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Pensacola Movers - iMoving

Pensacola Movers


You don’t have to know all the details before you starting to plan your Pensacola move! iMoving has all the tools you need to smoothly handle every aspect of your journey, both known and unknown.


Get started by telling us the details you do know, and our moving cost calculator will give you a quick quote that:


  • factors in any additional services and flexible move dates
  • provides an accurate price range
  • gives you access to our large network of licensed and insured Pensacola moving companies


Whether you choose to book your move with us or not, you will have a reliable price range that helps you set realistic expectations at the very beginning. You’ll easily be able to spot fake quotes that are too low or high and create a reasonable budget.


If you do choose us, take a look at how we make moving stress-free.


  • Competitive pricing from long-distance and local movers in Pensacola, FL.
  • Binding quotes that only change in price when you make changes to your move.
  • A choice of professional Pensacola moving companies that have been screened and handpicked by us, along with real ratings and reviews for each company.
  • Payment protection – you don’t even pay movers directly, iMoving can handle it after you confirm that the move has been completed to your satisfaction.
  • Manage the details of your move with our app or directly from


Our team believes that moving should be much easier than it is. You may not know every detail of your move just yet, but when you book with us, you will know what to expect.


Moving Services in Pensacola, FL


Special Handling: Also known as white-glove service, special handling is a specific style of packing and transporting items that are fragile or heavy. Antiques, items that are bulky and large, musical instruments and furniture fall into this category.


Long Distance & Local Moving: The main difference between these moves is the distance being traveled. Long-distance moves tend to be more complex, while local moves can often be accomplished in less than a day. Both offer similar services, such as packing supplies, loading/unloading and transporting goods.


Assembly & Disassembly: There may be large, unwieldy items that must be taken apart before you move and put back together afterward. Professionals can do this for you, keeping all parts together and safe.


Truck Rental: A great way to save money, renting a truck is an option for people who need a vehicle to transport their items and doesn’t mind driving. You’ll have to sign a contract and hand over a down payment to reserve the vehicle.


Use These 6 Moving Tips for a Successful PensacolaMove


  1. Use foam pouches to pack kitchenware: From glassware to dinnerware, you can cover everything in plastic wrap and cushioning, but it takes time and a lot of packing tape to properly secure. Instead consider using foam pouches to hold plates, bowls, and glassware. Simply slip the item inside the foam pouch and put it inside the moving box.


  1. Rekey your new house immediately: From cleaning services and maintenance men to family and friends – there’s no way to know who the previous owners gave a copy of the keys to. To keep your family safe, it’s a good idea of rekeying the entire house before moving in. A locksmith or property manager should be able to do this within a matter of hours.


  1. Choose the right moving day: If you have a flexible schedule, you can find the cheapest time of the month to move by playing around with potential moving dates. Pensacola moving companies are busiest on weekends, the beginning or end of the month. Rates tend to be lower mid-month, mid-week and, as a bonus, you may be able to avoid rush hour traffic.


  1. Take one last look before moving out: It’s easy to leave things behind, especially when they are out of sight. Before you hand over the keys, double-check bedroom closets, kitchen cabinets, drawers, and appliances, like the fridge.


  1. Pack a moving day box: You don’t want to leave home without this box or bag. It should contain essential items that you may need (or want) on moving day, and the few days following. Essentials may include medications, toothbrushes, toilet paper, trash bags, bottled water, and baby necessities.


  1. Make sure the truck has a parking spot: Remember to reserve a parking spot for the movers or U-Haul Truck. Without one, you may upset the neighbors (new and old) and get a parking ticket. Don’t forget that time is money – the longer it takes for the movers to find a spot, your move will cost more.


Good Things to Know When Moving to Pensacola


You Are In the Deep South


The farther north you travel in Florida, the more southern it becomes. When you’ve reached the panhandle, you are in the Deep South. Now don’t think of the kind of places you see on TV, think Alabama and Georgia, but somehow still so Florida.


Watch the World’s Greatest Squadron Take Flight


We are talking about the Blue Angels of course! They are based out of a Pensacola naval air station and you can watch their practice shows for free. They only occur a few times a year because the Angels have busy scheduling touring the world. Locals, however, know the best way to take it a show is from a boat or on the bay near the naval base.


Visit the Best Park of the National Seashore


Located in Pensacola is the easternmost parts of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, which spread from Mississippi to the Panhandle in a thread of barrier islands. Head to the Perdido Key and Santa Rosa Island units of the shore for some much needed alone time on a pristine stretch of sand.


Experience Seasons


Unlike southern Florida where you can broil salmon on the sidewalk in the middle of winter, Pensacola actually has seasons. In January, temperatures range between 42 and 60 degrees. You can enjoy the outdoors all year long but with some comfort and less humidity than in other southern locales.


Pensacola Is Basically a Mountain


At least it is when compared to south Florida where most places are only 6-9 feet above sea level. Pensacola is 55 feet above sea level meaning that when it rains and storm season arrives, there is no such thing as storm surge.


iMoving can make your upcoming move relaxed because when you book with us, you’ll always know what to expect – quality, fair and professional service. The only thing you should be worried about when moving to Pensacola is which beach you should fall asleep on first.