USA Moving Companies
USA Moving Companies

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iMoving has been able to strategically build a solid service-consumer community, from over the years. This comes courtesy of its high innovative service solutions, in connecting migrating persons with the best movers that meet their every specific requirement. At iMoving, we can source and list only the best home/business moving services in the whole of the USA- with our business tentacles all around the nation.


Notable traits of the iMoving company that has kept it thriving well in the mover listing business are its high-level efficiency and speed. Note that one of the main concerns of intending migrants is how to get the most reliable mover that would transport their belongings, without the least stress. We have never failed to secure the best moving deals for our clients, and this is why our user community has continued to grow. All these come as a result of our carefully designed operation framework that fundamentally aims at ensuring clients’ satisfaction.


iMoving continues to remain the people’s hub, as far as sourcing for moving services is concerned. Consequently, top moving companies have deemed it fit to partner with us since we are a significant influencer and stakeholder in this business. We are fast rising to become a central search destination, for every person requiring the services of movers in the USA.


Find moving companies in USA with the best services


Although there are a reasonable number of moving services companies in all of the US, it becomes a little tasking, sourcing and identifying the movers with the best services. If all you require is just any moving company to do your transportation, then you may choose from the pool of parading service providers. However, it is important to always find and make use of only the companies that guarantee you the best of moving services.


Some of the important traits that should form the basis of the evaluation are essentially those that determine how much satisfaction the client would derive. These traits include the mover’s transport and delivery speed, payment and service charges, level of ease of access to mover company support services, staff members’ disposition to clients, etcetera.


The following are common service features of many of the best moving outfits:


  • Full Packing

Packing the goods from your home before they are being loaded and transported, could come as a whole bundle of tedious work. Hence, it would ease you off a lot of stress, if your moving company agrees to do the full packing that covers all of these activities.


  • Special Handling

Now, when adopting the services of any moving company, remember that your delicate goods such as breakables, water and heat sensitive materials, and other personal artifacts require special handling. An ideal moving company diligently puts this to consideration, and you’ll always come to find out, is if the company has handled your belongings well (or not), during the moving process.


  • Commercial Moving

Commercial moving is a little more tasking and speaks volume of the level of professionalism or expertise of the executing company. The best moving companies can carry out well-planned moving activities, that does not hinder the migrating business’s commercial activities. Many times, this type of moving involves transportation of heavy and sensitive business equipment and materials.


  • Auto Transport

Definitely, only the top moving companies can effectively and independently carry out automobile transport for clients- especially on long-distance migration. If you’re going interstate within the US, you may have to decide to use the services of a moving company that can transport your vehicles to your new location.


  • Storage

When moving, you may need to temporarily store off some of your goods, pending the time when you’re able to settle down in your new apartment. If you know you’ll be needing this service, then you have to include this condition in your search before you employ a mover.


5 Things you need to do before hiring moving companies in USA


In order not to get disadvantaged or stranded during your moving process, there are a number of things that you need to know before starting the move. These would serve as a guide for whatever decisions you would be taking, and could also help cut down on moving costs, duration, and possible loss of property. Once you’ve decided to employ the services of a moving company, then the following are five things you should know:


1. Compare service terms and conditions of different moving companies


Before settling down for the services of one service outfit, make sure you’ve approached different moving companies, as a way of comparing and deciding on the best for you. Comparing service terms and conditions helps you choose the company with the best services, price, moving facilities, and other service conditions. People who settle down for the first company they approached- without sampling others, are more likely to later discover that they could have gotten the same service or even better, at same or cheaper fees.


If you make the comparisons on an online platform like iMoving, you can easily read reviews and ratings for each available options. This could be a good factor to influence your choice.


2. Take inventory of your goods


One of the first things to do before finally calling the mover to your home is to take inventory of what is about to be moved. This helps in easily accounting for your goods after the moving process is finished. If inventories are not taken before and after moving, migrant may discover later on, that there had been one or more other important omissions. At this point of the whole process, such materials may have been disposed off, or uneasy to locate.


The best way to take inventory of your goods is to have them listed down clearly and in detail, after which the same lists are used to check if the materials were loaded, as well as delivered. There have been instances of important property omissions, many of which had arose as a result of poor inventory. However, these tendencies may be reduced now, since many moving companies have adopted a practice of rendering to assist their clients with the inventory.


3. Make proper insurance arrangements


Moving activities are not always predictable, and sometimes it is not impossible to have damages to some of the moved goods. This could be a lot of property value loss, of which the owners may not always find easy to replace. Insurance on your moved goods provides a backup for you- in case of such ill occurrences. These ill occurrences may be accidents, rainwater damage to goods, etcetera.


