makes it possible to set up every aspect of your move online.


Perhaps the best service we provide is our network of outstanding long distance or local moving companies. Our iMoving team researches each mover we partner with so you have a pool of top-notch, trustworthy movers to choose from.


But we offer several other features that you’ll love, too, including:


  • Escrow Service: When you choose a moving company on iMoving, you can pay for your move without worrying about a thing. At iMoving, we offer an escrow service, which releases the money you’ve paid only when customers confirm that the move has been successfully completed.


  • Transparent Rates: The rates that you see when searching for local moving companies are easily compared, as iMoving puts all of your quotes side by side for ease in assessment. Rates are locked in and do not change, so you won’t have any surprises at the end of your move.


  • Accurate Inventory: You can make your own inventory list, making sure items are included or left off depending on your needs and what you plan on taking with you. Inventory items can be updated continuously throughout the planning period for your move and even on the day movers are scheduled to arrive at your home.


  • Personalized Advice: iMoving also provides users with expert advice, helping them better plan and implement moves. You’ll also receive reminders, keeping you up to date on what needs to be done for you to have a successful move.


Moving Services in Largo, FL


Many of the moving companies within our network offer a variety of services. A few of the services you can find offered by many of our cross country or local movers include:


  • Full packing: Packing can be just as tedious as any other part of the moving process, so many people opt to include packing services. These services save time as well as frustration, as movers will pack items so that they arrive to your new destination intact.


  • Storage: If you plan on moving in the future but want to get started packing now, or if you don’t have space in your new home, or in any other situation you can think of, our iMoving network has local or cross country movers that have storage services available for your needs.


  • Commercial Moving: Commercial moves are different from residential moves, as they involve moving materials that may be sensitive to bumps, temperature, humidity. Movers may also need to transport sensitive documents, such as customer information, internal accounts and records, or data.


  • Special Handling: Special handling is often required when items that are fragile, delicate, or highly valuable will be moved. Items that may require this service include sculptures, sensitive equipment, antique furniture items, and more.


Popular Moving Tips


  1. Look for Movers ASAP


Moving companies have limited available during certain times of the year, so you may find yourself struggling to find a slow when you wait too long to get a moving company. As soon as you know where you are moving, you should begin looking for moving companies so that you don’t get stuck waiting longer than necessary for your moving date.


  1. Prioritize Utilities


You don’t want to get to your new home only to find out that you don’t have water or electricity, right? To avoid this, you need to contact utility services as soon as possible to arrange for services in your new home. In some cases, you will be able to transfer services quite easily. Other services may be regional and will need to be set up with a new provider.


  1. Set a Budget


Moving can be an expensive situation, which makes many individuals look for ways to cut costs. To get a good idea of your moving cost, use a moving cost calculator to estimate how much you will be spending. Make sure your inventory is accurate to get a better picture of the expected price of your move.


  1. Eat Up The Food


You won’t be able to take all of the food in your fridge with you to your new home, so it’s a good idea to eat what you have left. Also, avoid grocery shopping a few weeks before your movers are scheduled to arrive – this lessens the fuss and mess of a full fridge.


Key Things to Know About Largo, Florida


Before you finish packing up your moving boxes and checking off the last item on your moving checklist, you should do some research on the city you’re moving to. Largo is an amazing city within Pinellas County near Tampa that provides visitors and residents with fun, opportunity, and community.




Florida is known for its beaches, but you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Largo is basically a beach town, even though it is quite large. The weather is warm throughout the year, so you can sit near the water and enjoy ocean breezes even in the heart of winter.


Natural Sights


Aside from the beaches, there is a lot of nature to see in Largo. While you may think that there is nothing but developments, sand, and palm trees, there are also nature preserves, gardens, and parks located throughout the city. This gives you a chance to get a break from the sand and feel the grass beneath your feet.


Affordable Homes


If you want a beachfront home without the beachfront price, you’ll have the most luck in Largo. The city has a competitive real estate market, with prices fluctuating very often and resulting in homes being more affordable than you would expect. Take advantage of this and find a starter home for your household or something more luxurious.


Golf Courses Abound


You won’t have a hard a hard time finding a place to golf when you’re in Largo, as the area has numerous high-quality golf courses. Many vacationers can be found golfing, which makes this industry an important source of revenue for the city. Your property value will also be increased thanks to the golf courses near you.


There is plenty more to discover in Largo, so don’t hesitate to start planning your move with iMoving.