Usually, the moving company is charged with the responsibility of securing the insurance. Hence, it is the property owner’s duty to make sure that the insurance is truly secured, and valid for the transported goods. If you cannot guarantee a moving company’s insurance policy tendencies, then you may do well to save yourself of some undue risks.


4. Determine what type of moving services you’ll be requiring


Different moving companies have different moving activities. While some companies are well suited for very heavy goods moving, others may not do well with this. Hence, after taking inventories of your goods, decide on what type of expertise you’ll require for moving the goods. For instance, if more of your goods are delicate and fragile- such as breakables, then it is just ideal to find and go for the moving companies that have a proven record in special handling.


Determining what type of moving services you require, can also play a role in ensuring that you do not pay excess fees. If you employ the services of heavy goods moving company for your lightweight goods, the service provider most likely still takes the same fees- as if your goods were really that heavy.


5. Ask for on-the-site moving fee estimate


Many companies may actually charge moving fees based on how much goods, the client is willing to move. If you place your order directly without requesting for an on-the-site visit and estimate assessment, you may end up feeling cheated at the end of the day. As much as possible, request that the moving company come to see the goods you’re moving, and issue out a service quotation based on that.


Note however that this option may vary from company to company, and may not be pass as a general practice implementable by every moving outfit in the USA.


Moving companies in USA| FAQs


The following are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs), as regards the moving companies and their activities in the USA:


  • How much would a moving company charge to move you?

Pricing for moving goods differ and are affected by a number of factors. These factors may include mileage distance, supply and demand rates for moving services at a particular period, type of moving company involved, etcetera.


  • How early must I make a booking at the moving company?

Moving companies may require that you make a booking for as long as four or five months- during the peak moving periods, while two or three weeks may do when service demand is on a low.


  • How long would it take the moving company to move your goods?

Usually, moving times have been calculated by professionals, based on the size of the containing room. A one bedroom apartment is estimated to take about 2hours moving time, while a two bedroom apartment could take up to 3-5 hours, 7 hours for a four bedroom flat, and so on.


  • How much would a professional mover charge per hour?

Unlike the local mover who would charge an average of $13 per hour, the professional mover charges in the range of $16 to $17 per hour. However, movers are usually incentivized by tips, and this is an effective means by which they supplement basic earnings.


  • What happens if my goods are damaged or lost during moving processes?

The owner of the property may sue for damages- if an amicable agreement is not reached with the moving company. However, insurance options are the most guaranteed means of salvaging whatever damage or loss is being incurred.


  • Who arranges my goods at the new apartment?

This depends on whatever agreement was reached with the company. Note that the more work the company does, the more you may be required to pay.


  • Do I have to be with the movers all through the moving?

No, this is absolutely not mandatory, inasmuch as all the required details for packing, transporting, and offloading, has been described to the executing moving agent.


How much does a moving company in USA charge for a long distance move?


Long distance moving is not just the type to embark on without adequate planning and preparations. The moving company takes this into account when issuing out your bill, and you can expect to pay more if you’re going from one long end to another. However, long distance moving is even still categorized, and this is what affects the fees. Long distance moves in the USA can be either of “Intrastate” or the “Interstate.”


Intrastate long distance moving

This type of long distance moving- also referred to as local move, is that which occurs within the same state in the United States. Based on the American Moving and StorageAssociation Standards, four movers on an intrastate long distance moving, are expected to be paid an amount put at about $200 per hour (estimate $2,300 total). This fee would be for an estimate of 7,400 pounds of moved goods.


Interstate long distance moving

As the name implies, this long distance moving is that which occurs when the moving company transports the client’s goods from one state to another. This type of journeys are the long duration journeys. Hence the movers are entitled to receiving more money.


According to the American Moving and Storage Association, movers on this job should be paid $4,300 for an approximate 1,225 miles distance.


How to reduce the cost of your next move

Even if your last move had cost reasonably more than it should have been, it isn’t too late to learn a few tips on how to reduce the cost- in view of your next move. There are a number of adoptable tips to cutting down on your moving costs in total; a little here and there ends up adding up to a lump sum.


The following five tips could help:


  • Plan ahead of time, and pack your goods into as many portable boxes as possible
  • Try to move only at off-peak periods, since this means lesser fee charges
  • Compare quotes from different moving service providers
  • Do the packing yourself, so the moving agent only charges you for the transportation
  • Reduce a whole lot of goods by moving some of it yourself, on a DIY program



The relevance of moving company services in everyday functions seems to be gaining more popularity and public adoption. However, users of this service must understand the significance of going for only the best service providers, without thinking of a compromise. This is important because it would spur moving companies to maintain or imbibe quality service delivery- which is the vibe that can sustain this industry.



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